Blue Moon

Last night was a blue moon. It has nothing to do with color. A blue moon happens about every 2.5 years, when there’s two full moons in one month. The second full moon is called a blue moon. I took the two pictures above this morning.

Wonder what it’s called when there’s two New Moons in the same month?

Have a great day!

Hurricane Idalia

Hurricane Idalia is headed towards Florida..The water in the Gulf Of Mexico is supposedly 100⁰F. Hurricane food. All the rain we had the past week or so has been from Tropical Storm Idalia hanging out to our west. Now she’s moving on, gathering strength and speed.

We had a “red sky at morning, sailor take warning” this morning, and it’s windier than it’s been all week, but we should be drying out soon.

Good luck Florida!

Rainy Weekend

We had a lot of rain this weekend. Steady rain for hours and, very rare around these parts. I enjoyed it. People complained a lot, but I pointed out how rare this type of rain was, and they agreed.

Had some people over Saturday night, cooked on my new grill for the first time, (It’s probably been here 6 months, unused till this weekend)

Sunday I went to a party, Welcome back, summer is over, get them kids back to school party. A 10 month old baby girl had a crush on me.

And now it’s a sunny Monday back to work day.

Have a great week!

Broken Toe

Yesterday I dropped a stainless steel water bottle on my left next-to-smallest toe. Hurts like hell and I’m sure it’s broken.

.I’ve had broken toes before and all you can do is tape them together and wait.


Hope I can swim and exercise!

Go India! Take The Moon!

Today is the day India will attempt to land their Chandrayaan-3:moon lander on the south pole of the moon. See BBC live updates HERE.

I wish them the best of luck.

The south pole of the moon is picked as the best place to land and set up a moon base because of ice, which is frozen water. People need water. AND daylight and darkness at somewhat regular intervals. Everywhere else on the moon, the sun comes up for 14 earth revolutions and then stays down for 14 earth revolutions. So there only one day a month on the moon, which would drive a human living there nutzo.

I’m excited about this. GO INDIA! Go planet Earth!

I don’t know what’s wrong with the north pole though. Everyone seems interested in only the south pole.

Have a great day!

UPDATE! Less than an hour after this post was posted, Chandrayaan-3 did indeed successful land as planned!

Ski Mask Grocery Woman

I went to the grocery store yesterday after lunch. I got a bottle of coffee creamer for work and two bags of dried apricots for me. I got in line and there were two ladies in front of me buying some kind of hair products. They were laughing and joking with the cashier and I was standing at the end of the conveyor belt with my three items, watching and enjoying their banter.

Suddenly, a woman wearing a red ski mask comes and pushes her grocery cart in front of me. I said “excuse me”, she ignored me. I said ‘excuse me” again “I have three things and I am in line”. She did not even look my way. I waited for the cashier to stop talking to the two hair product ladies, and said “excuse me cashier, why did this lady cut in front of me in line?” The cashier replied that she didn’t know. I said excuse me again, as I pushed the lady’s cart (and the ski mask lady) out of my way and went to my place in line and paid.

As I was leaving, it seemed the ski mask lady was getting ready to give the cashier a hard time, I thought about hanging around but didn’t.

if the ski mask lady said anything, offered any explanation as to why she was cutting in line, it probably would have been okay. But ignoring me really pissed me off.

Since covid, people are allowed to wear whatever they want on their heads, but this is a ski mask in the tropics.

It was bizarre.

Monday Weekend Ender

It was a very nice weekend. Friday, quiet at home, Saturday, Street Food Fest, which was very nice, better than previous years. Sunday morning was rainy, and I had breakfast with Miriam, one of my favorite people on earth.

Above is “Toast” with bananas and strawberries, blueberries and chocolate.

It was sunny in the early afternoon and I got a lot of pressure washing done before it started majorly thunderstorming. It’s quite busy out there…

Happy Monday and have a good week!

Writing Prompt

Found this on Twitter. It might be fun to write about! 5 pages by hand in pen?

Stayed up late last night, tired this morning. Late leaving home for work, late posting my post.

Very happy and content.

Have a great day!