Hump Day Humor

There’s not much going on, the rain continues.

Below is a joke that been telling everyone the past couple days, I think it’s quite good. Hilarious in fact

Yesterday my short term renter moved out of the apartment and I will be trying to find a new short term renter. Now’s a good time to come visit the Cayman Islands. The apartment is an approved quarantine area, so come on down! 5 days quarantine if you’re vaccinated, 15 if you’re not. Click here to see.

Have a super good day!

Space Laundry

Did you know, that as of right now, astronauts cannot do laundry in space??

According to the article here, In these modern times in which we are living, the astronauts wear their clothes for a few days. Then when they (the clothes) get too dirty or stinky. they (the astronauts) throw them (the clothes) away and use new clothes. No laundry! There’s no way for them to do laundry in space! Who’d a ever thunk it? It’s also more difficult to bathe in space. Oh, the things they didn’t tell us in space camp…

So finally they’re going to develop a laundry system for space. You can read it in the article linked above, it’s fascinating.

I wonder what the difference between space soap and Earth soap is??

In more space news, a photographer in Virginia, USA captured the International Space Station transiting the sun on June 25th. You can read that article here. That article is even cooler than the space soap one.

And in local news, I woke up this morning to 100% cloud cover and steady rain, a rare phenomenon here. Most of the time our rain is very localized. Isolated showers from a single cloud floating by, spewing water only underneath it. Usually it rains everywhere except here in West Bay too. It is good to have the rain because we really really needed it.

I hope you have a wonderful day, Stay dry!

It Was A Weekend!

It was a weekend with thunder and rain and sun and beach and diving and dinners out. Overall it was a well rounded weekend. I used a new underwater camera and had a “card error’, So I didn’t get very many shots.

Also, I’m reading the book The Great Circle. , It isn’t bad, But it seems like it is going on forever. It started off great, but now, to me it seems full of irrelevant information, Page after page of stuff I don’t care about. A whole chapter, They’re eating lunch, I don’t care. I’m thinking about putting it down, DNF, Did Not Finish. I expected a wonderful adventure, but it has vast boring sections. On the plus side, I do enjoy the parts where you know what people are thinking. Kind of hard to explain, hearing people reasoning in their heads. The parts where she’s flying her airplane are great.

And now it’s Monday! Have a good week!

La Luna

I was out in Bodden Town last night and got these pictures of the full moon 🌙 soon after it rose. Quite a sight!

Finally, it is, again, FRIDAY! Yeay! I have no plans yet, but I’m ready to sleep late Saturday and Sunday. Late being 6 if I’m lucky.

Have a great weekend!

Majestic Tree

The tree above is huge, gnarled and ancient. If you look at its base, you’ll see where it grew over a brick wall, which runs right through the trunk. I’d like to know how long it’s been there and I’d love to know the story behind the brick wall.

There was thunder and lighting this morning. But it was all to the south, in town. George Town gets flooded and not a drop here in West Bay..

Have a good day!


I sat down with my coffee this morning to post.. Then I started reading emails. Then, because of the angle of the sun I could see dust where no dust was seen before. So I dusted. Then I remembered I made myself an overnight oats, So I ate the overnight oats while I read article about color e-readers.

Now it’s almost time to walk out the door to go to work and I haven’t posted yet, so this is it.

Last night for supper I actually made chicken tikka masala, which came out quite well. I will try it again soon.

Have a good day!

Micro Pictures

Or, pictures of small things.

It was a good weekend. It went out to your dinner Friday and it was a very poor service but good company. Saturday was a beach day, and I went to the flowers one mile sea swim Saturday afternoon and watch the finish and saw a lot of friends there.

Yesterday I went diving and took the pictures above. A fish in the last picture is the biggest thing in the pictures, About an inch long. The 1st few pictures are of a sea slug type creature that you could easily fit 25 of them on your little finger fingernail. They were so small I used a magnifying glass to finally see then before I could take the picture. I couldn’t even see them on my camera viewfinder while I was shooting the pictures. They have been cropped extensively. The little shrimp on the anemone was much bigger, you could probably fit 10 or 15 on your little fingernail.

Yesterday evening I went to the pizza on the beach event again, And again it was over when I got there even though I got there 2 hours before the end of the “event”. The whole restaurant (Luca) started closing at 6 due to slowness of business.

And now it’s a back to work Monday hurray.

Have a fantastic week!

Anxious Friday

I didn’t sleep well last night. I kept thinking about something, I don’t know what. This morning I feel, I don’t know, nervous. I just want to get this day over with.

There’s nothing wrong, No reason for me to feel this way, It’s all in my head.

Last night, Movie night was kind of disappointing. The prices were much higher, and My hamburger was much smaller. The waiters and waitresses were telling everyone to complain about the prices. The place was much lower capacity than usual. The reason is, That because of covid the hotel was closed, just the pool restaurant and beach bar was open. Now, With the opening of the hotel, I guess the management is greedy for some rapid cash. The Weston has a bad reputation for discarding the locals, They were nice when they needed us, but once they get some overseas visitors, they’ll turn their backs on the ones who kept them afloat. We’ll see, hope I’m wrong.

I don’t want to be negative, on this fine Friday morning, so I’ll bid you adieu and say “HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!