A Mild Threat

These are my two Halloweeen Jokes, I told them last year, and I’ll tell them again next year.

Q: What do you get when you take the insides out of a hot dog?

A: A Hollow-Weenie!

Ha ha hA!! Ho Hoo HO!!

Q: Why was the skeleton afraid to cross the road?

A: Because he didn’t have the guts!


If you DON’T want to hear these same two old jokes again next year, then leave me a halloween joke in the comments section and “thin the poison a little” or else next year, I’ll torture you again with the same two jokes!
The Horror! (hee heee Heeeeee!)
Happy Halloween!

Right now I’m visiting the OI girl. As usual, I have very limited internet access, and as usual, things are going great!

Have a great week!

Pirates Week

Pirates week officially started yesterday, but actually starts today. Tonignt is the first street party and the song contest. The song contest is a contest that local bands enter, and the winner’s song is selected as the official Pirates Week song for the year.

Pirates Week was started more that 20 years as a way to kick off the winter tourist season, and as way to boost tourism earlier in the year. It’s a combination of Pirates Week, halloween, and Carnival!

Here’s how Pirates week works: Saturday, Pirates invade the island. they come ashore in their pirate ships, have a big pirates landing, (ceremonously) capture the Governor, and take over the island. (The Governor usually ends up in a Pirates costume himself, swinging a cardboard sword!) Then there is a Caribbean Carnival/Pirate style parade and fireworks, and also another street party with downtown blocked off to traffic and several stages set up with different genres of music at the different stages. Theres also plenty of food and drink.

Then all week, the pirates move around the island, (ceremonously) pillaging the whole place, and every night all week there is a Heritage Day at each of the districts around the island, followed by a street party at that district, again with Caribbean music and food and dancing.

Then the following weekend, after a week of street parties and Heritage exhibitions, the Pirates are pretty wasted, so the Government is able to wrest control away from them and again the downtown area is filled with partiers, celebrating the removal of the pirates and return to normalcy!

Word verifications I'd like to see

I know it’s not just me, these word verification words are getting longer and longer and longer. Some aren’t so bad, but over all, I think they are getting more and more complex and ever increasingly difficult to read. Here’s some examples, some aren’t too bad, but some are, and like I said they seem to be getting worse!

Who makes these up? An insane monkey with a seasick typewriter? I think it would be just as effective to use simpler words that make a little bit of sense, and can actually be read, like these maybe:

Or, perhaps some internet related acronyms, such as:

The purpose of word verification is to prevent machine readers from reading the text and creating spam. These are actually images, not text. Theoretically, the automated readers can’t read a picture, so why have them so complex? They could put a picture of a duck, and have you type the word “duck” and it would work the same. I hope the people at blogger read this, and take swift decisive action, because if the word verification keeps getting more and more difficult, bloggers everywhere may unite and revolt!


I’m running late today! I have a post started from last night that I haven’t finished and Daisy gave me an idea for another, so in a matter of hours, I went from completely blog brain dead to overloaded! Not that I’m complaining!

Ahhh the weather is great! The temp at night plummets way down to a cool 79F 26C with low humidity! The sun is back out and the breeze is nice and cool! It feels like fall! It feels like hurricane season is finally (just about) over! I went to the beach for a while after work yesterday and it was perfect! The waves are finally laying down and it will soon be time to dive again!

All I gotta do is make it through work, I’m dreading it. Work sucks because I need an attitude adjustment.

Need a new seat

I rode my bike to work yesterday, I think I need a new seat, a big Lazy-Boy type comfy one. My butt hurts a little. It’s about 5.8 miles to work from my house. It always seems like going straight into the wind both going to work and coming home.
I had to reschedule my trip to see the OI girl this weekend. Pirates week starts Thursday. So I’m working Friday and Saturday. I’m going to see the OI Girl on Sunday and will be back to work on Wednesday. It worked out for the better, since we’ll get to spend more time together.
Here’s a couple of pictures I took on the ride home yesterday. Oddly enough, the waves were bigger in the afternoon than in the morning.

(Click to enlarge)

This is the South terminal, if you’ve been here, you would have gotten off your boat at this dock or the North one.

This isn’t really the swim area!

Bummer, broken boat.


I’m getting ready to go to work, actually, I am ready to go. I just have to put my laptop in my bag and go. I’m riding my bike today. I want to start riding more because I want the exercise and because of gas costs, but mostly for the exercise. I don’t think I’ll really save money riding my bike. If I wanted to save money, I could save a lot by not buying stuff I don’t need. I waste money.
I didn’t post yesterday, there wasn’t much to post about. I went to the beach, but it wasn’t really nice. There was a strong breeze and a salt spray that messsed up your sunglasses and there were biggish waves that kept you out of the water. I took naps and can’ t really account for my time this weekend. today I am buying my ticket to see the OI girl next weekend. (If I wanted to save money, I could not talk to her on the phone so much. I am dreading my next phone bill!) Well, I guesss that’s all for this morning. Have a great day and have a great week!

Oh and here’s some pics, clik to enlarge

Rusty salty metal hand winch.

A flower. (This flower, to me, looks sexual!! X-Rated?)

A wireless cable TV antenna, Island style!

Saturday Evening Post

Most of the day today, our internet service was down island-wide. Now it seems to be working, but slow. Apparently, some segment of our connection goes through Mexico, and that is out of whack because of Hurricane Wilma. Cozumel and Cancun really got hit hard. Good luck to Florida, if Wilma goes up there as expected. Here’s a couple pics of my two favorite shore diving spots, Fishermans Dock Marina and Dive Tech. Big waves.

Complaints Department

What thee effffen ‘ell is up with this Word Verification thing? Is it just me, or do they seem to be getting longer and longer? I wanted to complain when they were eight characters long and now I’m finding some that are ten! Heck, some of my posts aren’t even that long!
Plus half the time I can’t even read the dang things.

Also, I notice another of my links, the Single Scorpio is gone, too bad, she had a nice template. (I got the hots for women with nice “templates” heee heeee heeeeeee!!!!) I think that if I ever delete my blog, (which I won’t) I’d have to go around and leave a comment, saying goodbye, to everyone on my linklist.
Bye Single Scorpio!