Planets Collide

Tomorrow evening, as soon as the sun sets, if you look and if it’s not cloudy, you will see a very bright light in the West. It is Venus and Jupiter, lined up, seemingly as one. Over the past several days, they have been getting noticably closer and closer to each other every day. Tonight they will be very close together. Tomorrow, they will seemingly meet and then start moving apart.

It should be pretty cool.

I slept good last night for a change. I just went to bed and woke up and it was light. A non event, as I guess it should be.

Have a great day!

Good Trip

The cousins visit is going well, been keeping busy. Today is an in town shopping trip.

Tomorrow will probably be the Turtle Farm .

Happy Monday and have a great week!

My Cousins Ring

My cousin John and wife are down visiting and they brought a memoir of his younger brother, Ken, who passed away several months ago. His Desert Storm ring. I was already out of the Navy by that time.

The above photo was taken June 1988, in Maryland. It’s good to have a reminder of my cousin.

Ken was poisoned by bad water at Camp Legeune marine base. He was a Navy Corpsman there .

Today Daisy is going to the veterinarian about her hips. She seems to be having a hard time getting up from a laying down position.

Happy Friday!

What Day?

it feels like Monday but it’s Thursday. I was off a lot of last week (this week) and I’m off a lot next week. I’m getting the days mixed up.

Today one of my first cousins and his wife arrive. I’m looking forward to a week as a tourist

This.morning i have to finish cleaning the apartment. All that’s left is the floor.

Have a great day!

The Breath In Between

My visitors left yesterday, i was sad to see them go. I have a short rest and one day at work and the next visitors arrive. My first cousin and his wife get here Thursday. Since I am now an experienced master entertainer, it should be easy to show them a good time.

But as for now, it’s off to work! Have a great day!


I have visitors who arrived yesterday. . Yesterday was picking them up, getting them settled in, dinner and of course my Pickleball Lesson number two.

I can see myself playing that pickleball.

Today is a scuba dive and I don’t know what else today entails .

Have a great weekend!


Violinist Takes The Bus

An airline told a violinist he either had to store his 5 million euro 1685 Stratovarius in the cargo hold or not get on the plane. He ended up on an 8 hour bus rude instead of his one hour flight. Read the article HERE.

A violin in a case is small enough for carry on. Airlines are getting more and more out of hand. Everyone is expected to obey every unreasonable whim of every airline employee, irregardless of the regulations.


Cyclone Gabrielle – New Zealand

Cyclone Gabrielle hit New Zealand yesterday and New Zealand has declared a National Emergency for only the third time ever

I have a couple friends there that I’ll be calling later. (7AM here is 1AM there)

Cyclone Gabrielle is now forecast to pass over the Great Barrier Reef, east of Australia. It gets warmer and warmer as one heads north, so Gabrielle may get stronger and stronger.

Something to keep an eye on.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

the beginning of the busyness

it’s Monday it’s a work day. I’m headed to work in a few minutes.

it was a good weekend. Very busy, recorded the Roundup and watched the Super Bowl. Although the Super Bowl was a very close game it wasn’t that interesting. I’m glad it didn’t go into overtime.

I have visitors arriving Thursday, and it promises to be a very busy week and weekend. Like I said earlier, it will go on until March.

Pickleball and Tacos

Pickleball lesson #1 was really fun. I had never seen a ball or paddle before. The ball is like a whiffleball and the paddle is best described as an oversized ping pong paddle. It was fun and easy and I’m looking forward to the next lesson and can see myself playing regularly.

After the lesson, we went to a new place Taco Cantina. It was very good..

The Cayman Islands needed a place like this.

Tonight the Cayman Islands Roundup starts, 14th annual. I’ll be there at noon today setting up my sound and recording equipment for a full weekend of AA Speakers and workshops and events.

Have a great weekend!