Very Nice

It was a great weekend. Friday was laser tag, which was very fun.

Above scorecard from the second match. Below is our advanced weaponry attack squad.

Saturday it was perfectly sunny and I went to the beach in the morning and mowed in the afternoon. The law came out good.

Sunday I went diving and although it was cloudy, it was an excellent dive. See a trunkfish eating dinner:

And below are some lobsters in a hole. You can hear them touching the camera.

I took a lot of videos.

Now it’s Monday. Almost a new month.

Have a good week!

Laser Tag Tonight

This morning I was pondering my cup of coffee, wondering why my coffee at work couldn’t be as good as my coffee at home. It’d be nice. Work: inferior coffee, inferior coffee maker. No magic there.

It’s finally a Friday! Tonight is Laser Tag with the wife and some friend,

Never played laser tag before. Hope I dominate and kill everyone!

Have a peaceful weekend!

Happy American Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving in the US today. It’s a normal workday here. I’m taking leftover chili for lunch.

I guess with covid, a lot of families won’t be getting together this year. I think last year my mom and sister got together. Not this year. My sister is in the hospital after a hernia operation and my mom is locked down at home.

We’ve had a couple nice days in a row and I’m hoping for a beach lunch hour.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be Careful Out There!

I saw the sign below at a grocery store parking lot. Why wasn’t I warned sooner?

All these years,I’ve been careening wrecklessly around all these parking lots, not realizing a pedestrian could run into me and damage my vehicle! Thanks for finally giving me the heads up!

Why is “wreck” spelled with a W but spell check wants me to change “wrecklessly” to ” recklessly”? Which is correct?

Happy hump day!

Naked Pictures

I’ve had a Galaxy watch since my birthday last July. I use it for exercise every day. Yesterday a co worker was wearing one, and I was showing him all kinds of stuff on it. I feel like I don’t know my way around the watch too well, but when I get in the shower, it goes into all kinds of modes I’ve never seen before and don’t know how to get to.

This morning though, it simply went into “walk” mode. Above is an accidental picture. It’s me, taking a shower, and walking around, getting ready for work. Naked.

Pretty racy, huh?

The Quest For The Perfect Coffee Mug

my current most used coffee mug.

I have never had the perfect coffee cup. They’re either too small, or have an uncomfortable finger-holding thingy, unacceptable advertising, they rust if they’re metal and they stink or stain if they’re plastic. And they can’t be too tippy and they can’t slide around the table if the ship rolls. Its good it they fit in a cars cup holder.

At my in-laws house, there’s a cup with the perfect finger holder, but it holds an insufficient amount of coffee. I have a stainless steel travel bug that has rusted, and is tall and tippy and is uncomfortable to hold. The one I’m using, pictured above, has unacceptable advertising. It says starbucks on the other side, and has an uncomfortable finger loop and burns your fingers if you hold it too long.

So, this weekend, it occurred to me to begin a worldwide quest to find and obtain, to have and to hold, the perfect coffee cup.

In other news, it was a pretty good weekend. I participated in an underwater treasure hunt and won a bottle of barbecue sauce. It was, and is still, cloudy and rainy.

Have a good week!

Movie: Geostorm

Last night we watched a movie called Geostorm. It had really bad reviews. But the Wife and I didn’t think it seemed too bad, if you ignore everything you ever learned about space and satellites and science..

It’s about a satellite network the unified earth created to control the weather. If you watch it, try to think of the bad parts as being funny, like a firey sinkhole that seems to be targeting a particular teeny tiny car by following it as it speeds down the road. Or the commander telling the technician to “dissect each component” as a method to troubleshoot a malfunctioned satellite. Or lightning repeatedly trying with a will to strike one particular person.

I call it a “Sharknado Class” movie. Super unrealistic and impossible, but fun to watch.

It had good cameramanship, (I wouldn’t say special effects, but I suppose I could, but it doesn’t seem like the right term.) Visuals. It has good visuals.

Wish someone would control the weather around here. Super windy and off and on rain. Lugubrious.

Have a good one! Two thumbs up!

Bizarre Dream

I had a super bizarre dream last night. An airline was making two planeloads of people disappear.

I flew. I landed. I received 150 towels with black and white stripes. Because of this, for some reason, nobody else could get off the (2) plane(s).

The baggage had already been unloaded and was going around the carousel, so people knew their friends and families flights arrived, but the airline was struggling to collect all the baggage and put it in little bags marked “Evidence”.

The airline had no intention of ever letting anyone from either of the two flights go. Never-ever. Their plan was to deny that the flights even existed.

The only reason I wasn’t among those passengers was because of the towels, which weren’t mine, given to me by some mistake and I had to prove the two flights existed and the people were being held.

Why two flights and not just mine, I don’t know.

For some reason, the towels were the reason the airlines had to erase.the existence of the two flights, and it couldn’t be un-did.

Freeeky Deeeky.

Here it’s raining. Again. More. Still.

For Lack Of A Better Word


My repairs on the porch came out, I think, very good. And I did it all by myself. Need to get some paint today. I don’t really like the color though. I think it’s called “Babyshit Brown”. It doesn’t really look like the color in the picture. In real life, it looks much more like baby shit.

Supposed to rain here today. On our dawg walk this morning I saw one planet, zero stars. Now, in the light it’s mostly cloudy. Like 99.99999999%. Totally cloudy. Not conducive for painting. But it will take longer to mix the paint and prep than actually paint. Maybe I can giterdun.

Have a great day.