Tuesday Morning Blues And Pinks


Last night I woke up at 1:09 to use the bathroom. My dog, Ditto wanted to use the bathroom too, so I let him out. He wouldn’t come back in. It started raining, and I’m chasing him around the yard with a leash.

I don’t think I went back to sleep at all. I’m beat. I snoozed in and out, but no really good sleep. World Famous Insomniac, on the job!

Today, and the rest of this week, I think I have training on a new system that’s being installed. It will be a nice break from the routine.

This camera has no red in it. Above is a picture of a beautiful red sunrise that has the red washed out of it. I don’t need to check the weather app today, it’s going to be rainy. Car for sure.

Have a good day!

6:16 – Sunrise

I sat down here at 6:16. Sunrise is at 6:16


The sun hasn’t cleared the trees and houses yet, but it’s up.

Poor attitude this morning.

Another Monday, a long way till payday.

It was a pretty nice weekend. We didn’t do anything except watch TV. I hate TV. I got rid of TV in the late ’80’s.  The Wife got it turned on. Now I get a bill on my credit card, every month.

Saturday night we went to a murder mystery dinner party. “What The Butler Saw”. It was fun. I didn’t kill him, he was already dead when I went to kill him. That’s me in the back, Oscar Hemmingway III. I’m the one with the gun.


So it’s back to work, I feel bad because there was a lot of wasted time this weekend. Wasted time ruins a life, whether at the beginning or the end, bit it’s more noticeable at the end.

Have a good week.

New Morning Spot

I have a new spot to sit when I post in the mornings. It’s a bench that converts into a table.


You can’t really see it here, but if you had two of these benches, you could make a picnic table.



Above are a couple better shots. I really like it. The Wife likes it too, she wants to get two more for the back porch.

It’s Sunday morning, wife still sleeping, dogs in the front yard, me on my first cup of coffee.

That’s where I’m at right now. Have a good day!

Red Sky In Morning…

…Sailor take warning.
I haven’t rode my  scooter since last Friday. Today makes a week.
This morning the sky  was very red, and it’s been raining almost every day for about two weeks.


This picture doesn’t do the red sky justice. It was very red.

I guess this will be  another car day.

Sometimes, when people have a near death experience, they want to make more of their life. I feel the same about this blog. Since I almost lost it, I want it to be more now that I have it back.

But I don’t know what, I’ve never known what.

Have a good weekend!

I’m Back!?!

Well, I think I’m back online. Many thanks to Adam, who did all the work, and Chris, who sent me my old posts from August 21 (the date of my last backup)

I plan on re-inserting the posts as soon as I get a chance, I think I can manipulate the date and put them in order. The comments were lost. I need to fix my color scheme and menus and stuff,


It was a terrible ordeal, I  tell you..