Sea Swim Season Starting Soon

March is almost over, unbelievably, and soon the sea swim season starts. I’ve been training and am looking forward to a good sea swim year.

Above is yesterday’s half mile.

I’m looking forward to a quiet day at work. One guy on holiday and another on travel. My van is in the shop for 100K maintenance, so it’s a scooter day. I haven’t been riding much lately.

Have a wonderful day and see you here tomorrow!

Slow Runnings

I slept pretty good last night. Feel pretty good this morning. The dogs got a long walk and the only disadvantage of my abs app is the sessions seem to get longer. So in short, I’m running a little behind this morning.

Heres a couple sunrise pics from this morning. Usually I’m well inside by sunrise. But the days are starting earlier this tima year!

Have you a wonderful day!

Marks Morning Oats

Here is my recipe for a variation of overnight oats.

1/2 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup milk of choice
Half cup of yogurt (i like vanilla, strawberry or mango)
1 cup frozen fruit (or more)
3 second squirt of honey. (Or more)

In the order they appear on the list, put the ingredients in a clean jar from spicy hot Indian curry. Let sit in the fridge overnight.

You can vary the recipe as you like, but then you can’t call them Marks Morning Oats, you’re going to have to figure out your own name for the.

Have a great day!

First Game.

This weekend I played my first pickleball games. It was fun but i got my butt whooped. I’d shoot these high, arcing lobs into the sky and my opponent would fire back a bullet. I’d return the ball, easy target arc and he’d fire another bullet. He was standing in the middle of the court while I was running crazily back and forth and all over.

It was fun and I can’t wait to do it again!

Below is a few pics of the Pickleball club.

It was a good weekend!

Now it’s Monday . The thought crossed my mind to call in sick, but no.. Someone has to hold the planet together!

Have a great week!

New & Old

Above are pics of the old grill and the new grill. No parts left over . Initially i had 4 screws extra, but i pored over the instructions till i found where they went it was very subtle.

The old grill served me well for.many years.

Good Day!

New Gas Grill

Yesterday i bought a new gas grill. The old one had developed a little flamethrower in one of the jets. It had been repaired and all the replaceable parts had been replaced…twice…at least. It was definitely end of life for the old gas grill. I can probably find how old it is by searching this blog.

The new one is a mega monster. I started putting it together last night. After worki have to put the side shelves on and then… More pictures for you.

Here’s a picture from our dawg walk this morning, i thought the lights looked cool.

Happy Friday and have a great wee


Equinox 2023

Yesterday was the equinox, it’s spring in the north, autumn in the south.

It seema like this year past, I’ve enjoyed the dark mornings more than previous years.

I hope you have a good season!