Avatar 2

Yesterday afternoon I saw the movie Avatar 2: The Way Of Water.. It was good, i can understand people giving not so great reviews, but ignore them and see the movie in the theater. It was a very enjoyable movie.

What was wrong: Sully chose to leave his forest people and go to the water people because he was personally targeted by the Sky People. He did this to protect his family. Possibly, he should have sent them and continued as his people’s leader. Bad decision, let’s live with it and move on. Sigourney Weaver’s avatar had a baby, who seemed to have telepathic powers over the sea creatures. This maybe wasn’t explained with enough depth. But she was troubled that she could hear and feel the “mother” (God or the collective intelligence of the planet). And in the end, the bad guy was still alive and unaccounted for, and the infestation of sky people from which Sully fled was unaddressed. I guess the idea is to leave open the possibility of a third Avatar movie.

Anything else you’d care to add?

its easier to tell you the few bad things than list the million good things. I thought it was great overall.

This is probably my last post of the year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

E.O.V. Blues

Well, I guess I got the End Of Vacation blues. Early next week, it’s back to work. We’re entering a normal holiday weekend and today is my last vacation day. The final Friday.

But im glad it’s the weekend, glad to be putting 2022 behind me and 2021 further behind me.2023 is going to be a great year!

This isn’t necessarily my last post of the year, but it might be, ya never know. The thought never occurred to me till just now.

have a great day, a fantastic weekend, and a most excellent new year, if I don’t talk to you again before then;

Morning Routine

I have a fairly fixed morning routine. I get up about 5 till 5. After the bathroom, i take my medicine (blood pressure, vitamins etc). Then I make sure the dogs have food and water, check and water the indoor plants if necessary.

Then its time to feed the outdoor cats and walk and exercise the dogs. We walk almost exactly a mile, usually running between every other street light. Then when we get back it’s time for my exercise and meditation.

After that is lovey dovey time for the dogs. This is more their idea than mine. I pet them wrestle them a little and give them attention and they’re jumping and licking and loving it. Afterwards it’s shower time, and I make coffee while I get dressed for the day.

Then Duolingo (500+ day streak!) and post my post on this blog. And out the door by 7, check the yard and off to work!

That’s my morning routine, almost everyday, almost unchanging.

Have a great day!

Wet Wednesday

this weather has kind of thwarted my vacation plans of diving, going to the beach, and doing yard work.. yesterday, around noon we had a few Sunny hours but then it re-clouded and re-rained. I’m not as upset by the cancellation of my plans as I would think I would be, which is okay. However I cannot fathom the disappointment and frustration that you, my millions of daily readers, must be experiencing, as this inactivity leads to my lack of material to post about.

I will try to not let it bother me, please try to do the same. Have a good day and stay dry.

Like A Hurricane

The wind is blowing so hard, it’s like a little hurricane outside. Not as bad as depicted in the picture above but the weather is gray and rainy and relatively cold for the tropical Cayman Islands. We are under the front that gave the winter storm to North America. According to the weatherman, it will remain stationary and dissipate. That means we’ll probably have this same weather for several more days. It’s been several days already, but so far is showing no signs of easing up. There has been no diving or beach for me this vacation.. it’s been largely a stay indoor vacation, but it ain’t over yet!

have a wonderful Tuesday!

No Mans Land

No Mans Land, the time between xmas and New Years. Historically, more people have asked me “what day is it today?” during this week than any other. I’ve already asked myself that very question this morning, counting on my fingers the days till I have to return to work.(7)

Also, interestingly, I heard a blurb on the BBC news this morning: more babies are conceived on this day (Boxing Day) than any other. Is your birthday in September? End of September?

And lastly, here the weather sucks. Howling wind. Driving cold rain, complete cloud cover. The Arctic storm that hit North America has parked here, and will be around until it dissapates. Yeay…

Have a great week, don’t bother keeping track of time, I hope you get laid!

Doomsday Book

Yesterday i finished a fantastic book, turned out to be one of my favorites of all time. Doomsday Book. A book about time travel and a pandemic. In the book a young woman is sent back in time to the year 1320. But something goes wrong, and she is very I’ll upon arriving. At the start of the book, the parts that took place in the present time seemed irrelevant. The parts that take place in the 1300’s were very interesting. But the occurrences in the past merged with the occurrences in the present until both sides of the story were great. Definite must read.

And today:

500 Duolingo days in a row! I need to find someone to speak Spanish with though. Duolingo is my only experience.

Have a nice weekend!

Undiscovered Arteeest

Why I took the above photo, i don’t know, bit I’ve been wanting to post it for days. Like Andy Warhols soup can, it c̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ should be worth millions.

It was a productive day yesterday, i trimmed my stickerbushes and coconut trees. I have a lot of coconut water in the fridge. I have all my containers full and 3 coconut la left over

Today I’m going to clean the house. Going out to town will probably be “challenging” given the last minute shoppers out there.

Have a wonderful day!

Horror Of Horrors

Yesterday, as you already know, dear daily readers, I went to work. I was there about two hours, completing vitally important tasks. I probably saved the planet from destruction at least twice in those two hours.

While discussing my vacation situation with our cleaning lady. I showed her my calendar, and realized that yesterday was a vacation day, and I was at work, working!

So I finished my vital task’s and left, I went to the beach, went shopping for groceries, read my book and had a really nice day. And I’m not going back to work till 2023!

See you tomorrow!

Winter Solstice 2022

its the shortest day of the year today, tomorrow the days start getting longer again (in the northern hemisphere). At 4:47 PM EST today, the sun will momentarily be overhead at the Tropic of Capricorn and then will begin its way north again.

I have very much enjoyed the dark mornings this time around.

It’s the last day of my work week this week, I have Thursday and Friday off, as you know. Next week is the big holiday week and I don’t even know my schedule without looking in my calendar at work. I have very few work days left this year.

Have a Fantastic DAY!