Mixing It Up

My morning routine is pretty constant. Extremely constant. This morning, I’m mixing it up a bit. Instead of sitting on the back porch, I’m sitting on the front porch.

My view from here.

Every day is thunderstorms. Makes it hard for a scooter rider to get around. I’ve been driving the van. I think the AC is weak in the van. I turned it on the other day, and it didn’t seem too cold. I’m more of a windows open kinda guy. AC makes you weak, start using it, then you start needing it.

Here’s the sun, getting ready to pop out from behind a two-headed monster mushroom cloud.

In a second, it’s going to get really hot out here. I better head inside… To the AC….

Have a happy humpday!

That Short Feeling

Got up, shaved, fed cat, cleaned catbox, walked dogs, showered, made my lunch for work, made coffee, got dressed fed dogs,

and sit down on the back porch to post my post.

The feeling when I realize it’s time to sit, drink my coffee, and and post my post.

Enjoyed while it lasted, but too soon, it’s time to go to work…

Have a good day!

Little Mini Hurricane

This morning we had surprise thunder and rain and lightning and winds. A little mini hurricane. My weather report said no rain till Friday, so, change of transport plans.

Hurricane damage

Apparently, I’m crabby this morning. Took the dogs for their walk, and when we got back, the wife asked, “How was your run?” I snapped back “I haven’t run in probably more than a year, the dogs can’t run.”

Now I feel bad because I snapped at the wife before she even got out of bed. I apologized immediately, but deep down, I wonder if I’m an asshole, deep in my core, printed on my DNA.

July is almost gone, August is almost here. Years are flyin’ by faster and faster. When I turned 40, I figured my life was about half over. I tell ya, the second half is moving a lot quicker than the first half did..

It was a good weekend, we took the dogs to the beach, first time for Daisy, and Lenny swam very well, first time he didn’t act all afraid of the water.

Have a great week!

Red Sky Grammar

Red sky AT night, sailors delight, red sky IN THE morning, sailor take warning.

A little more towards red.
Red sky at morning.

What’s the difference between the words ‘morning’ and ‘night’? We say “at night”, but “in the morning”. It doesn’t seem prpoper to say “at morning”

And, what’s the difference between “school” and “hospital”? We say “at school”, and (Brits) say “at hospital” but to me it seems weird to say “at hospital”, for some reason, “at THE hospital” seems proper.

And “proper”. Why is there a “R” at the end? The correct pronounciation is “proppa”!

Isn’t it?

Happy Friday! Hope you have a sunny, warm, weekend!

Looking At The Weather/Rambling

I’ve spent the last 15 minutes looking at my weather apps. Here, now, it’s cloudy and spooky feeling. I shouldn’t say cloudy, I should say very, very hazy. And very, very still. Not a lick of breeze.

I’m wondering if I’m scrutinizing the weather because I feel like driving the van today, on a good scooter day….

There were two new dogs on our dogwalk this morning, both nice. It’s getting darker and darker each morning, I can tell.

Today is payday, big whoop. That doesn’t mean I have any money, just means it’s time again for my monthly money giveaway. Mortgage, electric, water, phone.

Not much going on around here. Havva goodun.

Video Vednesday Vonce Again

Another video Wednesday, below is a video I made fom several videos I took while snorkeling in Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica last April. And I added the music.

I am interested in audio and video editing. I’ve been getting familiar with a program called OpenShot, a free, open source video editing program.

Maybe I can earn some extra dollars….

Have a great day!

Introducing Daisy – Daisy Dukes

Saturday morning we got another pooch, Daisy Dukes.

She gets along quite well with Lenny, and she is terrified of the cats. She is about 10 months old. She has peed in the house three times since Saturday .

I know you’re wondering, ” What classification of dawgs are those?” Well, Lenny is classified as a “Little Cuppa Sugar” dawg, while Daisy falls in the “Real Cutie Patootie” category.

Also there are caterpillars. I haven’t seen any of this type in years, on Cayman Brac.

Quite pretty, not sure if they’re destructive, this one certainly isn’t hurting the concrete porch.

And it’s a Monday, boy I tell ya, this upcoming week has been exhausting!

Moon Plus 50

I came here to post this morning, but so far, all I’ve done is watch yesterdays bowling robot video. I love it. I find it mesmerising

Slept good last night, except I woke up when the cat took a shortcut, running across me in the middle of the night. And there was lots of loud thunder.

Haven’t mentioned it yet, but I’m thinking about it a lot, 50 years ago Apollo 11 was on it’s way to the moon. I remember watching it on TV. I was 9. I remember being in my classroom (3rd grade) when Apollo 1 caught fire, killing the crew. I think I was watching TV and heard Apollo 13 say “Houston, we’ve had a problem” live.

Part of me wonders, “How could I have not known then, that I’d be writing this now?” Seems crazy, but it seems like back then I had very little to no concept of the future.

Cloudy today. But it should be a nice weekend. I think I might be getting a cold though, sore throat yesterday, stuffy nose today. Hope I don’t get sick.

Have a great weekend!