Another perfect nirvana

I’m trying to think of something to write about and have again reached that state of perfect “mind blankness”.
I am mildly surprised that it is already Wednesday. I am getting a lot done at work but there seems to be more to do.
This weekend is a lot of extra work because of the Jazz Festival. I’m not sure exactly of my hours, but I think it’s mostly evenings. I’ve got a deep dive planed Saturday morning, The Black Hole.
This morning on the Dawg Walk I noticed that when I came inside it was cooler outside than inside… Hmmmm.. That should never be. It should always be warmer outside.
This is a very busy week at work. My boss always seems to think I should work extra after time off, either to make up for it, or as punishment, I haven’t figured out which.
I think I will have to take some pictures today of something, because I notice I haven’t posted any pictures for several posts.
The second week in December is my work Xmas party, The IO Girl is coming for that. Her’s is also that week and I plan on going there for hers. It will be very fun.
I hope you have a great day today


I got a call last night at 12:20, we were off the air. I got up, drove to the station, got my tools and keys, drove to the transmitter, fixed it, went back to the station, dropped everything off, came home, went to bed about 2:30. Then at 5AM the alarm went off, and now it’s back to work.
Why doesn’t the equipment ever fail in the daytime? Why always must it be at night?
Anyway, the problem I found when I went out there is that the AC quit working. I’ll be out there again this morning, waiting on the AC repairman.
I’ve already put in two hours today, I hope I get to take off early!

not astronomy class

Twas an excellent dawg walk this morning, It was still pitch black and the first thing I saw was Leo, directly overhead. Also Corvus the Raven. And the Big Dipper, which is really a bear but looks more like a horse than Pegasus ever could. Coincidentially, I went for a long walk last night and got to a place dark enough to see Capricorn. I found Capricorn by myself after Hurricane Ivan when all the street lights were out. I said “look at that, I bet that’s a constellation” and then I checked and it was. A goat.. How did they see a goat in that? It is a darn good Eagle if you ask me, but there’s already an Eagle right next to it.
Anyway it’s not astronomy class.
Today it’s back to work, back to the grind. I wonder what kind of BS awaits me there. I’ve never had a job that was so difficult to come back to after time off. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great job, but dang! Time off is sooo much better!

My self discipline is in the gutter, I need to exercise more, I need to do a better job at work, I need to be more assertive and not let myself get into situations that can be avoided. But mostly I need more exercise.

I don’t know what the subject is here, but that’s all for now!

I don't love the internet these days

I haven’t really felt like being on the internet, before my Yahoo ID got HIJACKED, I loved it.
Let me explain what happened. I received an email on my “alternate address” that my password had been successfully changed, and it might take 24 hours to take effect. I never changed my email address. The email was legitimate, it was really from Yahoo, and I immediately tried to logon an was told my password was incorrect. I don’t really believe someone figured out my password and changed it, I think somehow Yahoo, the machine, changed it accidently.
I opened that account a long time ago, 1997. Yahoo started in 96 I think. It wasn’t my main email, but it was important, because of messenger, and because I had all my addresses there, and some important files that were saved as email attachments. That way I could access them from anywhere.
I try to retrieve the password and get a message saying my personal information, (Birthdate and zip code) are incorrect. I don’t think that should be happening, except I can’t exactly remember what I put for zip code. My house, my parents house, I dunno. I didn’t use my real last name, I used a D or a D60, but can’t remember for sure.
So I don’t think I’ll be able to get my account back, and I’ve had the blues all day about it. There seems to be no humans that work at Yahoo, all I get are automated responses. Maybe Monday there will be a human response, but how can I proove who I am? I don’t remember what I filled in the blanks with that day 8 years ago when I opened the account.
Anyway, today I’ve been feeling like I lost the whole internet, not just an email account, and my Flickr account, which is associated with Yahoo. I don’t even feel like turning on the computer.
Waaa waaa! Sob sob!

Home and SCAMMED

I got home yesterday, I had an email from Yahoo saying my password had been changed. I didn’t change it. I can no longer access my yahoo account. I tried to retrieve the password but am told that my personal information is incorrect.
Yahoo is my oldest account, I was planning on keeping it forever. It has all my pictures and my addresses in it.
Any sugestions?

Last post

For a week!
I’m kinda sad anticipating not reading your blogs and not posting for a week. I’m going on vacation and not taking a computer.
But I’ll be back next Saturday!

Is it Friday?

It doesn’t feel like Friday. It’s pouring rain still. I’m overloaded at work. I go on vacation tomorrow. I don’t feel like I’m going on a holiday.

I’m trying to think of something positive to write…

I am picking the OI girl at the airport tomorrow.
It’s Friday!
I’m going on vacation tomorrow!

Home again

I’m home from the Brac, I was trapped over there because the flights were over-booked. I got back on this island around 6 and just got home.
I’m really tired and going straight to bed.
Oh yeah, I forgot to say, it is POURING rain.

I'm off!

In more ways than one!

I’m off to the Brac! I’m going to the airport and I’ll be back in about 26 hours from now!

Last night my transmitter went down again, this time hard. It seems to have multiple problems. Something must have happened, power surge or lightning or something.

I was so tired when went out there, I was getting ready for bed when I found out it was off. I came home a little after 1 AM and passed out immediately.

Tomorrow, I’ll go almost directly out to the transmitter when I get back on this island.

One of my two stations is off the air!

That’s bad, really bad.