Cigar Dinner at Le Vele

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The dinner table

On the 29th, (day-before-ysterday) I went to a La Casa Del Habano’s cigar dinner at Le Vele restaurant. It was very good. We had a Cohiba Robusto before dinner, which was really nice (both the cigar AND the dinner) and we had a Punch Double Corona after dinner. I had a good time, good conversation with people from all over the world, and I was the very last person to leave.

I sat on the corner of the long table, next to a friend of mine, Sergio. from Mexico. Everyone calls him El Matador. I discovered Sergio has a counterpart to my Travlin’ Tim, El Mini Matador.

El Mini Matador

El Mini Matador critiques restaurants around the world, as well as cigar dinners and wine fests. He has a wine glass in one hand and a cigar in the other.

El Mini Matador made me re-think Travlin’ Tim… Travlin’ Tim usually stays at home, except when I get on a plane. I have a smaller gnome that could go anywhere with me. He could get some good photo ops. Got me thinking…

Today is New Years Eve, tonight the wife and I are going up to Cobalt Coast Resort, I have a friend from the US visiting there, and we and another couple are going there to be with them. And they have fireworks are at 9PM, perfect for an early-to-bed guy like me! The wife and I will probably end up awake at midnight, watching the rest of the fireworks from our roof, like always.

So I hope you have a safe New Years Eve, and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019. And I’ll see ya next year!

I hate that when that happens…

People type “LOL” all the time, I don’t know about anybody else, but I seldom “LOL” when I’m alone. But the pic below is an actual “LOL” for me.

Happens way too often…

By the way, I read that people prefer it if you type “Ha ha” instead of “LOL”.

Happy Thursday!

Days Mixing Up

It’s Wednesday, thought it was Thursday.

Christmas Day was great! We opened presents, then went to brunch at one friends house and dinner at another. Today I should mow the yard, but I’ll probably put it off another day.

This morning, I got up at about the the normal time, well, about 10 minutes late, 5:10, and walked the dog, and did my normal routine.

Don’t have much to post about, The weather looks pretty good, quite windy still, but not too cloudy. Rekkon I might ride my bicycle to the beach, depending on the wife’s plans this fine day.

Maybe I will mow the yard…

Got a comment on the previous post from Chris, at Diet Coke Rocks, that she sent me a stuffed robot doll that she made, I sure hope it gets here, I’m excited! Things almost always take longer to get to the Cayman Islands, so there’s still hope that it’s not lost!

I guess, most places, today is a workday, but here, it’s Boxing Day, and it’s a holiday, which is good! Below is a snippet from Wikipedis about Boxing day. I didn’t know this particular fact. Now my cynnical mind thinks that we have is as a holiday, so our bosses don’t have to give us a present. (Kidding)

Boxing Day, from Wikipedia.

So have a great day, whether you’re working or not!

Workin Monday. Bah Humbug!

Getting ready for work, still coolish, windy, cloudy.

Didn’t sleep worth a durn last night. Went to bed at 9, woke up at 12:30 and got up. Tried to lay back down, and without even realizing it, I found myself up again. Wandering around the house, puttering with this dang computer I’ve been working on.

I’m just as grumpy as can be, and I’m looking forward to getting to work, sitting at my desk, and busting ass.

Had a Nor’wester over the weekend. Big waves and seaweed all over Georgetown, Tore up the concrete at a bar called Macabuca up here in West Bay.

Above ar pictures from town, WhatsApp-ed me by a friend. (I have no idea who Trenwick Miller is)

Have a Great week! And Merry Christmas!

Slow Flow Internet

Something’s wrong with our internet this morning, it is slow to non-existant. I can’t post under these conditions.

It’s a cold, rainy, windy morning, the wind from the north, while yesterday it was blowing hard from the south. I didn’t even walk this morning, I went outsie, said “Nope!” and came back in.

I’m concerned because Mad Dog Mattis resigned.

Hope you have a great weekend!

This Veteran Crap

Not a video-don’t bother to click it

I was in the US Navy. I’m proud of it. But the Navy and me, we had a deal. They send me to school, I paid for the school by working on their ships for four years. The USN met their obligation, I met mine, and got an honorable discharge to prove it. Nobody owes nobody nuthin’ in my book.

Crap like the pic above pisses me off. The implication is that if you don’t forward it, and act all gung ho, you’re somehow unpatriotic or a commie or something.

The past several years, usually if I mention that I was in the Navy, someone says “Thank you for your service”. That disturbs me. It was a contract. I joined to get away from home, and to avoid a big debt from a student loan. I didn’t join because of patriotism. I think most the guys from my ships feel the same way.

“Thank you for your service” ….sounds like a new fad.

When someone says “Veteran”, I don’t think of me. I think of the 20+ year guys, who deserve a retirement check they can live on, and the benefits that go with it. I think of the combat guys, permanently damaged mentally or physically or both. They didn’t sign up for that, they deserve comensation and the care they need. I think of the guys that were drafted, who didn’t want to go but went anyway.

When I say I support Veterans, these are the people I’m talking about, not everyone who was ever in the military for any length of time.

So don’t thank me, I did it for the school, I did it for the travel. While I do love the USA, and consider myself a patriot, thats not why I joined the Navy, and the US Government owes me nothing.

And by the way, these whiny twerps that want their student loans forgiven can kiss my butt. Pay it back bitches. I don’t care if you think you got a bad deal, you agreed and it’s now your obligation. Meet it and quit your crying!

On the same note, last few years I perceive that a lot of one-hitch ex-military are playing the veteran card, apparently trying to get some benefits. I don’t agree with this either. We joined the military, we got out, the military is under no obligation, nor do we deserve, to be taken care of the rest of our lives because of it.

Over and out.

Non Descript SUV.

This morning, I was driving a non descript SUV agross a vast, flat desert. Blue sky, white sand, and scrub brush, whizzing by. All of a sudden, I started going down a steep hill. Vertical, straight down. The accelerometer on my watch started beep-beep-beeping. Danger Will Robinson!

Odd, the cat didn’t seem too worried.

To hell with it, i thought to myself, I don’t need no stinkin’ brakes, I’m riding this rocket all the way! Yee Haa!

nudge nudge nudge.. “Babe!”.

Crap, my watch doesn’t even have an accelerometer…

Alarm clock.

And that’s the last thing I remember before getting up, shaving, power walking the dawg, shower, coffee and sitting here.


Have a great day!


Usually, throughout the day, I see something or think of something and think, “Oh! I can put that in my post tomorrow.” But, to the best of my recollection, that never happened.

Not that it matters. normally I’d be sitting here thinking; “Yesterday I thought of a great idea for a post today, but I haven’t the foggiest idea what it was.”

Yesterday at work was not my favorite. I was putting papers in the designated 3-ring binders. It’s my least favorite thing, so I put it off. I put it off, so it snowballs. It snowballs into this huge task, and I hate it even more.

I started Friday, thought I’d get ‘er done yesterday, but (gasp!) I found some papers in the WRONG 3 ring binder! The horror. It’ll probably take me 6-9 months (sixty-nine months), to get it sorted. That’s what I said, 69 months (six to nine months). 

What did you think I said? Noooo, I said the other one!

Obviously, I need more coffee. Have a wonderful day.

A Story That Fascinates Me.

As you may know, the BBC is my prime source of news. On the radio and online. You also may know I grew up for most of my school years in a little town called Moberly, Missouri, USA.

I was quite surprised to come across the name, Moberly, Missouri in a BBC article about a fake Rock ‘n Roll star this weekend. 

I’ve read it 3 or 4 times, and the dude is quite the imaginitive liar. I had to re-read it just to figure out who the fake people are.

If you have some spare time, it’s quite  good read.

It was an OK weekend,  Went to the work Christmas party Saturday night. The sole came off my dress shoe and I was walking around barefoot all night. My NFL Team, The Redskins, won and Dallas didn’t score a single point! They got skunked!

And now it’s back to work, on what should be a good weather week!

Enjoy your day!