Saturday Post


Just got my first cuppa coffee poured after walking the dogs and feeding the cats.

I was looking at Neatorama, and found an interesting page, The Evolution of the Web


It is a pretty big “graph” of the history of the internet. I went and looked for Netscape, the old browser that I used to love. Worth a quick look.

I”ve also been going through the WordPress tutorials. Yesterday I posted in this teeny tiny square but now I’ve discovered the toggle full screen button.

It seem pretty nice so far.

My Android App, on the other hand, isn’t impressing me. I can post easily, and find new blogs to read and comment on them easily, but on the blogs I follow, I can’t comment. The app views all the blogs from itself beautifully, with a big post comment button, but the blogs I follow are teeny tiny format with a truncated post. and no comment button. So I have to go to the web browser.

If I have to go to the web browser, why do I need the app?

Anyway, it’s looking like a great day coming here, and I plan on gettin out in it!

Things to do today..


Go to town

Pay bills

shovel piles of rocks I raked out of the yard yesterday

Get the Friday Newspaper

Transfer my Google Reader list to my WordPress  Blog list.

There was a longer list but I lost it…. More will come to me throughout the day.

Have a good weekend!

New Blog Site

I am moving here from Blogger. Blogger’s new interface is inferior. I spend more time trying to fix the post in “edit HTML” mode than I spend posting the post itself.

I feel bad complaining about Blogger. After all it is free. But what the hell. If my wife gave me a new car, I’d appreciate it. But then if she came one day and took the radio out, a few weeks later took off the good tires and put some crappy ones on, and generally periodically did things to make my car (which I was perfectly happy with) WORSE. Then eventually I would get tired of it and get a different one.

WordPress may be no better, I don’t know WordPress yet, but WordPress let me import my whole blogger blog. There may be no going back! If I don’t like WordPress, Blogger doesn’t have an “Import Blog” feature that I know of….

Anyway, here I am. To happily stay I hope!

Wednesday Photos

 This is little sprouts from a plant that was dying and I moved it to a new location. I think it he likes the new spot.

 This is a neat little ship I saw on the waterfront day before yesterday. I like it. It looks tough

On a more serious note, Poor Poor Sheba has this huge “Thing” growing out of her back and hanging over on her right side. It looks a little like a human foot…. I fear the worst for Poor Poor Sheba. 
Actually, she’s finally turning into a pretty good footstool, as was intended.

The last few days I’ve slept really good- Like high school kid on a Saturday good. I don’t know why, but I’ll take it while it lasts.

Check Your Facebook email address

Facebook has changed it’s users default email address without permission. Again I say, they are going down the tubes. I remember I noticed I had a Facebook email address, but couldn’t access it. I still don’t know how to access it. Back then, I emailed myself and never received the email sent to my Facebook email account. Maybe it would work now, but now I don’t want it.
Anthony Mullen, interactive marketing analyst at Forrester Research said:
your email is a proxy for your identity on the internet and Facebook wants to usurp people’s pre-existing email identities with their own to help drive up traffic to its site and lock users into its service. Facebook has acted without asking for members’ permission first.
Read the article here on the BBC, or do an internet search on the subject.
Also I have a question for you fellow bloggers. When posting, next to the text color is background color, the button looks like a highlighter pen. How thee hell do you turn that off? I spend more time in HTML mode removing the background color tags than I spend posting my post. Blogger, like Facebook, is getting worse and worse. WordPress is looking better and better.

Another Post Entitled “It’s Monday”

I for one had a good weekend. Went went scuba diving Saturday and bagged my first Lion

Did I say Lion? I meant to say Lion FISH!
In case you don’t already know, Lionfish are an INVASIVE SPECIES. Speraguns and spear gun parts are illegal in the Cayman Islands, however you can get issued a license and a speargun for shooting LIONFISH ONLY!
Lionfish are: 
1) Voracious predators being shown to eat native fish and crustaceans in large quantities, including both ecologically and economically important species like grunts, snapper, nassau grouper, and cleaner shrimp

2) Not known to have any native predators
 Equipped with venomous dorsal, ventral and anal spines, which deter predators and can cause painful wounds to humans

4) Capable of reproducing year-round with unique reproduction mechanisms not commonly found in native fishes (females can reproduce every 4 days!)
5) Relatively resistant to parasites, giving them another advantage over native species
6) Fast in their growth, able to outgrow native species with whom they compete for food and space.

You can read more about Lionfish in the Caribbean HERE. Or do an internet search and you will find vast quantities of information.
Then Sunday The Wife and I had a quiet day by the pool.
Have YE a good week!

Pushin it

Work is very slow. I’m looking for a job and if I get one, I’m shutting down my business. I liken it to pushing a car with flat tires. You can get it moving if you push hard enough, but as soon as you stop pushing, everything stops. And you have to always push as hard as you can and constantly. Then I get minimal payback. (the car barely moves)
But I can’t assume any of my applications will be successful so it’s full speed ahead till further notice. I’m targeting the Churches and Condos for computer repairs. It’s fukkin bullshit. I ran newspaper ads for a month and got ONE phone call. one.

School Bus & A Cactus

 Do you know the difference between a School-Bus and a Cactus?
A cactus has all the little pricks on the OUTSIDE!

That being said, our other cactus had flowers night before last. It happens really fast, start to finish in 24 hours. You can see “bumps” on the cactus where the stem will come out about a week earlier, but once the stem starts growing, it’s really fast.
Here, it’s been raining for a long long time. Long time.