Need Topics

I jabe been unhappy with the content of this blog. I need some topics.

Our fence may be done today or tomorrow. The posts are up and the real fencing will begin today.  It’s good, because only one cat was here for breakfast this morning. There were the giant puppies from around the corner running around this morning. I wonder if the cats will grasp the concept that the fence will keep tje dogs out,  or if they will continue to run off to the woods…

Glad it’s Friday. Big time glad.

The Thursday Post

I post most of my posts from my phone these days. Using the voice to text thing. Usually I’m feeding cats when I post.
Still haven’t gotten back the price quote for my car repair. The transmission man isn’t returning the calls from mechanic.
I’m riding the scooter and the weather has been Ok..
Fence guys didn’t show up yesterday either. I emailed the owner of the company and told him I want the job done by Friday. He replied, and said that the green pipes I wanted just vleared customs and they should be able to get going today. Hope so.

This blog is the worlds most boring. O am sure.
Hava good day

Spare Me the BS.

I turned on the BBC this morning and they were playing the US presidents State of the Union address. That pissed me off because I don’t want to hear that shit.
So I turned on the Weather Service Radio, and listened to the forecast a few times,  switched back to the BBC and they were broadcasting the news.

Dawgs are outta control. They’ve lost their bathroom training.  I walk them half an hour and nothing. Then they poop on the back porch. Both of them now.

I guess I’m kind of grumpy this morning….

Monday Heroes Day Photo Post

It’s Heroes Day in the Cayman Islands, the largest national celebration of heritage and culture in the Cayman Islands.

National Heroes Day was first held in 2003 as part of the Cayman Islands’ year long quincentennial celebrations and was always intended to be the islands’ largest national celebration. The devastation wrought by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, thwarted subsequent plans to observe National Heroes Day in the proper manner until 2007.

Its return to the annual calendar amidst all the traditional fanfare was a resounding success, drawing crowds from all over the islands and evoking a spirit of community and pride which stirred the senses and moved the soul.

Read More HERE

Yesterday the wife and I went to the beach. Maybe we’ll go again today, Below are a few pictures from yesterday..

Camera 14MP-9PC Camera 14MP-9PCCamera 14MP-9PC

I’m So Glad

I’m so glad that it’s FRIDAY! This was my first full week this year. It was brutal. Now, we have a long weekend, because Monday is a Holiday! I figured that Feb 5th, the year is 10% finished, 365 days in  a year, 36.5 days is 10%, 31 days in January, plus 5 from February makes 10 %. If I could only work one full week every 10%, that’d be pretty good, wouldn’t it?


Nevermind, I’m talking foolishness, besides, I’m swamped at work,

Finally made it to the beach yesterday for a beach lunch hour. It was pretty cloudy but nice. Below is a picture I took of a ship going by. Click to enlarge.

Only the superstructure is visible over the horizon.

Only the superstructure is visible over the horizon.


Slow Start Thursday

It was hard to wake up this morning. I’m still dragging. Bring me the weekend

This morning whilst feeding the cats,  I saw two new cats in the yard. A grey and a yellow. They didn’t try to get food from our cats,  but they did almost start a fight with each other.  I threw a rock at them and missed (I couldn’t hit a fat woman in the ass with a paddle) but they ran away.

I should get a price quote for the car repair today. Wish me luck.

zvsI discovered a movie called “Zombies VS Strippers”. Sounds like a wonderful movie. The Wife doesn’t seem too interested in watching it.  Hmm. Wonder why.  IMDB gave it two stars.

That’s it for today. Have a goooooood Thursday



Last night I had weird weird dreams kind of involving zombies. There was a road next to the beach, next to the road was a cliff going up. We (me and I don’t know who)  we’re traveling down this road. We stopped a little park, on the beach, and somebody got sick. Their skin started falling off and for all intents and purposes, they were a zombie.
This sickness was infectious pretty soon everybody in our party was a zombie except for me. The zombies were trying to infect me and I was running. When we came out of the restricted area created by the sea and the cliff, the zombies started infecting the people of the towns and cities around the area. I found a small group of people who seem to be un-infected and was with them. There was always a doubt that these seemingly uninfected “friends” were really uninfected OR friends and there was no trust.

When I woke up in the middle of the night after the dream, I didn’t think I’d remember it this morning, but I do. However I am aware that there’s a lot of parts I don’t remember. For example, the significance or the restriction created by the sea and the cliff. I remember having other weird dreams last night too, but I  can’t remember the details now.

I wonder if this dream relates to my work. Part of my job is to schedule the maintenance on the equipment. I was checking last years maintenance records and found a maintenance item that was not done because I didn’t schedule it. Today I am going to tell my boss I fucked up.

Also, my car is in the shop. Looks like it might be dead. Transmission. (again) This is what killed my last vehicle. So today I’m riding the scooter, rain or no. Waiting on a price quote to fix the car.

At least I’m half way through my first full week of work since 2013. Happy Hump Day!!!

Running Late

Seems like I’m running slow this morning. It took over an hour to exercise, shave, shower and dress this morning.

Here’s some stormy weather pictures at Smiths Cove.

Jan 17, 2014 009 Jan 17, 2014 002 Jan 17, 2014 003 Jan 17, 2014 006

Brutal Freezation

Here we are on a Monday morning. What a weekend it was, incessant north wind, constant cloud cover, Crisp cool temperatures to say the least. Downright freezing is more like it. Long sleeves, jackets, long pants, socks and shoes, two blankets on the bed. Windows closed. Lows in the 70’s highs in the 70’s.

Brutal freezation.

Now it’s back to work on a Monday, oh joy.

This morning is clear, mostly. Extended forecast said clouds and rain till next weekend,  but hopefully that will change. I don’t think I’ve been snorkeling at lunch since last year.  Here we are and January is almost over.

Dim January sunrise.