Monday morning walk and talk

It’s a Monday morning. I’m walking the dogs down the street. I’m talking into my phone and the phone is automatically typing this. Its Monday morning 10 minutes until 6. the Sun is barely coming up. alright! This is another beginning of another week. The weekend was good, it was sunny all weekend but we didn’t do much just stayed at home.

Picture of the neighbors banana plants in the dim morning light .

It should be a busy week at work, hopefully the time will go by quickly and we can get to the weekend asap.

Also good news, Washington Redskins won, Dallas lost, Philadelphia lost, New York lost. Even though Washington sucks this year, everyone in the division lost and Washington won so they moved up in the division. Dirty but hoo ray.

That’ll do it work today. I hope you have a good week!

Here it is a Saturday

Well it’s Saturday morning I’m sitting on the back porch. The Wife is going to work today. So far it looks like a pretty nice day but the closer building and what’s been going on for a long time to be nice and clear at night and cloudy maybe rain during the day um I haven’t been diving or been out on the boat or anything.
I should tell you that I’m speaking this and my Nexus 7 is typing it for me, so it’s not exactly accurate, and there’s no punctuation.
Anyway, that would be my post for today I will go back with my keyboard make some corrections but this is the first time I did a,,,, I don’t know what you call it,,, an audio post

Detraining The Dawgs…

AKA the dawgs training us. Sheba is getting out of hand. She thinks she can wake us up whenever she wants, we’ll figure out what she wants, and give  it to her. Well, she doesn’t wake me up, she knows I’ll tell her to go lay down and maybe give her a whack. But she wakes The Wife up. Ass you recall she hurt herself on the  steps taking Sheba out at 1:30 AM. I took Sheba and ditto out around 10, so they both shoulda been fine.
So last night Sheba woke The Wife up (twice I think), and, since she has a bad ankle, The Wife woke me up because “Sheba needs to go out”. I said “Tell that dawg to go lay down, I took them both out last night”. The Wife: “maybe they need water”… OK , so I get up, and check, of course both of their water bowls are full.
I came back to bed, I said “Listen, if Sheba thinks it’s OK to wake you up, she’ll wake you up more and more often. She’s getting  de-trained about going outside to use the bathroom, and she’s training you to do what she wants, not vice versa. You need to tell her to shut the hell up and go lay  the hell down.”


I think Sheba heard and understood this because she hightailed it out of there and didn’t wake us up again. 

It’s Fri-Hii-Day!
The Weekends Here!
We’ll relax! (hallelujah! hallelujah)
And take off our slacks! (hallelujah! hallelujah!)
And sit around the house in our rotten under wearrrrr!

Picture Post

I feel a lot better than I did on my last post. Yesterday I went snorkeling at lunch and took these fish photos



imageThe same boxfish


My Mom was in seat 7g. I took  this pic from outside my office. See her waving? Me either, she said she didn’t see me.

imageBlasting down the runway.

imageBye Mom!

imagebye! hurry back

When I got home from work yesterday, I mowed the yard. It needed it. It was almost dark when I got done.

Now, suddenly, the daunting long week is almost done.

The Dark Side

I took my Mom to the airport yesterday, she made it home safely. That’s why I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. Yesterday was the first day back to work, oh joy.

My watch battery died yesterday, I’m lost. Now all three of my watches are out of commission.

I’ve been to work one day and I have three days to go. But at least it’s hump day!

Sometimes I find my bad attitude frightening. I can’t find a pair of pants in the morning and I get angry. The dogs want to go for a walk and it’s a huge conspiracy. Is it possible for someone to have a job they enjoy, with competent people who aren’t trying to stab them in the back? I feel like a crazy person sometimes.

This post isn’t  coming out like I planned. I planned on posting some pictures and a happy post. I notice the word “yesterday” several times above. Today should be a pretty good day. The weather is nice and I should be outdoors a lot.

The wifes ankle seems to be getting better. The swelling has gone down quite a bit and I can tell it hurts less.

I’m starting to get up earlier to study my course, this morning I didn’t study because of unforseen delays, but soon I will start. Once I start I won’t quit til it’s finished.

Have a good day, I feel better now after talking to you. Thanks

Another Stinkin MONDAY

Today is the  last day of vacation. Tomorrow Mom heads home and I go back to work.

Last night The wife fell on then stairs and twisted her ankle. This  morning  we’re going to the emergency room.

Yesterday we had a nice  Brunch


That’s it for today.

Tanning Chickens and a Visitor from Grade School

sep-19-2013-0007 sep-19-2013-0008


Yesterday a friend from elementary school, Debbie Burton, came to visit.  We calculated that we hadn’t seen each other for 37 years and we met 45 years ago. We did the island tour, lunch, then went to Smiths Cove, where there were chickens. At one point, several of them laid down on the beach to get some tanning time in.

It was great seeing her, and  it will definitely be less than 37 years till we meet again.

Also, as you know, my Mom is here. Heres a pic of her after helping me weed the yard a little


My Mom got in last night. I thought she was coming on Tuesday, which is why I started vacation when I  did. Also I didn’t realize she was coming in the evening, so I could have worked two more days and saved the vacation time. Not that I didn’t enjoy being off from work.

Today I have a grade school friend visiting on a cruise ship. We met in third grade, 45 years ago. Pics to follow.

Have a good day!

Zombie Man Posts Blog Post!


Last Night, went to bed at 9:30, woke up about 2ish. Couldn’t get back to sleep. Finally, sometime after 5 I did fall back asleep because I just woke up a brain damaged


ZOMBIE MAN! I was dreaming I was slicing a giant wart off my foot when I woke up.

facebook_-1075253070Don’t worry though, nothing coffee can’t cure!