Sleep is getting in my way


As long as I can remember, I can’t sleep. But these last few days I’ve been sleeping really good. So good I don’t want to get up, my eyes feel wonderfully stuck-shut and I just want to stay in bed. It is unheard of.

It is also interfering with my schedule. Usually, I post blog posts in the mornings before the Wife wakes up. Lately she’s been getting up before me.

I’m not complaining, bu I have to make adjustments in my schedule….

Probably jinx myself by this post, and start being a world famous insomniac again.

Quite The Storm

Although Isaac is gone from here, last night we had heavy wind and rain all night. Ditto the dawg was freaking out all night and I had to tie him to the closet door. It seems to comfort him. Plus he’s not keeping us awake all night. I woke up every hour, thinking how good I was sleeping. This morning all the wind is gone, and it is hot, still and cloudy. I turned the AC on, first time in a couple months.

I have a Kindle Fire, and I’m in the process of “rooting” it. That’s where you remove the restrictions that Amazon has. I think I got it done but am missing something. There’s two OS’s on it now, the Kindle OS and another, something like the Android version of DOS or Linux that I haven’t figured out yet. I think I need to add a third OS, like Android 4… I get to select when it boots up.

Sorry I haven’t been commenting on blogs lately. I’ve been studying for a job interview, and have had a little work as well.

Until next time.

American Football


American Football Preseason started a couple weeks ago. I think next week is the last week of the preseason and then regular season starts, taking us all the way to 2013!

I was thinking back to when I was a kid, I didn’t even know how to play football. I signed up for High School football, because I figured I would learn the rules. But everyone at High School football already knew the rules, and the coaches never explained the obvious. I spent the season trying to hide the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing. What a fucked up little kid I was. I have to assume I still am, but I know almost all the rules of football now..

What Happened to Thursday?

If yesterday was Wednesday, (as you can obviously tell it was, from the title of my post yesterday), and today is Friday, what happened to Thursday? It is a mystery I am sure science will never unravel.

We try to take good care of our dogs, we really do, but as you can tell by these pics, we obviously aren’t doing a very good job. Look at Poor Poor Sheba! Just look at her. So sad, so abused. Poor poor Sheba.

The other three pics are of a tree in our back yard that we planted when we moved in here. To me this is cool because the flowers look like spaceships. This is the first year it has had flowers. The tree is named Pointsy Anna.

Have a nice weekend, I hope none of your weekend days disappear like Thursday did this week!




Good News Wednesday

I was using my computer yesterday to repair another computer. I saw an interesting thing. All the files on the hard drive had their attributes changed to ‘hidden’. It made for an interesting boot-up experience and all the files appeared to be gone, but the drives still full. I think the customer will be very happy his machine is fixed.
I am on the short list for the job I applied for at the Airports Authority, same time as business picks up. Like always. This time, I’m taking the job and making my business secondary, or shut it down completely. Having my own business has been like pushing a car with flat tires. If you push as hard as you can, you can make things move. But the second you stop pushing, everything stops. No coasting, no resting. And it requires continual effort and it is exhausting.
But my business has kept me alive and paid the bills for two years. A lot of people say that it take three for a business to take off.
I don’t care. If I get the job, my business can be backup for a steady paycheck.

The List

I can’t think of titles or topics. On my tablet, I have a list, “Blog Topics”. The idea is that when I think of an idea for a post, I can write it down on the list so I can post about it later.

I’ve never put anything on the list. Not once. Yet.

Yesterday, I remember having two good ideas for posts. The little voice said: “You better write it down!” The other voice: “Nah, I’ll NEVER forget a good idea like this!”

Today I can’t remember either of my two good unforgettable topics. I need to write them down when I think of them.

PS: Don’t spread it around that I have little voices in my head.

Monday Easypost

When I go diving on the weekend, it makes for an easy post on Monday, ’cause all I do is post some photos. Like these from yesterday at East End.

I am heading out relatively early this morning, for some work. It is cloudy and raining a little right now, and I am thankful for this rain. I planted a bunch of plants next to the new driveway yesterday and I hope they take off!

Have a good week!

Interesting Morning

Woke up this morning, which is always good. And it’s Friday, which is also good. Went to walk the dogs and feed the cats.

How come it gets light a long time before the sun comes up, but when the sun goes down, it seems to get dark almost immediately?

So, I walked the dogs, uneventful, unless you count that they both laid down some really nice big stinkies. I didn’t take pictures.

Then I fed the cats. One missing. Lee. Where’s Lee? She never misses a meal. Oh well.

cat and rat

Dishing out the cat food, and I see Lee coming out of the woods with a rat. A big one. She has him in her mouth and he’s dragging on the ground. She lays the rat down and sits in the yard, contemplating what to do. “Do I leave my catch and go eat cat food, or stay with my prize?” She comes to eat. I go check out the rat. It’s huge, as big as my foot, nose to tail. Laying in the grass. Still breathing, undamaged looking.

I hear the puck puck puck of chicken beak hitting cat bowl. Puck puck puck rhymes with fuck fuck fuck and cluck cluck cluck. What the Effin’ Hell. If I don’t sit and guard these cats while they eat, the chickens come and steal their food. What kind of cat would let a chicken steal his or her food? All of them apparently.


I leave the rat and approach the cat bowls, to scare the (2) chickens away so the cats can eat. One chicken runs off as I get near. The other SteeeU-Pid clucker stays there and continues to puck puck puck at the cat food.

I swatted that chicken on the back same as smacking a bad dog on the ass. She took off in a cloud of feathers and a cacophony of squalking.

Dammit. THAT woke The Wife up. But it was fun. I’ve heard of choking chickens and spanking monkeys…. does this count?

Now back to the rat. Lee the cat, done eating, shows no interest in the rat anymore. What am I going to do? Squish it with a brick? Stab it with a stick? Just leave it there? Nurse it back to health? The answer to all those questions is no.

I got one of my work gloves, Mikey Jackson would have been proud. I go to the unconscious panting rat and pick it up by the tail. Oh yeah, playin’ possum for sure. The rat started squirming around and I was glad rats can’t do sit-ups with their tails.

I walk and walk. Through the vacant lot next door, past the new house construction site. Across the street. The rat quit squirming and seems quite interested in this trip. Beady eyes looking around, whiskers twitching. Cute giant rat. Across the next street and drop the rat by the side of the road. Now he’s playing possum again, c’mon dude.

And then I came back home.

And that was all before my first cuppa coffee.

Have a good puck puck pucking weekend!

Repeat Dream (sort of)

Last night I dreamed I had a death sentence and it was the day I was going to be executed. I was walking around with my wife, giving away keys from my keychain, and showing people the funny pants I was carrying to wear when it was time. The legs were about 8 feet long, and had no holes for your feet to come out. The pants legs came to points.
Also since it was my last day on earth, if I wanted something, someone would cut to the front of the line and get it for me. Like a cup of raw corn.
This was at least the third time I dreamed I had a death sentence and was to be executed.
Weird thing, walking downstairs to walk the dogs, there was a gecko on the wall going down with me. My policy is kill geckos. I swept him from the wall to the floor to stomp, but couldn’t do it. He ran back up the wall to the same relative position as before. Normally they’re very elusive and run as soon as they see me. I told him I didn’t feel like killing anything today.
So now I’m on my first cup of coffee, and my brain is weird.