Stop Blowing

I have a friend coming on a cruise ship tomorrow. The Carnival Magic. The weather here is very windy and there is a rumor that all the cruise ships have canceled this whole week because of rough seas. I sure hope not. I need the wind to stop blowing TODAY!!
The friend visiting is a friend from grade school and high school who I haven’t seen in about 35 years. Thank you Facebook for helping me find so many old friends.

Drive Don’t Ride

I am taking the car today instead of the scooter. It is raining. Tonight we are having company over for dinner. We really need our back porch for company. If it is raining, we will be a little fukt but not too bad.

Last night I had a weird dream. This guy killed another guy, and wrote a contract for me and several others to sign, saying we wouldn’t tell anybody. Nobody minded signing it because the killer was such a nice guy. We were at his house, and his garage was like a living room except you could tell the carpet was sitting on the dirt floor. And the contract was written on the inside of a cereal box. All the panels of the box were torn apart and the writing was on the inside.
I think it was in California.There’s not much for me to post about today, like I said yesterday, this is a long week. I am tired this morning, and would rather stay home on this rainy cold cold winters day.


These are pics I took last night of the moon. You ever notice when there is a tiny crescent moon, and you look and you can see the whole moon, outlined? That is because if you were on the moon, looking at Earth, it would be almost a full earth, and the light you see the whole moon by is the light that is reflected off the full Earth. Hence the name, Earthshine

The whole potato, from our back porch, the moon and a planet, Venus I think but I’m not sure without looking it up
The bright part of the moon is in the sunshine, the dimmer part is visible because of Earthshine
If I had a tripod, this could have been a decent shot, see the craters? I took all these pics holding the camera in my hand as still as I could.

Yesterday The Wife completed a freediving course. I went at about noon to get in on the final half day, the good parts, but they were getting out of the water as I arrived, finishing early. I was very disappointed I missed it. Then we came home and took naps. Then the weekend was over..
Today is Monday, but it seems like Tuesday. That means it’s going to be a loooooonng week. Puh.

A person is smart, people are dumb

I read about the USA’s Black Friday, and the worldwide embarrassment caused by it. Spraying pepper spray at a line of people top get a video game. Fist fighting females for $1.88 towels. You may not be embarrassed, USA, but the world sure is laughing at you, and you behave like an idiot.In the movie, Men In Black, Tommy Lee Jones said “A person is smart, but people are dumb”. I believe this is true. People are idiots.

I remember the first Pay Per View event, a Mike Tyson fight. I was telling everyone I know, “If nobody signs up, Pay Per View will not exist, and TV will remain free”. Everyone agreed, but nobody could miss one Mike Tyson fight. I have never seen any pay per view program.

Here in Cayman, after Hurricane Ivan, when the theater finally opened, they were charging almost $20 US for a movie. Everyone was outraged. I said, “If nobody goes, not one single person, they will lower the price.” Everyone was pissed, but nobody could miss that new movie. I never went, and that theater went out of business, but the new theater charges about the same, because they know they can get away with it.

Cable TV, there are no moving parts, and once they’re hooked up, there is virtually no cost to the vendor, yet it is a hundred dollars a month. Money out the window and into someone elses pocket. I haven’t had cable TV in 20 years, and I remember when I got it turned off, the fear about how much I’d miss it. You know what? I never missed it for a second.

You know that feeling you get at Christmas? The one where you feel “What if the present I got them is not as nice as the present they got me?” “What if this person gets me a gift, and I don’t get them a gift?” “What if my wife gives me 6 presents, and I only give her 5?” – “I can’t afford it, but I’d better get it anyway.”
Those feelings are what fucks everything up this time of year. Those feelings are what makes us idiots. I’m Jewish, I don’t even celebrate Christmas, but I’m sucked up into it like everyone else around here.

I don’t know the difference between left wing and right wing, conservative and liberal, republican or democrat. I don’t know what a Tea Partier is or WTF is Occupy Wall Street. I’ve seen the pictures of poor ‘ol son’s a bitches holding signs with a sob story and ending in “I am the 99%”

I don’t give a rats ass, 99% of us are idiots, the 1% left over is the ones collecting the money we throw away. I’m tired of hearing people whine about the 1% collecting the money. I’d do more if I could, but I can’t by myself.

I know better, I can see it. But you make me stupid: What if you get me a nicer gift than I get you? I don’t have any money, but I better get out there with the other idiots and get you something, or I might feel bad.

A person is smart, we make each other stupid. We have the power to control, but we don’t use it.

Dear Sirs or Madams,

I purchased one of your “Super Floatie” Floating Key Rings the other day. I sure did like it! The bright red color sure did make it easy to spot in your pocket or purse. Plus I liked the security of knowing my keys will float if I drop them in the water.
It was very convenient and easy the way the clip clipped on my keychain, and it seemed to be very stoutly constructed and a well engineered design.
I do have one question about the technical aspect of operating this keyring though, it didn’t seem to be covered in the technical manual.
You see, I thought it would behoove me (for years, I thought it was ‘be who of me,’ until I recently saw the word printed) to test my new Super Floatie” Floating Key Ring. Soooas a test, I dropped it in 42857 fathoms of water. My question for your technical support department is, “How long does it take my “Super Floatie” Floating Key Ring to resurface”?

Sincerely Yours,Mr. I. M. Steuupid

Paranoid Mode

Where I work, the employee discount is 10%. I get 25 from the competition. I discussed this with my boss and he said that an ex employee was taking advantage of it so he changed it, but “Come to me, I’ll give a better discount, no problem”. So I bought a wetsuit. he rang it up with the 10% discount. He gave me a 10% discount when I didn’t even work there! I was pissed off, but I didn’t say anything, partly because I’ve learned it isn’t a good idea to say anything when I’m pissed off, but I woke up this morning, and I’m still pissed.

I walked the dogs, freeking Sheba can’t find a place to pee, obviously she’s trying to keep me from drinking my coffee.

I found a dirty dish in the strainer. I start thinking that I have uncovered a huge conspiracy by the wife. She purposely left that spec of dirt there when she did the dishes, so that I’ll get pissed, ban her from doing dishes, and then I’d do the dishes all the time.

This is the mode my brain is working in this morning. Paranoid Mode. I hate myself when I’m like this, and I hate feeling like this. I need a

Twooos Day

The Wife is in Cayman Brac, she went yesterday and is coming back today. Last night there was an additional cat at the later than usual daily cat feeding. Above is a pic. Same age group as all the others.
Although I slept pretty good, I’m still tired. I was ‘aware’ all night, even though I was asleep. I could hear the wind, and it seemed cold. I was watching the clock, and thinking about crap, but I was asleep.
Yesterday evening I bought a big hunka beef for the slow cooker. I’m gonna go do that right now, then go to work.

A New Monday

THE Wife and I went to the beach yesterday, it was a pretty nice day. Took some pics
Same Sailboat
Speckly Fish, I’ve been trying to get a good pic of one of these for as long as I’ve lived here and have not.
Needle Fish School. You must click it to see it, really.
A Sponge
A pic of me by me
Now it’s Monday, ready to head back to work. Horrible football weekend. My Redskins have lost 6 in a row for the first time since sometime last century.