Good Bye Skype, This Time Forever.

I’ve been a Skype user since almost the beginning of Skype’s existence. I don’t remember who told me about Skype, but I introduced it to a lot of my friends who are on Skype today.

I remember in the beginning, after almost every call, you’d get a popup: “How was that call? What can we do to improve?” Annoying, almost to the point of harassment. But after a couple years, I’d get a clear phone call even on the crappiest, slowest, internet connection. Skype was the best.

Then they sold to Microsoft.

A long time ago, more than a year, Skype came out with an “update” that eliminated the ability to shut down the program. Well, first they made it difficult to find the shutdown button, then they took it away entirely.

I kept an old version of Skype, that had the “off” button.

Last week, for a few days, I tried to call my Mom, but Skype wouldn’t log in. This wasn’t unusual, as quality had been deteriorating since Microsoft bought it.

Then yesterday I got an email, saying old versions of Skype wouldn’t work anymore, and everybody must upgrade. I upgraded, and then Skype would run in the background all the time. One of my two app killers wouldn’t shut down Skype, and I deleted that app killer. The other would, so I had found a workaround, but after stewing about it for a while, I deleted Skype, this time forever.

If I am not connected to WiFi, and turn on my data plan, and get a call  on Skype, that would really crank up the megabytes.  I’ve heard stories about people who get phone bills for thousands of dollars because of excessive data usage. If I can’t control apps that may cost me money, I don’t want them, and won’t have them.

And as far as Microsoft’s motivation for not wanting me to be able  to shut off their program, I can’t think of any reasons, except diabolical ones.

Therefore it’s Good bye Skype! Forever.

So what phone  app are we going to use now?

(American) Football Again


Last night I watched my Redskins barely beat the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland could have tied it, and gone into overtime, or won it, they went for the win and didn’t make it, so they lost.

Kirk Cousins (backup quarterback) always plays better than Robert Griffin III, (starting quarterback)

This morning I was sitting in the woods and Miss Hawaii came walking by, wearing short short shorts. I told her I used to live in Hawaii. She was fascinated, and was sitting down to talk to me. Then the alarm went off.


What was I thinking?


I calculated that I needed 6 bags of dirt. (potting soil), three for these two  giant pots, and one for something and one for something and another for something else.
I filled the two giant pots and now have three bags of dirt I can’t remember what for.

When I went to the store and asked for six bags or dirt, I got a blank stare. It was funny. Then I said “potting soil” and the lady said “Ohhhhh” and we both started laughing.

Oh Monday, go easy on me this week! Have a good week!

OMG! Such a long, Brutal Week!

I’m glad it’s Friday, it’s been a long, hard week.
I developed a bad habit on vacation. My alarm clock is programmed on my phone, Monday through Friday. When it went off while I was on vacation, I’d just turn it off and go back to sleep. This morning I just turned it off and went back to sleep. Thanks to my dawg Ditto for waking me up.


Disaster averted.

Friday. Thank God. Have a good weekend!


Monday-ish Thursday

Today it’s back to work for me. Feels like Monday.

I guess it was an OK vacation. The weather was crappy half the time. I didn’t waste too much time  when it was nice out.

Last night we went and saw Costa Rica girls football. They got hammered by Canada. It was devastating. Canada scored first, Costa Rica answered by scoring immediately, but then it was all over.

Yesterday I took “Da Bus” into town to help the Wife  pick up her car that was in the shop. Here’s a pic of me on “Da Bus”.


You can tell I’m thrilled. Just like I’m thrilled to be going back to work today.

Have a good last two days of the week!