Fellow Blogger Visit

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a fellow blogger visitingnow. Carnealian is visiting from the USA This week. We’ve been hanging out quite a bit, going to the beach and stuff. She and her crew are coming to our New Years Eve party tonight. When I say party, I mean small get-together.

Here’s a few pics from this week!

As I’ve said before, Blogger is good because you meet new people. Facebook is good for finding old friends. The Wife and I LOVE having visitors! (Hint Hint!)

HAPPY 2010 Everybody!

New Years Eve Eve

Tomorrow is New Years Eve. Looks like a little party will be here. Last year it was really good here, as you could see fireworks in almost 360 degrees from the sundeck.
I figure we’ll get a party platter from the grocery store instead of doing a lot of cooking and its BYOB. You’re invited.
Also attending will be Carnealian, who is visiting from the great frozen north! She has been here since Christmas and we’ve been hanging out! It’s a good thing about blogger, you meet new people.

A short video

Yesterday I went diving. I forgot to charge my camera battery, so I didn’t take it underwater, but I made this short video before my battery died on the way to the wreck.


Ya Never Can Tell

Sometimes I post a post that I think is great and get very few (Or no) comments. Sometimes the crappy posts get a lot of comments. (Although I never really remember getting a LOT of comments.)
Take ferinstance my post about A Christmas Story. I thought that was a great post. The post was funny, clever, TRUE (it would make Christmas Story a better movie) the post was imaginative, and generally all around brilliant! And I expected billions upon zillions of comments. I expected Hollywood to call me about making the change in the movie. But no, One comment from a guy who said it probably wouldn’t work. And my rebuttal. Sheesh. Anyway, I rekkon that’s the way it goes.

Yesterday I fried my borrowed lawnmower. A big piece of the undercarriage came off and got all wrapped up in the blade. It’s a goner this time. Toast.

Also I went diving yesterday and saw my very first Hammerhead Shark underwater. It was cool!



I’m going diving this morning, was going yesterday, but had problems with my rebreather. I had a bad pressure gauge, so I couldn’t even turn the gas on. Then I replaced the gauge and turned it on, I had a bad cell 3, so I replaced that and now my rebreather is working 100%.
I haven’t been diving since September. WTF?

A Christmas Story

Last night we watched the movie “A Christmas Story” It wasn’t bad, but it did occur to me that it could have been a much better movie, if they had added a couple characters and a scene or two. They should have added a character, the kids aunt. Have her come over to visit. She could be using her married name, Sarah Connor. Bring her in the movie early, have her constantly bitching and moaning about her divorce, make the audience (and her family) hate her. Make her a real bitchy, pain in the ass. Then, out out of the blue, have Arnold Schwarzenegger come knock on the door. Boom Booom Boom! Sarah answers the door, “Sawah Connah?” asks Arnold, the Terminator Robot. “Why yes!” answers Sarah. BLAM BLAM BLAM! Arnold pumps about a hundred rounds into her, she flies across the room, blood and guts everywhere! Arnold walks back to his Harley, flips his shotgun into its holster, and rides off. Just like when he offs the first Sarah Connor in the first Terminator movie.
Then the movie could continue on as it does, without loosing anything! That scene would integrate seamlessly, and it would make ‘A Christmas Story’ a much better movie.

Then they could bury the aunt in the backyard, next to that cool frikkin’ lamp.

Crappy Weather

Here the weather has been cold and rainy for too long.
This morning there were some stars out, so I’ll take that as a good sign, but also it is thundering and lightninging so I dunno.
I need some sun to thaw myself out!

Big 10 Inch

Last night was the longest night of the year, from here the days get longer.
I was saving a cigar for the longest night, I started smoking it when it was still light, and it took about two hours to smoke.
A fancy limited edition from Cuba!
It was good!