Mom n Sister Head Home

Today my mom and sister head back to their respective homes. We had a nice visit, my cousins were here yesterday on a cruise ship, and we spent half a day together.

February is almost over already. January seemed long, but February sped by, putting 2018 back on the fast track. I find the time that goes by with ever increasing speed to be scary. When I turned 40, I figured that my life was about half over. I tell ya, this second half seems to be going a lot faster than that first half did.

I have weirdness on my tablet. I have some video files. When I copy them to an external drive, they seem to copy fine, but when I look on the external drive, they aren’t there. It’s weird!

Have a great day!

Cruise Ship Cousins

Today my cousin and his wife arrive on a cruise ship. My mom and sister are going to meet them at my wife’s workplace. Then we’ll probably just eat lunch and hang out somewhere.

Tomorrow my mom and sister head home, Thursday it’s back to work for me.

Maybe go to Smiths Cove…

Waited Too Long.

I have a new blooth* keyboard with a backlight that I wanted to use in th dark, but I waited too long and now it’s light.

The kyboard is really nice, except that when you turn the caps lock on, the caps lock light on the keyboard doesn’t some on. Their customer service says on some models, the caps light isn’t supposed to work. I said “whaaaat?, I think I msunderstood you. Why would there be a caps lock light that isn’t supposed to work?”

Green backlight. It has 7 colors.

Today, the wife is going to work, I’m going to the beach with my mom & sister..

Have a great week!

*I just noticed autocorrect changed “bluetooth” to “blooth” I decided to leave like that.

Cute Animal Picture Post

I was thinking the other day that it’s about time for a cute animal post. Haven’t done that in a while!

Sheba the attentive

L to R: Goldie Little One, LeeLee and BTK (pronounced BeeTeeKee)

A snail on the wall at work.

A gecko peeking out of a pipe.

Betsy, a real cutie!

Shebas nose.

Snake cutting across the pool area at the Holiday Inn.

Our friends daughter, Miranda, in Miami. She loves horses.

My work buddy, BoBo.

A baby iguana who showed up at work one day…

First bird seen in he new bird bath.

Godie on top of my van.

Goldie woke up.

My Mom and sister are still here, tomorrow is my Moms birthday. Today we’re taking her to brunch.

This is a rare Sunday post. Have a great day!

Stronger Coffee

This morning I made a point to make my coffee stronger than usual. And it’s quite good. I wanted a little extra kick this morning.

Today’s the Wifes birthday! I got her a Ukelele but gave it to her a few days ago. She’s working today and I’m not. I’m on VACATION!

I got up at the normal time, normal run and swim, normal blog post and coffee.

That’s about it, picking up my Mom and sister at 2 PMish, not sure what I’ll do with the morning.

But have a great weekend!

Morning Plumber

This morning I played morning plunber with our shower door. Last night bottom of the door came loose, and this morning I added some washers and LocTite thread locker.

Today is my last workday before my mom and sister arrive. They’re bringing a new fitness tracker, which I ordered and had sent to my moms house. My sister is bringing individually wrapped glasses cleaning wipes. They are addicting like heroin, once you use them to clean your glasses, you’re hooked for life. Glasses and screens.

Time ta go. Have a pleasant day!

Out Of The Blue, Rain!

The weather report has been just how I like it the past week or so. Boring! The extended foreecast has been showing clear skies indefinitely. Then this morning: rain. No morning running/swimming rain. No scooter riding rain.

I was quite surprised, but we do need it. Got some bananas coming in, and more coconuts. The Wife has kale and tomatos and other stuff that needs the rain.

It’s just that the running/swimming/beach side of me is gravely disappointed. And my weekend FAILURE (procrastination) to mow the yard will be greatly amplified as well. (Notice how I say mow the ‘yard’ and never ‘lawn’? That’s indicative of the quality of the grass we have.

Hope it clears up by lunchtime!

Have a great day!

Looking For Boobies

This Morning when the alarm went off, I was dreaming I was looking for boobs. The wife complained about the neighbors suntanning topless and I was simply attempting to validate her claim.

‘Course, I didn’t see any. Also, it was neighbors that you can’t even see their yard from ours, but I believe they were there. Sorry I didn’t see them. If the alarm had gone off 30 seconds later….

In other news, three days till my Mom and sister arrive and I take off work. My wife has several things to do, which is good, because I usually am light in that department.

I got my wife a ukelele for her birthday, that’s what she wanted, she picked one out, told me the store, and I went and got it. So, I gave it to her early. Now, I’m thinking I need to get her something else, to give her on her actual birthday… What do you think?

And now I have to get ready to go to work.

Havva great day!

All My Faults

It was an OK weekend. Cleared some bush that was leaning over the fence from the vacant lot next door. Raked my shin over a piece of metal sticking up out of the ground. Not too bad though, about a 6 inch rip in the skin. Hurts.

Should have mowed the yard, but didn’t. It doesn’t look too bad yet.

It’s Monday, and I again failed to take the garbage to the curb for the garbage collector. They’ve been coming at about 3:30 AM for the past several months.

It seems this blog hs turned into a diary and I’m not happy with that.

I guess that’s about all that’s wrong with me. Besides the fact that it’s Monday and I don’t wanna go to work.