monday blahzzzzzzzz

It’s Monday, I’m feeling cheated because I worked Saturday and I really really feel like NOT going to work today.
I asked for the day off tomorrow, because the IO Girl is coming tonight and I got it, then something came up and I have to work for about 4 hours. the OI Girl will be here tonight!!!
The dawg walk this morning was great, the sky is crystal clear and zero clouds. Venus is low, coming up, Jupiter is high. I saw Scorpius, Centaur, Southern cross, Corvus, Leo, Big Dipper, Little Dipper and two satellites.
Yesterday I spent the day at the beach. I took pics. the first one is a palm tree hiding the sun. I guess it’s not that great, but I think it’s cool. (I like the airplane there, see it way up high?) The second is a path. I was at the beach and the path leads away from the beach, I’m not sure where it goes. Yet. The third is just a palm tree, I wish that little corner of the house wasn’t there. but it can be cropped.
I really really really wish I didn’t have to go to work today.

click to enlarge

Another record-breaker

I woke up this morning, I cleaned my outside cabinet. It looks a lot better in there. My dog caught a salamander, I made him let him go. My dog got to keep its (the newts) tail. I have a lot of scuba weights that I’m going to give to the dive shop. If the conditions look good, I might dive.
Right now I’m typing one-handed, I’m eating strawberries, papaya, mango and honey-dew melon.
This is another record-breaking-level-of-boredom post.

Wasting my life

I woke up this morning a 4:30, half hour before the alarm, I was wide awake. I said to myself “excellent!” and got up and made the coffee. I laid back down and fell into this beautful deep sleep. I woke up at 7:15. I’m wasting my life, sleeping it away.

I startedanother blog,one of those 365 thingamawaps. I doubt I know 365 people, but I’ll give it a shot.

We’re having a brutal winter. It’s cloudy and windy and cold. I’m going to work in about 90 minutes, thinking about wearing long pants. Have you ever heard about the african butterfly starting a chain reaction that causes hurricanes half way around the world? (me either) If I wear long pants to work, it could cause a similar situaton.

Normally I drink Coke. Last night I bought caffeine free diet Coke. Why? I am asking myself why? I also bought 12 cans of Red Bull energy drink. I guess I can mix them and they’ll counteract each other. Somebody help me.

Weird working weekend

It’s Friday, My weekend kind of starts today, but doesn’t really start at all. I work a big split shift today. I’m pointing a dish at a satellite (for the newspaper) at 10. Then I have a broadcast tonight at 7. Tomorrow morning we’re broadcasting from the Governors house. I’m bringing the van home tonight and going straight to the Govorners house in the morning. It looks like I’ll have Sunday off.

Have you seen This?I saw got it fromJona’s page. I’m thinking about starting one. All day yesterday I was thinking about people, counting words on my fingers. I think it’s a cool idea. However old you are, you write that many words about a different person every day for a year. So I would write 45 words every day about someone. And you title the post as a fraction of 365, for each day of the year.

This morning I feel kind of groggy and brain dead so I’m going to go sit outside and drink my coffee.

Early in = early out, (I hope)

I’m at work already, I awoke to the sound of silence, the computer had quit so we were broadcasting silence. So I came in and re-started the computer and now I’m cleaning my shop. It needs it, my workbench is covered in stuff.

After work last night I swam even though it was late. I started to swim the half mile but the sun started going down and I turned around. I was about half way when I turned around, and normally I swim the half and walk back, so I rekkon I swam a little less than the half, but almost. I feel it a little this morning.

Here’s a picture I took yesterday, sitting in my car. I like this pic because it seems very “busy”. The cruise ship isn’t on the pier, it is anchored out pretty far. The people are getting on a boat to take them to the ship.

Puke a boot

It was a good day yesterday. I only had $3 and I went to the grocery store salad bar (I do every day, they have fruit and stuff in the mornings) and the total was $2.99. That’s not skill, just luck.
Work wan’t bad, I ducked out and went to the bank while I had to go to the Ritz to scope it out for todays broadcast. Also, I had to get the work van inspected, and while I was there, I finally got my new drivers license!!
After work, I stopped by the beach and swam the half mile. Oboyoboy I am outta shape. so I vowed to swim every day from now on, except today, I can’t today because I have to work till late.

Then when I got home, the neighbors had the new puppy out on the porch and I took a pic. I am contemplating posting the pic because I just hate it when people post cute pictures of their puppies or kittens on the their blogs. It makes me nauseous, it makes me want to puke a boot. I mean, don’t these sick, deranged people have anything better to post about?

I’m just doing it for the sake of comments. I like a lot of comments, by the way, they make my day, but no pressure or anything. (where have I heard THAT before?)
May I remind you that it’s not my dog, and his name is Gargantor, Pepe Gargantor. Like Bond, James Bond.

No post today

I’m just posting to say I’m not posting anything today. I posted twice yesterday and I can’t think of anything to say today.
Today is Tuesday and I’m going to work. I feel in a pretty good mood. Glad it’s Tuesday and not Monday.
I had a pretty broke weekend. I didn’t go to the bank Friday and I’m out of cheques. So I kinda feel good that I didn’t spend (waste) money this weekend. I just hope I can get breakfast with the $3 that I have or I’ll be embarassed at the checkout line.
This morning I woke up at about 4 and could hear hard driving rain. I went to the door and looked and it was really coming down. I walked the dog just now and it was nice and warm and starry. I was going to sit outside and drink my coffee but my chair was wet so I decided to come in here and not post anything.
Tomorrow is a broadcast of a business luncheon from the Ritz. Then the talk show. So my day tomorrow is full I guess. Oh dang! Now I’m not going to have anything to post about tomorrow either.
Here’s another pic from yesterday, It’s a trumpetfish.


click pic for huge heartmelting view

This morning I heard a puppy whining outside the back window. I went outside and all the neighbor girls had him and were spoiling him big time. Thay gave him a bath and went out and bought food. He’s teeny, looks lke about 6 weeks, not that I’m an expert or anything.
He looks like a perfectly healthy puppy. He had fleas, but that’s about it. The thought crossed my mind that my dog could use some company. The girls really love him and I think one of them will keep him, but we shall seeeeeee!

Good news for you north of here

Spring has started. I can tell, the ants are trying to take over the kitchen. And the caterpillars are back on my plant outside that I have because it is caterpillar food. I got the plant out in the woods, when I got it, I was thinking butterflies, not caterpillars. The caterpillars eat all the leaves, leave a cocoon and then I never see the butterfly. The plant hasn’t recovered from them last year. It’s a real delimma. Pick the caterpillars off, or loose my plant, which I got for caterpillars.
Such problems, I don’t know how I ever get any sleep with such problems.
The ants, I’m not too worried about.
Biologically speaking, (but not yet astronomically) spring has begun, I seen it! it is spreading northward towards most of you even as you read this!
I’ll be at the beach today.