This is my last workday till the Wedding Vacation!

Lots of people arrive today.

We rented a big van for hauling everyone around!

tinkle from above

It was a quiet uneventful weekend. I took lenghty naps Saturday and Sunday. It was a little cloudier than usual and it actually rained a little.

Next weekend is the big one. The family starts arriving on Wednesday.

Riding into work this morning on my scooter, I thought it was raining, but there was something weird about the quality of the droplets. I realized that the car in front of me was using it’s windshield washer and it was flying over the roof of the car, onto me, like tinkle from above

The Secret of Life

I’m always going to have a full set of problems. I have a full set of unresolved problems now, I had a full set six months ago. But the thing is, I can’t remember what my problems were six months ago. And in six months I probably won’t remember what my problems are today. They’re unimportant. I make them important in my mind.

On a good day, maybe I’ll get three new problems but get rid of five. On a bad day, maybe I’ll get five new ones and only get rid of three.

The secret of life is to be happy even with unresolved problems.

This morning I was sitting on my beautiful back porch, in the beautiful perfect weather, eating my cereal, thinking how my life sucks. Work sucks, my boss is unreasonable, I think nobody likes me. I’m a bad pet owner because the dogs are misbehaving. Once I start negative thinking, it tends to snowball. I sometimes only look at the problems, not the goood stuff.

There is a lot more good stuff in my life than bad. A whole lot more. I have a fantastic girl, who is my best friend, I have a great job in a great place. I go to the beach and snorkeling during lunch and after work. I ride my scooter and can smell the young tourist girls perfume as I ride by. My life is a privilege. There is an infinite number of good things, and very few bad. But only seeing the bad can ruin my day.

People are good or bad because of the things they do, not because of how they feel. All I have to do is work hard, be nice, do the best I can, and keep a clean conscience. It doesn’t matter how I feel, it matters what I do.

Most of the time I am happy, but today I kind of have the blues.

And look at the good stuff, while I’m trying to eliminate the bad, which is the same thing as trying to resolve my problems.

Disappearing Cruise Ship.

I stopped by me secret spot this morning, the sea was like glass. There were two ships in port. Then all of a sudden a third ship came around one into view. Then I looked away for a second and when I looked back it was gone! I knew it had gone behind The second ship, but it was still surprising just the same. They’re pretty big!

Today ought to be a good day, split shift today, tomorrow and Thursday!


Another Stinkin’ Monday.
Dreading this week, lots of outside broadcasts.
It was a good weekend. It was nice and breezy and cool in the shade, yet hot in the sun. We went diving and had a big Iguana in the yard.

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Squirrel Fish
Grunt at his front door
OI Girl and Tarpon
Pink Vase Sponge
Honduran Iguana
and again