The WordPress App Challenge Game

When I read your blog posts on the WordPress App, I play a little game. When I click your post to read it, I try to click the “internet” button in the upper right corner before the page has time to load in the app.

Try it! If you have fast internet, you have to be pretty quick!

Plus then, you’ll have the advantage of seeing the real webpage you’re tying to look at, instead of the WordPress condensed version. The blog you’re visiting will get the stats from your visit, their counters will count. You might see a comment from someones blog you’ll want to follow, or you might even leave a comment yourself!

The WordPress App is like wearing a raincoat in the shower. It’s wet but you don’t quite get the accurate experience. Compare WordPress to other readers. WordPress is a great app for posting, but the reader section is weak.

You might say “I like the WordPress App just fine.” I like it too, but there are gross limitations with this app. The worst kind of problem is one that you’re unaware of. Increase you awareness. Investigate. Explore.

Try my game!

Operation Iguana Rescue

I was outside at work yesterday, and I kept hearing scratching from the aluminum gutter above me. More than once, I got up and looked, but couldn’t see anything. Finally I saw a little piece of iguana tail, struggling in the raingutter.

There’s a ladder fire excape that goes up to the roof, but I didn’t want to climb it, because of my foot. I called a fellow animal lover co-worker, and he went up on the roof, and indeed, an iguana was stuck in the gutter, couldn’t reach his legs high enough to reach the top, and couldn’t get traction on the aluminum.

We got a peice of carpet, to put in the gutter, so the iggie would have traction, but he ran along the gutter into the downspout and tried to escape. He promptly got stuck, with his tail poking straight up in the air!

So the maintenance department was called. If the iguana died there, it would be stinking for a long time as the corpse rotted.

They removed the gutter and downspout, took the iguana, unharmed to safety, and put the gutter back together.

I’m sure that iguana is glad to be out of there! It’s possible that I heard him scratching yesterday afternoon, before I went home. Not sure..

AND IT’S FRIDAY! Long weekend too!

Yesterday was finally my first beach lunch.

Have a great weekend!!!

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

I am pretty hooked on this show. We’re watching it on Netflix. It is quite complicated but I think you gotta watch it. We just started season 2. I think we watched season one in 3 or 4 days.

I don’t even know how to tell you what it’s about. It starts off with a bellboy, going to check on a room. When he gets off the elevator, he sees himself, leaving the room. The second self runs when he sees himself getting off the elevator. The show is FULL of very interesting characters, lots of action and funny bits too.

I’m kind of irritated-feeling this morning. Can’t put my feeling on why.

I was having a dream when the alarm went off. I was carrying a big battery on my lap, driving an open car, kind of like a racing wheelchair. Not like a handicapped persons wheelchair, a fast, all terrain, wide tires, dusty transportation machine. I was sitting on the very front, and the machines body was completely under and behind me.

But that’s not what the dream was about, what the dream was about is there, but it’s around the corner kindalike,, and I can’t see it. And the battery, I had to take it somewhere, and wasn’t sure it was good or not…

Maybe that’s why I feel irritated. Like you know you just saw fantastic show, but all you can remember about it is what shoes you were wearing or something.

I didn’t walk this morning, I went out to walk, but decided my foot was sore, and decided not to. Maybe htat’s why I feel irritated.

I dunno, I’m going to cut this short, and start reading your blogs.

Have a great day!

The Next Catfood Thief

Cats are different than dogs. They’ll seldom clean their plate clean, they always leave a few orts as if to say, “I ate it to survive, but it wasn’t good enough for a cat of my high caliber”

So when I found their bowls lickety spit clean yesterday, I checked the survielance tapes and found the damning evidence depicted in the above video. I’ve caught Sheba stealing the indoor cat’s food as well.

Sheba has been having food paranoia lately. She actually bit my wife quite badly about a month ago, and she growled at me last week. She percieves a threat about food. I think the problem is that whenever the (indoor) cat meows for food, she gets it, Sheba the on-a-diet fatty dawgie gets measured portions. So now, the catfood goes in the drawer when it’s not mealtime, and both animals eat at the same time.

Since my wife got bit, several of the previous dog babysitters have come out of the closet, saying they got bit too.

When Sheba growled at me, I yelled at her so loudly she took off running for her kennel, but not before showing me her teeth again. More than a year ago, she also bit our cleaning lady and ripped her shoe. Sheba’s been spending Mondays in her kennel since then.

All of a sudden, our precious pup has quite a bad reputation. I bought her a muzzle the other day, for when we have visitors.

I didn’t make it to the beach for lunch yesterday. I had “Customer Service” training. It was interesting and a nice one-day change.

Our class

An interesting slide

I don’t deal with passengers at all in my job, but it still was a good class. It was more like a discussion than a school-type class.

Above is a lunchtime photo of our new airport, under construction. It’s going to be the best in the Caribbean, in every way!

I had a good walk and my first swim this morning. Swimming felt OK, no pain in the foot.

Today I plan on definitely making it to the beach at lunchtime.

Definitely! Wonder how my fins feel?

Have a great day!

Picture Tuesday

My coffee pot, red hot, making coffee. I took this pic because of the orange crescent reflection of the burner between the two halves of the coffee maker. It was much cooler in real life.

I’ve been told more than once, that if you hang a plastic bag full of water up, it will keep flies away. This is a plastic bag of water at night on our back porch, with me holding my flashlight against the bottom. I was out froghunting at the time! I’m not too sure it keeps flies away very well!

My wife’s newest brand of shampoo. This cracks me up. I certainly hope that all shampoo contains no poo!

Yesterday, I went to the doctor about my foot. He said the break wasn’t bad and should heal 100%. He recommended that I wear the boot to work for a while longer, but I can wear my hiking boots and walk in the mornings. He says if it starts hurting, to stop, but basically, if it doesn’t hurt, all is well.

And he said I could SWIM! But again, he said if it hurts, stop it. He said this when I asked about about walking on the beach and the dangers of the uneven seabottom.

I’m planning on taking it easy for a while, and ease back into it. When I got home yesterday afternoon, I put on my left boot, and set aside the cast-boot or the rest of the day. Walking was weird at first. I could tell my left leg was weak. Went walking this morning, not far, half a mile. I plan on going to the beach at lunch! Hope it’s not rainy!

Left boot, right boot. It’s what I’m wearing to work! No cast-boot!

Have a great day!

Funny Wrong Number and A Bird In The House

On Friday I received a wrong number call on my phone. I thought it was pretty funny.

I can’t figure out what she says after she asks if I’m allright. She says something kind of under her breath but I don’t know what it is. I’d appreciate any ideas you might have. (I have an app that records all my calls)

Sunday morning, a little bird flew into the house. A bananaquit, I think.

She had a hard time getting out, all the windows and doors were open, and they were open when she flew in, but she was staying too close to the ceiling to fly out. She kept flying around and coming back to land on the same beer stein. Finally, after about five minutes, she made it back outside.

Our cat was very interested in the bird, and kept looking for it a long time after it flew out.

Also had a good thunderstorm yesterday. I love these plants. Every “leaf” holds a perfectly round ball of rainwater like a little jewel. Looks much better in real life than on camera.

Last night we watched a movie called “Loving Vincent” about Vincent Van Gogh. It was quite good. Annimation like oil panting. I think they used actors and cameras and replicated each frame with oil paint.

All of y’all who said the last movie I reviewed was for little kids, ought to watch this one! 🙂

I didn’t sleep well last night. Got up and stayed up past midnight. I was out cold when the alarm went off.

And now it’s Monday, back to work. I have a foot checkup today at 9:30. Hopefully I won’t have to wait the full 6 weeks before I can get rid of this boot-cast-thing and start walking, running, and swimming again. It’s been three weeks today, half-way point!

Have a great day and good week!

Saturday Out and About

Went to Family Fun Day at the National Gallery this morning and afternoon. I got to see where my wife works. This is her desk.

She has a tiny monitor, I have dual widescreen monitors at my work. I love hers because it’s so cute though.

Also we went through the gallery, surpisingly I saw my old friend there, the Radio Cayman Mural.

This was on the wall, first thing you saw as soon as you walked past reception at Radio Cayman or years and years. Someone took it down during some renovations right before I left Radio Cayman, and I’m glad to see it safe and sound. I really think this is a better home for it. I wish I could hear everything this mural has heard, and seen everything this mural has seen.

Here’s another interesting pic…

Then we went to the plant nursery, where my wife picked up some (more) flower pots, plants an seeds. Then we went by her old workplace where the girls were glad to see her.

She was in there talking and I went outside to wait, and captured this shot of a chicken and her babies eating an almond.

I got pretty close and the momma was giving me the warning sound. Whew! I was lucky I made it through unscathed, but I got the feeling the momma didn’t perceive me as a threat.

In the evening we went to a food festival, there was food from Costa Rica, Jamaica, Phillipines, India, Canada and Trinidad. Also, there was a sign that said ‘Europe’ but I never made it over there. Here’s a homemade panarama shot.

I couldn’t find the panarama button on my phone camera. I ate a lot, mostly Costa Rican and Indian. And desserts.

And now it’s Saturday night, almost time or bed. Looking forward to getting some sleep!

Have a good night!

Special Thanks to Leeann!

She found the phonebook cover that I was telling you about, and the one that I’ve been looking for off-and-on for years! Maui and Sons pulling Hawaii out of the ocean!

Thank you Leeann, Thank you thank you thank you!!!

So that’s it, up at the top of this post, isn’t it cool?

I meant to post this this morning, but I was distracted, trying to get the video to work…

Also, yesterday evening I got a pretty nice notification from the WordPress app:

I haven’t gone and checked my stats, to see what the improvement is, but it’s a notification that didn’t piss me of like the ’10 Likes’ one did.

I know I said it before, but I’ll say it again, Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Video Friday

Always had trouble posting video on WordPress. Looked back in old posts and any video I ever posted seems to be gone or a broken link.

embedded by Embedded Video
Download Video

Do you have any pointers? Max upload size is 2 meg, too tiny for any video, Too tiny even, for a lot of photos. This is a link to a video on my Google drive. This was done by opening the “View Admin” on the WordPress app, then create a new post, then click the little TV.

Then clik the “Video URL” tab,

Then click insert. There’s a growing dashed line that keeps spinning forever, but quit waiting and I published it, then came back to edit it (add stuff) the normal way. (I didn’t check “Show video without link”, maybe that would have given me the desired result.) I’m going to go back and try it.

embedded by Embedded Video
Download Video

It looks exactly the same with the box checked….

It’s a super short video of a woodpecker hammering our aluminum gutters. If you watch it, make sure the sound is on. It’s super-loud in real life!

Coffee was good this morning! First cup went down real, real easy.

Costa Rica plays Brazil today in the World Cup, with all the upsets this World Cup, maybe Costa Rica will win! If they don’t, they’ll be the first to go home. I’m wearing my Costa Rica jersey to work today, screw the dress code!

Have a great day, and if I don’t see you this weekend, have great weekend!

Later: still trying to get a video to work.

Seemed to work pretty good. Justed pasted the “Share” link from YouTube.

Sorry this is such a messy post, it’s alternate-purpose is kinda like notes to my future-self

Have a good one!