Friday Flashback

I was stoked to post  my Flashback Friday this morning. But my computer screen went dead again for the first time since the other day.
That’s my flashback, my screen going dead the other day…. and today. Wow, far out! Trippy man!
Have a good weekend! Still raining here!

Below: hole in the neighbors yard, AKA why nothing will grow in our yard…


Bloglines Must Go!

bloglinesAfter Google Reader went under, I had to find a replacement reader. I was pretty happy with Bloglines. But apparently, they made a change for the worse. I think they quit giving out cookies, so that if I go to the page, I have to log in. If I leave the page and come back, I have to log in again, even if I didn’t close my browser. So I have to re-log in. Even if I have Bloglines open in one window, and open another window, it still comes up to the log on page.. I have everything set so that I stay logged in all the time on my computer. Bloglines is the only one screwing up, and it’s screwing up on more than one computer.

I’m not going to bother trying to contact them. I asked for help earlier and got no response. I wanted to sort my feeds alphabetically, that was my question. I got the standard auto reply, but nothing since.

So screw ’em. Another good company ruins it’s product with upgrades. It’s a pity that companies don’t need to listen to their customers.

I feel like everything I post lately is negative. I need to address that.


Done With Dogs

I am done with dogs. I’m never getting any more. They come begging for a walk as soon as I get up, then they stand there in the middle of the road and stare off into space. Every day. They don’t poop or pee till they get back inside the house. They USED to poop and pee outside, but I guess they forgot. Why pee outside? It’s so easy and convenient to do it in the house.

I wake up, they start begging for a walk. Every time I turn around they’re there with that look on their faces, “Don’t forget we need a walk!”. When I get home from work, they’re desperate for a walk. Then they stand in the middle of the road and stare up the street. They don’t poop or pee. Half the time I have to pee when I get home from work. I’m standing there with my back teeth floating, I have to pee so bad and the damn dawgs just stand there and stare. Waste of my time. I wouldn’t even come home after work if I didn’t have to take them out. I’d go swim and get a little exercise in my life.

The dogs are killing me. The frustration and anger they cause is a fraction of the pleasure they give.

No Rain Here

Monday again. The weather for this weekend just finished called for rain rain rain. There were big dark clouds and thunder all weekend but no rain here. Maybe a hundredth of an inch.

Wanna hear something funny? I can’t find the log on link for my blog , I have it at work but not here. I’m posting this on my phone. But, on the other hand,  my computer seems to be working much better with the new hard drive. Think about it, the hard drive is the only moving part on the computer. When things get weird, try a new hard drive.

Bought a new lawnmower this weekend. ANOTHER new lawnmower. I wrote down the serial number and etched my name in the metal. This one better not get ripped off…
It’s so dry and dusty that I don’t want to mow. All the “grass” is gone and just the straggly weeds are left. Like a balding guy trying to hide his baldness,  you look and you can see the dirt through the “grass”.

It’s a holiday in the USA but not here. I’m going to work. ..

Computer Died

Yesterday I replaced the hard drive on my computer, installed the OS and had it going, looking good.
This morning I started ‘er up to post my post and the display went dead. Seems to be fukt.
But I’m not going to mess with it now.
I’ve needed a new laptop for a long time, so has The Wife.
Looks like we might get some rain today.



A Tuesday Monday-Friday Chickens Beach

Today is Tuesday, but it is also the first day of the work week.. Tomorrow is a holiday because it’s election day.

Yesterday morning I shoveled a dead chicken that was in the road. Yesterday evening, while feeding the cats, I noticed a peeping sound like baby chickens. I found five baby chicks, barely bigger than an egg, huddled in the yard. After watching for awhile, to make sure there was no mommy chicken around, The wife and I collected them and put them in a box.

IMG_20130520_193024They ate quite a bit, and drank water and then went to sleep.

Yesterday we also went snorkeling at a place called Pageant Beach. There is a shipwreck there..It was good sun and snorkeling.

May 20, 2013 003

The wreck of the Gamma, on Pageant Beach

Also, here’s a quite long video swimming around the wreck. See the propeller?

[jwplayer mediaid=”9951″]

I’m running late, gotta go!

Holiday Monday

Today is Discovery Day, a holiday to commemorate Christopher Columbus discovering the Cayman Islands back in 1503.

Columbus Uffizi BRThank you Chris! Without you, none of would be here!