Insane Award

What kind of crazy person completes exercises before 7AM every day for a week? 10 times?

Me, that’s who, I guess. I earned this badge 10 times? What does five days out of seven mean? I guess that’s my current streak,

It’s Monday again. Hope you have a great week!

Double Swims

Yesterday I stopped at Governors Beach and swam the 800m after work. I was thinking, I could swim at lunch hour AND after work!

That would be nice and help alleviate my horrible lack of exercise/stagnation problem… Doncha think?

Have a good weekend!

Good Swim Yesterday

Since the last sea swim, I haven’t been doing much lunchtime swimming. We had a couple weeks bad weather with extensive damageto the ladders and the rinse off facilities, and laziness/motivation issues. Extra busy at work…

Yesterday was the second time I swam in about the last three weeks.

It was really good to swim yesterday. Enjoyable during and after the swim.It has to be priority again.

It’s almost Friday!

Continuous Improvement vs Holding Steady

Some things, if you put a fixed amount of time into them, you will continue to improve. For example, if you practice your musical instrument for an hour every day you will continue to improve. It seems like this isn’t so with physical activity, it seems that one must continually increase the amount of time that they spend doing that activity to see improvement in physical ability and technique of the activity.

I do my morning exercises daily, I do the same routine. I spend the same amount of time, to fit with my time schedule in the mornings.. if I wanted to improve I would have to increase the amount of time or exercise that I did. If I play pickleball once a week, I will reach a level of competence in pickleball and not exceed that level of skill.

This isn’t feasible, for me to spend ever increasing amounts of time in every activity that I pursue. Time runs out.

What is the answer to this dilemma? Or am I completely wrong?

Happy Friday !


My watch measures my HRV, Heart Variability Rate. It’s the difference between consecutive heartbeats in microseconds.

I don’t understand it. Higher is better. Why? An out of shape individual whose heart rate doubles when he gets up to go get another doughnut will have a higher difference in his pulse than an athlete whose pulse barely increases.

Mine is in the 60’s. Looking at the above graph, that’s equivalent to a 22 or 24 year old. And 60’s is high, which is good according to all that I read.

But what about the unbalanced part? In the second picture, see the grey zone? Outside of that is unbalanced. See how it adjusted, bringing the grey up higher? No article I’ve read addresses balanced or unbalanced HRV. Search, and the link will take you to articles, but those articles don’t mention balanced or unbalanced. Including Garmin, the maker of my watch and the app that gives the data.


Either I’m in great shape physically, or I’m going to explode any second….

Have a great weekend!


I don’t have a good understanding of HRV. I know it’s the variation in time between one heartbeat and the next. But I don’t understand the balanced / unbalanced versus the “higher score is better” general rule described in many tutorials. Mine remains quite low, I think.


in the images above, the unbalanced portion roughly coincided with my visit to the USA for my high school reunion. Other than that there has been no significant difference in my daily activities or diet that I am aware of to cause this variation.

According to the tutorials, a higher HRV number is better. What does that mean? That there is more variation between hard beats? Why is that better? What does the balanced / unbalanced mean?

I’ve studied it, and it doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe you can explain it to me, in a way that a child could understand it.

Thanks, and, Have a great day!

Maintaining A High Shortage

According to my Garmin Fitness Tracking, I’m “maintaining a high aerobic shortage”. I need to exercise more, apparently

For the past few weeks, I’ve been swimming at least a half mile almost every day (half the days). I guess I have to pick it up. I also have been exercising and diving and yoga. I’m pretty active each and every day.

Maybe I need to get up earlier and start running before I walk the dogs…

Just kidding. Garmin also says I’m physically fit like a 53 year old, and they know my birth date. .

Have a good day!

Garmin Descent G1

I got it last week after my other new swim watch flooded. I think I went through 3 Samsung Active 2s and one Active 1

I love this Garmin so far. Swim-able fitness tracker, dive computer Basically, with the app, you can install almost any programs on the watch you want. No touchscreen, but after getting used to it, I’m not missing it.. AND! the Samsung’s screens would go dark while swimming, due to the alleger water lock mode, i can look and see how far I’ve swam whilst I’m swimming! Genius! So I can measure my distance live without waiting till I get back to the phone to see how far I swam!

Love it!

Today would have been my 14th wedding anniversary.

Have a good day!