Ugh – Monday

It was an OK weekend. The weather was windy Friday and Saturday and I didn’t go diving. I probably could have gone out Sunday but I didn’t call anybody.

I ruined my phone yesterday, I cleaned the touchscreen with alcohol, it got all inside, wrecking the backlight.

Ruined Display

Last night we sat out on the back porch, the moon was beautiful, and, playing with my camera, I got some good shots. I have had many Canon Powershot Cameras, with this one I am going to learn ALL the features.

Click to enlarge!
The moon
Color Swap

More Color Swap (This is a brown clay pot)

I don’t know what I’m going to do about another phone.

Sunday Morning

It’s Sunday, I’m up, the wife is still sleeping.
I showered, walked the dogs, had some cereal and am drinking coffee. I’m thinking about going for a bike ride. I put new handlebars on my bicycle last week.
It was a windy weekend and I don’t think there is any diving going on that I’d be interested in.

But this coffee is dang good!

Fun with my camera!

Yesterday I was playing with some of the functions of my camera that I don’t normally use. It was pretty cool I thought:

Replacing Green with Blue
Everything Black and white except green (The guy looks like a bronze statue!)
Replacing skin tone with blue. Didn’t work too well. but neat effect!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I got off early yesterday, and I have the day off tomorrow, but I’m working today! But I’m not complaining. Tonight The Wife and I are going to a Thanksgiving dinner. Usually it is a pretty big event, poolside, a hundred or so people, and very disorganized. We will see how it is this year. My friend has a dinner every year, and I haven’t been for a while.

Here’s some pics from my beachwalk yesterday.

Cruise ship and old time sailboat

Bird you find on every beach on the planet

A sign for what?

Partagas Dinner

Last weekend I went to the 19th annual Partagas/Casa Del Habano cigar dinner. It was a weeklong event and the dinner was the closing. There were raffles, auctions, dancing girls, and of course, cigars.

I uploaded all my pics to Photobucket, HERE. Also I am trying a new slideshow experiment below. Check them out, there’s over 200, It takes the same amount of time to look at them as it does to smoke a cigar. You can do both at the same time!

Turtle Relase

Yesterday I stopped at the beach for a half mile swim, after I got done it slowly dawned on my dim little mind that the beach was more crowed than normal. So I wandered around, eventually asking someone what was going on. There was a Turtle Release! Several times a year, the Turtle Farm here releases turtles into the wild.

Of course, it was so crowded I didn’t actually see anyone actually put any turtles in the water, but I did see several turtles with trustworthy turtle-release agents.

Trusty Turtle Release Agent (And her Mom)
Getting Ready to Free The Turtles!
I couldn’t actually see the release

Gag me with a spoon

This morning I was coming to work, usually the traffic is pretty light. Today I hit a pretty big backup. Having a scooter, I pulled into the center lane and went around.
There was a cute puppy playing with a cute young chicken in the road. Oh they were frolicking joyfully and cutely.
I’m not saying I would have run them over.
But if I had my camera and took pics, you’d be ooooh-ing and ahhhh-ing, making me want to puke with the cutness of it all.