If money can fix it, it ain't a problem

It’s Thursday. I couldn’t sleep last night. I was up at 1:30, 3:15 and 5:00. I feel OK now but we’ll see how the day goes.
Yesterday I bought a new sound board for my laptop. During the Radio Camp I had some problems because I needed to record line level stuff and all I had was a mic input. It didn’t work too well. I installed the soundcard and had it working fine, but then I decided I didn’t like the software that it came with and wanted to use my software.
Then I ran into troubles. I uninstalled the software and then the computer wouldn’t recognize the device. I ended up doing a system restore from yesterday and installed just the drivers and now all is well. Computer-wise.
Now the stupid part. I had a dive watch that was giving me a lot of problems. I kept taking it back and all the salespersons could see it was screwed up-but at the repair place it worked perfectly. Yesterday the dive shop (almost next door to the computer store) offered me a different, newer watch at about 1/3 its price. So I took it. Then I started worrying. I came home and checked my bank balances and money-wise I’m pretty strapped – again.
I got a Suunto D9
Payday is a long way away.


Yesterday and this morning, I’ve been waking up early. It has been very clear, with the full winter sky out at 4:30 AM. It reminded me that I have missed several astonomy club meetings in a row.
Life is too short. Yesterday I saw the turtle truck parked by the side of the road and knew somebody found a nest. I have wondered in the back of my mind why I wasn’t doing it this year. Maybe they don’t like me. Remember the Biologist girl I had the crush on?
It doesn’t really bother me, the turtle walks always made me late for work.
At the radio camp last weekend, I could hear myself in the background of a lot of their recordings. I sound really mean. When I walk down the street, and I see my reflection in a window, I am often shocked at how mean I look. The way I look and sound does not depict the way I feel.
Most of the time, the inside of my brain seems like it is a mess. I am not sure if I should trust my perception on a lot of things. For example, if I feel insulted, should I let it slide or raise hell? I never know the answer to questions like that. I can’t always be sure if I’ve really been insulted or I just think so. KNow what I mean?
Well, this isn’t what I planned on writing about, but Oh well. I’m just kind of rambling.

Switching computers

I have two laptops. A 15 inch Toshiba and a 17 inch Toshiba. Over the past few days, I’ve been switching over from the 15 to the 17. The 17 has a better screen and soundsystem. The 15 is a LOT easier to carry around.
Both laptops seem to have problems, the 17 seems to freeze up once in a while, and the 15 has an intermittent battery problem. I’ve taken the 15 in for repair twice and it consistently works perfectly there.
I think it may be time for a new one. A 4.5 inch laptop. I saw it last time I was in the US. It is SWEET!

It runs Windows XP, just like any other computer.

What day is it again?

It doesn’t feel like a Monday. I worked Saturday and Sunday. I went into work yesterday to get all ready for the hurricane, then it didn’t show up. Ok, I won’t complain. Even though I did go to work for nothing!
I’ve kind of fallen behind on my studies. I missed a day or two while I was gone, now I have to make up for it. It’s easy to fall into my old routine, and leave the studying part out of it. But I want to finish! I want that piece of paper!
I’ve been going through some CDs with old pictures on them. I found some of my ex wife. Yuk

On the OI with the OI girl

I’m on the Other Island and Ernesto may be a problem. I’d rather not be stuck here for the storm comes because it’s my job to be at work at the station. Although I’m working here, and I like being with the OI girl, I’m sure you know what I mean.
I’m here for a summer youth radio camp, teaching teenagers and a little under about radio. I guess the Department Of Youth and Sports has a little interst in radio, since they do a youth program every week.
I’m supposed to go back on Sunday morning.


Yesterday went well. They were very apologetic. In the end. I called first, and, at their request faxed my letter terminating service. Then I waited about 5 minutes and nothing happened. I called back and said “I been waiting about 5 minutes and nothing has happened yet, we are going to resolve this today”. It turned out the person who answered the phone was the same person who answered in June and told me my money was on it’s way. I said “wait a minute, I’ve already got your name down here, On June 19th you told me. . . .” and I let it go. I had this girl cornered big time.
Then they wanted to go see a particular someone at the “corporate office”. I was there in 10 minutes, asked for the person. The receptionist calls and no answer. She goes back in the back to get this person. She comes back and says the person wants to know what it’s about. I said “It’s about termination of service, on June 6, I’ve called and I’ve faxed and he knows what it’s about and that I’m coming”. This perked up the security guard.
The receptionist came out with about four people. I said “do you want to do this here?” They said yes. I went through date by date, who I talked to and when and they didn’t even put up any argument. They apologized and promised a check by the end of next week.
I worked out pretty well. I had been documenting their screwups for quite some time. They never had a chance, nor could they get a word in edgewise without it being disproved immediately.

This morning I’m taking the OI girl to the airport and tonight I’m going there. She had a two very successful job interviews yesterday, and I think she found the one she’s going to take.
Work is busy with several loose ends to tie up and things are going good. My cold is going away too!

Short Fuse

The OI Girl got here yesterday. That is great! I didn’t get much sleep last night, that also is not bad.


bad mood

Months ago I terminated my phone service with Digicel. They owe me $84. On the phone they said they were sending me a check. Last month then sent a statement that said -84 dollars. I tried to call all the Digicel numbers I had and all were out of service. Yesterday they sent me another statement, saying my balance was -$84 then they charged me 69 dollars for (I kid you not) “One time recurring charge”. Now they say my balance is about -$15.
Need I point out that if a charge is “one time”, it is not recurring. If it is “recurring” it is not a one time charge. They are trying to whittle the money they owe me down to nothing. Obvious ripoff.
“One time recurring charge” HA! So I have to call them today. If their numbers are still disconnected, I’m going down there. I am not in a good mood, plus I’m tired plus I have a cold.

new post

Im sitting in my kitchen, on one chair, feet on another, waiting for the floor to dry. I just got done swabbin’ the deck.
I have a somewhat complex schedule today. first, I have to meet some tower riggers out where my transmitters are. There is a gas leak in the nitrogen system that keeps moisture out of the hollow cable that sends the signal to the antenna.
Then, I have a split shift as I am working tonight. This afternoon, I’m picking the OI girl up at the airport and we’re going shopping: Nemo party supplies for her co-workers young son, and a suit for her to wear to job interviews. She has her first interview tomorrow. She’ll probably get the job. She wants this one out of all her prospects.

Then she’s coming to work with me tonight. The Tuesday talk show is coming from our sponsors location, a sports bar. ( I normally do a talk show on Wednesday, just this once a month on Tuesdays, when it’s not in the studio)

I miss everybodies blogs. I am going to start visiting and leaving inane comments again.

Monday O Monday

It’s Monday. I feel like staying in bed. I’m catching a cold or something like that. Tomorrow the OI Girl arrives and I’m going to be sick-perfect!
I didn’t dive yesterday. I didn’t do much at all. I studied a little. Today, if I’m able, I will pass the one quarter mark in the course. I’ll be glad to finish.

Rainy Sunday

It’s been cloudy all day and I have a sore throat. I’ve been staying in bed, not feeling good. Didn’t dive, and I’m trying not to get sick.
Here it is raining hard right now.