Bird In The Tree

I was just thinking about this type of bird, and the next day, after a long absence, one reappears.

It’s called a White Crown Pigeon, according to the internet. It was much larger than a pigeon though.

Happy Tuesday, have a great day!

Bird On The Roof

this morning, when I went upstairs for my exercise, I found a pigeon-like bird on my roof. She didn’t fly away and I assumed she was injured. We walked around each other while I got her some water and did my exercises. After I was done, I picked up my exercise mat and she flew away with great flurry. I guess she wasn’t injured after all. I’ve had experiences where birds try to occupy my roof and try to aggressively keep me off the roof. That doesn’t work out so well for them. I hope this girl wasn’t looking for a place to build a nest. I cleaned up the poop and took the water away.

Had a relatively painless night last night. Slept pretty good and had ok thoughts while awake. I’ve heard it said it’s darkest before the dawn, but I find it hard to believe this b******* is me getting better.

Have a happy hump day!

My Videos on TikTok

Queen Angelfish

Had a pretty nice weekend. Saturday went birdwatching with the wife. There is some kind of bird inventory going on. Also Saturday I made some slow cooker Barbecue that came out really good, I thought. Sunday, I went diving and posted the two videos above on TikTok. I like the music. TikTok is a pretty entertaining app. Find me if you have it, I’m MCD6D.

Tomorrow the wife starts moving out. I guess she will proceed with a divorce pretty quickly. I still don’t have a reason for her leaving except she “feels different”. I am not having an easy time coping.

Have the best week you can possibly have!

Bird Wants A Job?

The other day I got these shots of a bananaquit looking in my work door window. Probably admiring his reflection, or else maybe he (or she) wants a job.

It’s STILL cloudy and super windy here, it’s been almost a week. Hopefully, the extended forecast looks good for the weekend.

Have a great day!