Photo Friday


My Mom’s first ever selfie!


My Mom’s hallway, her door is at the very end!


Richard, Bobbie, Gary, Paloma and me


Entrance to my Mom’s neighborhood


Cheap gas, we pay almost triple this in Cayman


Where I lived, 1965, 66


Where I lived, 1977, 78


Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Rt 50


a pic of pics of my Brother skiing and me in boot camp. Hate the photo of me.


Travlin’Tim on the bus, from Baltimore to Silver Spring.


Tiny banana, grown in our yard!


Fish Fry, Boggy Sand Road


Vacation Is Over! :–(

Back to work today.
First of all, let me say that the piece of crap, loud noisy police helicopter has been hovering overhead,way up high, since about 10 till 6 AM. Right now it is so loud I can’t hear myself think. At least 30 minutes so far, hovering as still as they can.

Vacation was good, one week ago from this minute, I was on my way to Baltimore, MD. I saw my Mom, and a few friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in 15 years.

I did come back a day early though, because of a massive snow storm threatening the North Eastern US.

So I’m returning to work after two days on the beach!


Travelin Tim at Rehoboth Beach


Frozen Pond at my Moms

I have to locate and sort all my pictures, there’s more coming.

I went to see a Navy friend in Delaware, I had a GPS in my rental car. I just entered their address and didn’t look at the map. Well, the GPS took  me all the way around the Chesapeake Bay, instead of over the Rt 50 bridge, so the 2.5 hour trip took about 5 hours. I felt like a dummy. But it was a beautiful drive, except for the Baltimore slums along the way.

Glad to be back, Have a good week!

Here We Go!

I’m up and ready to leave for the airport.
On one hand, I’m looking forward to it, on the other, I wish my wife was coming and I don’t want  to be away from her.

Not much to say today.


Last Working Day

Today is my last working day before vacation.
I feel like I’m making a bigger deal of it than it really is, I mean, it’s only 5 days, and I’m going north, into the cold cold cold.


I’m excited about going, I just think I’m building it up as too much in my mind.


Anyway, I should be busy at work today, then get me outta here!

Have a good day!

Bruised Boob

Yesterday, my left boob started hurting. My first thought was “Great, it’s cancer”. My second thought was “I kinda remember whacking it, but don’t remember how I whacked it”.

I didn’t think any more about it till last night in the shower. My left boob started hurting. My first thought was “Great, it’s cancer”. My second thought was “I kinda remember whacking it, but don’t remember how I whacked it”. Then I got out of the shower and saw the bruise. I thought “Dang! what was I doing when I whacked my boob?”


I showed it to the wife. I said “I kinda remember whacking it, but don’t remember how I whacked it”. She asked if it was kayaking.. “Oh yeah, kayaking.” (Thinking “she thinks I’m going senile”) I remember whacking it at some point, either loading or unloading the kayak from the car, or climbing aboard after snorkeling, but nothing significant, I didn’t really give it much thought. I mean, I didn’t think I hurt myself, nothing unusual happened while kayaking. I DO remember whacking my boob and thinking “OW!”, but it was no big deal.

Seems like I always injure myself right before some vacation time. Two days and a wake up!

Monday Moaning and Uncertainty About the Near Future

The weekend was too short. Saturday I went to town and took care of some errands. Sunday went out in the kayak and snorkeled on the Kittiwake. Then watched football. Yeay Seattle, boo New England.
Also I’ve been studying for my test, supposed to be this week. but I’m about 1/3 of the way through the material. Going to the USA this week too.


Seagull visitor




My feet


Kittiwake Bridge


Kittiwake bow

Who Is Using My GPS?

Lately I’ve been noticing the GPS icon on my phone come on un-authorize-dly at weird times. Like when I turn on the flashlight, or a lot of times when I’m looking at the screen for any reason, I’ll see it go on and flash a couple of times, then go off.


Worlds smallest image ever used in any blog at any time ever!


Some apps are authorized to use the GPS, like, well, the GPS apps I have installed, and Maps, fer example.

But I never saw the GPS come on like this, so sporadic… And it just started recently. I feel like I’m being tracked. Probably the CIA,  reading this blog, wondering “How does he come up with such brilliant blog content?” “We must study this brain”. Happens all the time. Brain farmers…

Or maybe it’s just some spyware, although nothing’s showing up on my scans….

App that is using my GPS without permission: I’m gonna track you down and gut you like a fish!

Have a good weekend!

Hobbit, Battle Of The Five Armies


Last night The Wife and I went to see “The Hobbit, Battle of the Five Armies”.
It was quite good, I need to go re-read the book to check the facts. The third quarter of the movie, I didn’t really remember precisely.
And when the dragon was killed, in the book, the arrow went completely inside the dragon, feathers and all. Didn’t happen in the movie, there was a bit poking out.

But it was very good.

Glad it’s Thursday. Tomorrow’s Friday.

What Is Nom?


I saw it on a fast food commercial the other week, and I’ve read it on some food blogs. Nom. Usually in triplicate.
Is it supposed to indicate something appetizing? Delicious?
What is the sound “”nom” actually supposed to be? The sound of someone talking with their mouth full of food? Is it supposed to be the sound of someone chewing with their mouth open?
To me it’s gross and disgusting and it makes me want to puke every time I hear it.
Stop it now. Nip it in the bud.

Dreaming of the Weekend

This morning, before the  alarm went off, I was dreaming it was Saturday. 5AM is awful early, and it seems to be getting earlier.

I am studying for test 3 for the real estate license. It is very difficult. They give you sample questions, and I cannot find the answers in the text.

It was supposed to be rainy today, but I don’t think it’s going to be. Scooter to work and beach for lunch!

I feel like I need to start putting more effort into this blog. I never know what I’m going to post before I post it.

At the end of this month, I’m going to see my Mom in Maryland, USA. Just outside Washington DC. It will be cold. I’m compiling a list of things to buy and people to see. I’ll be there from a Thursday to a Tuesday.

I don’t have much excitement about going to work today.

Have a Good Day!