TGIF and another repeat dream

Glad it’s Friday. Way glad.

I had another repeat dream last night, The Dome.


The Dome is an idyllic vacation spot, with private quarters and public quarters. Everything is laid out in circles and when you’re tired you sleep, when you’re hungry you eat. If you want some peace and quiet, you can go to your private space. Things are pretty uninhibited there and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

I’m glad it’s Friday. Did I already mention that?

End Of A Sad Life

Remember my video post about our up-the-street neighbors at the house where we got Sheba? Click HERE to see it. Well, that poor dog finally died stuck under a shed. Our across the street neighbor found her because of the smell. The pics below are of the dogs butt sticking out from under the shed. The black dots are all flies. There are giant maggots and the smell was horrendous.

Nobody seems to be home at the house where the dogs owners live.


If these people get another dog I will be very angry. This could have been Sheba. It probably would have been if we hadn’t gotten her.

Hopefully Uneventful

I have nothing to post about today. It’s just a plain, hopefully uneventful day. I’m showered and dressed, animals fed, and I’m drinking coffee till work time. The Wife is gone to the gym, and all is quiet.
Let’s keep it that way, all day.

So now you know

It was a very nice weekend. Saturday was a little cloudy, but Sunday was gorgeous. Now I’m here, drinking coffee, ready for work.

Last  night I had a dream that if you have vertical stripes on your shirt, your pants should have horizontal stripes and vice versa. It is a faux pas to wear aligned stripes on your pants and shirts.

So Now You Know

(I was unable to find appropriate illustratory images)

I also had a dream of being improperly dressed at work. I was wearing a brand new pair of blue jeans, walking down the hall, hoping nobody would say anything.

And that’s it, Happy Monday

Bring the weekend!

Today is Payday, my pay is already spent, to say the least. I hope the check is big enough to cover the bills.

Here’s a pic of the plane taking off from Grand Cayman. I’ve probably already have posted a very similar photo, but I’m not going to go look for it. It was a good trip, productive workwise, and fun.

I feel like I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, like I haven’t been putting time or thought into my posts. Have to work on that.

Not Too Thrilled

Camera 14MP-9PCAbout going into work this morning. First day after vacation.

I was going to post pictures from the vacation, but looking through my collection, you’ve seen most of them already.Above is the in laws kayaking.

This is the first post I’ve posted from my computer in a long time, months.

I have a lot of blog reading and commenting to catch up on in the next couple of days. It will take me a while to get back in the work groove.

Anyway, have a good week, I’ll be back!


Monday Funday

Here we are, Monday. The first working day after vacation. I am taking a comp day today, and am going back to work tomorrow. The wife is working today.

I have more pictures to post, probably tomorrow, when I resume my normal posting.

Have a good week!