Tek Week

I spelled it wrong on my previous post, it’s TEK Week, not Tech week.
I haven’t been near my computer much, I’ve been diving divng diving. Too deep for my camera too.Having a great time.
My “wound” isn’t bothering me either, I’m glad.
The OI Girl tried a couple of different rebreathers and she liked it! Maybe she’ll be getting into it soon!

Tech Week

Today is the first diving day of Tech Week, a diving event at Dive Tech at Cobalt Coast Resort. I have the week off, and today will be my first dive in two months. Above are some pics from snorkeling the other day.

High blood pressure

Yesterday I started taking medication for high blood pressure. I had been under investigation, checking regularly for a couple of months, and it’s been high every time. It started when I went to give blood and was rejected because my pressure was too high. It’s always been borderline but I’ve never been rejected giving blood. The high limit is 130/80 and I’m almost always in the 130-140s and the 90’s-100’s. Sometimes a little higher.
So from now on, when they ask “are you on any medication?” I can’t say “NO” anymore.
(I hope it doesn’t affect my ability to get a woodie, but I’m not too worried, NOTHING can stop that!)

Thank God

Hurricane Dean from space
(click to see the pic a little bigger)

We were soooo lucky! Dean could have hit us, and was projected to hit us directly at several points, but then kept moving west instead of west-north-west. A few degrees difference made all the difference in the world.
I have a problem because the other radio stations ask for help and then The OI Girl is mad because I am not with her. Mad is not the right word, sad, upset, disappointed and hurt are better words. Definitely not mad. She cried talking to me about it, and I can’t stand to see tears coming from those eyes.

After the all clear was given the other station asked me to go with them to turn on their transmitter. I felt like I had to go because I have the only key, they’re in my transmitter room. Then there were problems, and it ended up like over 4 hours till I made it home. I wanted to be at home with her.
The OI Girl and I had planned to go unpack and have a nice dinner and homecoming. Now she’s upset because she feels like she comes second to work. In fact, OI Girl and I were already in the parking lot to head home when they asked for me to go out to the transmitter site.

Even my own job has worked me in the past without compensation. I pretty much have the brakes on now, which doesn’t make me feel to good.

When I was married, I felt like it almost cost me my job because I put her totally ahead of work. If I ever had to work extra my ex would just scream bloody murder.

But I need to find a compromise. I’m getting into trouble at home, and I’m tired of working for free.

Last Day

This is the last day before the storm. I’m not sure I’ll be living in this apartment any more after today. I hope we keep the roof. I’m thinking not, because it almost came off in Ivan, and I’m sure our cheap-ass landlords didn’t get it fixed properly. But I hope I’m wrong.
I have a lot to do today around here, then to work.


It’s looking pretty bad about this hurricane. It just coming towards us, right on track, unwavering. I’m thinking that it will be worse than Ivan, and that makes me sad, because I don’t want to see this place destroyed again. We went to the beach today for a little while, it was fantastic. OI Girl was there several hours, I spent less than an hour there. I went to work this morning and this afternoon. I climbed the tower at the station and put up a backup antenna. I feel confident that if we have electricity, we’ll be on the air. Tomorrow night it should start.

Hurricane Dean Lashing Martinique and Dominica Going to Eastern Caribbeanimages from the NASA website

Six weeks

Today marks six weeks since my hernia operation. It was my understanding that I would be 100% recovered by now. Well, I’m doing ok, but I’m not 100 %. I still have my scar, it’s still red and it still hurts, like if I sit and bend over it feels like I’m squeezing a golf ball between my leg and stomach. I don’t think anything is wrong, But I’m not fully healed.
Hurricane Dean is still right on track and headed right for us. The track hasn’t changed much since the original projection. Compare the pic above and the pic below


It was a rainy weekend, no beach, no beach parties, no diving, no nuttin! It’s still cloudy and rainy.
I did to to the farmers market Saturday and promised pictures, but I forgot my camera! (Sorry Lydia)

This is going to be a busy week, I can tell.