How To Stop Time

Like I mentioned yesterday, I finished the book: ‘How To Stop Time‘ over the weekend. I liked it a lot. It’s about a group of people who have a condition. After puberty, their bodies age about one year for every 15-20 years. In other words, they live a very long time.

The main character is Tom Hazard, he was born in 1581 and is still around today. He looks like he’s in his 50’s to us.

Generally, the people with this “condition” change their identity and move about every 8 years. People get suspicious after a while…

Tom Hazard played music at Shakespeares plays. How was on Captain Cooks ship in the Pacific. He’s teaching history in London right now.

It was an excellent book, with a dark twist to the plot. The number one rule is that you never fall in love. If you never fall I’m love, you just might be OK….

Im not saying more,. except that I thi k you should read it

Have a great day!

Another Great Weekend!

It was another fantastic weekend. I took the dogs to the beach, they loved it and were really well behaved. And then they had baths… One loved that more than the other. I won’t mention any names.

I got a lot of yardwork done. Mowing and ttranplanting houseplants and pulling weeds. I also picked up a whole huge bag of garbage from the roadside of our cul-de-sac, it looks a LOT better.

I finished an excellent book, a topic for another day.

I also had several really good yoga classes. (What’s amazing is how it makes your mind feel, even more than the body). Got all the laundry done and I also cooked out on the grill.

(I sound like a Suzy Homemaker )

It was a regular length weekend but seemed longer. Now it’s back to work, where I’m glad to be swamped.

Have a great week!

This Isn’t Modern Times

As I get older I think I become more and more against the death penalty.

Last night Alabama USA executed a murderer using nitrogen asphyxiation. Not very efficient. The record for holding the breath I think is 8 minutes. When a person starts holding their breath, the blood oxygen level begins dropping from about 20%. At about 10% you’d pass out. If your blood oxygen stayed 10%, you’d stay unconscious. Less than 10% you’d die. Four minutes with no oxygen, brain damage starts. Who knows when it stops?

I know this from breath hold diving .

This nitrogen method is effectively the same as putting a plastic bag over someone’s head or duct tape over their mouth and nose

It took Alabama 22 minutes to kill that guy last night. That’s way too long. He definitely suffered.

Why don’t they use the same method veterinarians use to put an animal to sleep? Why not hanging with a quick broken neck or firing squad? .

No, Alabama did it the way they did it because they want to punish. They want to watch someone in agony.

We’re worse than the cave man. If the cave man perceives a threat, he’ll eliminate that threat immediately, not not stash it away for decades then slowly torture it to death, SAYING it’s quick and not cruel what it’s about the slowest, cruelest method imaginable.

Happy Friday .

Too Much To Post..

AND not enough time.

It was a busy weekend , I trimmed the bushes an all the trees in the front and side yards, I ran sound for a solo guitar concert. I did a rorkshop on perfecting the form of the poses (it was quite crowded and not too much personal attention. I did a pivate lesson on crow pose and side crow. (neither o which I mastered, but made progress and learned some learning tools.

I did NOT mow, and I did NOT plant te tomatoes I wanted to plant, but it was a good, long, busy weekend. It was cloudy and very windy and off and on rain and not a good weekend for diving.

Happy Tuesday! Have agood week!

Long Weekend Friday

Its a long weekend here in Cayman. Monday is Hero’s Day. Hurrah to all Cayman’s heroes!

My goal the weekend is diving.amd yardwork. I also have a workshop on fine tuning the yoga poses. IE doing them properly.


Have a GREAT weekend!

No Barking!

I’ve been trying to teach Daisy ‘no barking’ in the house for years, but now, the pressure is on. She barks at every bump and things you can’t even here. She acts offended that anyone would dare make noise, and goes charging off in a fury 9f growls and barks about 5 feet, then realizes she’s indoors and can’t do anything about it. Apparently she thinks she’s running the planet.

the apartment renters come and go several times a day, and Daisy still apparently doesn’t realize they are living here.. She barks and growls each and every time they come and go. I realized that she wakes me up from sleep multiple times a night, but I wake up and not realize it was her barking that was responsible.

She’s finally getting the idea and is trying real hard, but still has a long way to go.

Good Lenny and Daisy the source of all evil.

Lately, (since yesterday ) when Daisy goes off barking, I’ve been giving Lenny a treat. If I hear a bump and Daisy doesn’t bark, maybe they’ll both get treats.

Have a wonderful Day!

Different Caribbeans

I usually walk to the sea during my morning dog walk. I stand there and try to make a memory for the day that I can come back to. Part of my prayer/meditation/get my head on straight morning routine. Several times a week, I swim during my lunch break. I usually swim 800 meters, half mile.

it occurred to me this morning that the Caribbean Sea of my morning walk is not the same Caribbean Sea as my lunch time swims. In the morning, the sea is something to cling to, for comfort, safety and peace of mind. At lunch, the sea is more like a companion, “let’s go, you and me buddy”.

Yesterdays swim was excellent . Challenging. The swell was from the south, current from the north. The wind on my face told me to swim north . I swam down and back, and had about 715 meters. To get my 800 meters, out to the parked dive boat for the extra distance. Swimming back from the boat, the current was very strong against me. At first the bottom was not moving in accordance to my swim strokes. I had to put some extra reach and stretch into it to get going again. It was excellent.

The sea and I were communicating. The wind told me which way to swim first. The sea spoke and I was glad to be able to answer.

I intended to swim 800 meters, I actually swam about 913 eters. 999 yards.

i wish I swam that extra yard! Hope I get to swim again today!