I started lockdown last year with 5 boxes of cigars. My plan was that when I got down to one box I would start trying to get more cigars. When I got down to one box, I asked myself, “what would happen if I just ran out?” So I smoked the last box of cigars and ran out. Nothing happened. That was April of last year, April of this year was one year tobacco free.

But I still crave tobacco. When I smell it it smells so good. It would be nice if I could smoke just a little bit, But I’m the kind of addict who chain smokes or doesn’t smoke at all.

The other morning, I had just finished my exercises and I was walking the dogs and somebody rode by on a bicycle. It was early morning, still dark, and the guy was smoking a cigarette. I thought to myself, “I’m glad I don’t have to smoke this early in the morning”. It’s possibly my first anti tobacco thought since I quit. That bicycle smoker kind of put me off tobacco.

But still, I like the ritual of tobacco. The clipping of the cigars, the filling of the tobacco pipe. The lighters and all the paraphernalia. Many of my friends were friends because we smoked cigars together. I don’t see a large group of my friends anymore because we aren’t on the same places together.

Pluses and minuses.

Tobacco is the perfect addiction. It doesn’t get you high, it doesn’t alter your mind, it has no effect except the desire for more.

Any thoughts?

Have a great day.

La Palma Lava Reaches Sea

Nine days after it started erupting, lava from the La Palma volcano 🌋 reached the sea. Read the article HERE.

Now they’re in lockdown because of fears of toxic gasses. What toxic gases? The only thing would be steam. I think lock down is going too far. Governments solution for everything. It’s getting to the point where people need to use their common sense and knowledge instead of everything the government tells them.

Happy Wednesday! The weather man calls for increased chance of showers today. I hope so, but I’m not holding my breath. The weather is perfect.

I’ve swam the half mile every day this week at lunchtime, hopefully it will continue today.

Have a great day!!

5K Walk For Recovery


It was a nice weekend. Friday was “Eat Poorly” day. I had dinner at Burger King and paid for it later. I felt bad all night and most of the day Saturday.

Saturday morning I went scuba diving with some friends and still have the pictures to be sorted. That’s why there’s no underwater pictures here today. Sunday was a 5K walk/run. It was related to this month being recovery month in the Cayman Islands. Afterwards a group of us went out for coffee.

Sunday afternoon I was invited to a small party at Smiths Cove and I went to that and it was quite nice.

It was a good weekend, it seemed like a long weekend, and it was a good break before going back to work today.

Have a great week!

Another Movie Night, Another Friday

I went to movie night with a coworker, I also ran to several of my friends there, which was nice.

And now it’s Friday, yippee! I’m very glad.

I went and swam the half mile again at lunch yesterday and the water was a little rough, but it was quite nice. I feel good!

And that’s about it for today, have a great weekend!

Spooky Space Suit

Last night I had a dream about a spooky space suit. It was my space suit I guess from the days I was an astronaut.

There was something wrong with it. It was haunted or something. The suit part was fine, it could hang in the closet and wasn’t really in the dream much. The helmet was just in the way, and there was something wrong with it. It seemed like a repeat dream but I don’t really think it was. Just a weird dream.

Tonight is movie night, I want to go but the movie’s not that great. I’ll probably go anyway.

Have a happy Thursday!

Sleep Tests & Adjustments

I was going to post a picture of the cat, but the cat moved. I’ve been trying to get a specific shot for 2 days and both times she follows me when I go to get the camera.

I’ve been trying to improve my sleep. My sleep monitoring app says I’m sleeping pretty good but I don’t feel like I am. I think I’m fooling it by laying still and relaxing even though I’m awake.

This mornings

I am experimenting with the bed, changing blankets and and etcetera. A few months ago I got new pillows and slept really well for a few days after that. I was excited to go to bed to test the new pillow. Nowadays I can’t tell if I’m too cold or too hot and I’m switching blankets this week. It seems like I always wake up at regular intervals, and the regular intervals stay the same. It’s weird that I can’t tell if I’m sleeping well or not.

Have a happy hump day!

La Palma Island Volcano

On Spain’s island of La Palma off the coast of Africa, the Volcano has been erupting.

Read the article here. It is unfortunate that homes are being destroyed but eye witnesses are saying that it is a spectacular eruption and quite beautiful.

Nature can do no harm, the only thing it hurts are man made things.

I was in the Navy in Hawaii, and the volcano on the Big Island was going off. Oahu had haze from the volcano, but I’ve never seen an erupting volcano. I was in Costa Rica in the presence of a somewhat erupting volcano, but it was completely covered by clouds.

Someday maybe I’ll see if Volcano erupting, maybe not. I’d like to.

Yesterday I got an email from my wife’s lawyer and I went to the dentist for an emergency drilling and filling. But even though all that happened, yesterday was a good day somehow.

I’m sure today will be a good day too, And I hope it’s a good day for you!

Another Picturesque Monday

It’s another Monday with another batch of weekend pictures. It was a nice weekend lengthened by the addition of 3 days vacation time. I went to an old beach near where I used to live and walked up to the old Homestead as near as I dared.

I lived in the center unit when hurricane Michelle put a wave through the whole place. It’s about 50 feet from the sea.

I went to the annual Recovery Month Festival at Pedro Saint James.

panorama view.
Pedro St. James’s Hurricane Ivan memorial.
And I took a picture of a tiny, tiny flower, half the size of a pencil eraser.

And now I’m headed back to work, and for some odd reason, I’m actually looking forward to it.

Have a wonderful Week!

A Good Friday

It’s a good Friday, had a nice Yom Kippur yesterday with an easy fast. I was only “lunchtime hungry” by the end, but I was thirsty thirsty thirsty! I think it was the first time since before my Bar Mitzva that I went to all the services.

Our Rabbi and I

Today is laundry, clean and catch-up day. (I’m using vacation days, as I need to be rid of them before the end of the year.)

And that’s about it.

Have a great weeekend!