Comp Time

When I work extra, I’m supposed to get the time back later as compensation time. According to my calculations, I have about 430 hours of comp time. According to works calculations, I have over 500. That’s a quarter of a year. That’s a lot of money. I wish they’d pay me for that time. You know I’ll never get to take it all. I need to just take 3 months off.
I’m guessing the reason for the difference between their calculations and mine is that they marked me down as taking vacation when I was taking comp time.

Candelight showers

When I wake up at 3:30 Am, I use a small flashlight to move around the apartment because the OI Girl is sleeping. I think it’s fun, and I have a little flashlight that I like using. When I go in the bathroom to shower, there is a candle that has been there since hurricane days. I light it and shave and shower with the candle lighted. Then I flashlight back to the bedroom and get dressed. I see the same plane fly almost directly overhead every day at almost exactly 4 AM when I’m walking the dog. It’s very high, and the sound from the plane seems to come from about 45 degrees in the sky off from where I can see the plane. I wonder if, using that information, I can calculate the speed and or altitude of the plane.
The dog is funny. when we get back from our walk, he wants to stay outside, but after a minute or two, if I go ask him, he wants to come back inside. Once in, he makes a beeline for his bed. I think it takes hime afew minute4s to figure out what time it is. Then at 5:45, when I wake up the OI Girl, he comes over to her side of the bed and helps wake her up by licking her elbow.


I seem to be stuck. All day I think of good things to post about, but when I get here, I caint remember a thing.
Today is super nice, and I have a split shift because I’m working tonight. There’s at least 6 cruise ships in today too, that means the beach will be packed.
I’m meeting a builder and architect at my piece of property today too.
The OI Girl practically lives at my house now, her lease is almost up at her apartment. But she’s unhappy with her job because it’s not challenging enough.
I’m at work and busy, so I gotta go!

normal weather lookin

Well, it looks like we’re haveing normal weather again. I never made it to the beach yesterday, I cleaned my apartment. The OI Girl went to visit some friends and while she was gone I knocked off some major mess areas. I had a couple zones all covered with papers and seashells and bits and pieces of junk and I cleaned them all up and put them away. She was pleasantly surprised when she got back.
Now I’m back at work, I feel pretty good today.
Here’s a picture of our work van, for no other reason than I like the van and the picture.

Do I dare to hope!

The weather looks kind of normal today, except for the wind being a little high. It is the normal fluffy clouds, passing by, albeit a little faster than usual. It might be a good day to hit the beach! (Finally)

Worlds most boringest blog

There’s nothing to write about these days. My last week of posts have been uneventful. I worked this morning. It’s still cloudy and miserable. I have taken three tests for my course in the past two days.
Out of sheer nothing-else-to-post-aboutness, here’s a picture of my dog. He is a Carnivorous Monster, a Horrifying Beast. A Flesh-Ripping terror. Look at this picture, you can tell that at any minute the monster may erupt into a snarling hellstorm of fur-covered razor bladed fury.

I couldn’t post yesterday, I was at work and gone too early. we had a remote broadcast, but the van was in the shop, and I had to go get it so we could use it.
Then I had to take it back to the shop and wait “just a few minutes” till they installed a part. Well, the few minutes was a couple of hours and by the time I got back to the station, it was time to go home.
I am also working on a friends computer. It is very loaded up with spyware and virus’s. Also, I just found out that there were two anti-virus programs loaded, interfering with each other badly. It’s a mess.
I’m glad it’s a weekend, although I’m working Saturday.

Half way

With the lesson I just completed, and the test I took this morning, I am now more than half way done with my online course.
I’m going through another phase where, when I’m going through the day, I think “I can post on my blog about that” often, but when I get here to post, I can’t remember any of it.
Here, it has been rainy for several days, but this morning it was clear with a strong cool breeze from the north west. Hopefullly it will stay clear and sunny long enough for me to get some beach time in.
Also, now that I seem to have incorperated study time in my daily schedule, I need to start working on a way to incorporate some exercise time in there too. I think I can easily combine beach time and exercise time….. That’s what I’ll be thinking about today….