Windows Updates vs Android Updates

My Android had an update available this morning, i installed it without fear or hesitation. It installed flawlessly while I was in the shower. I haven’t checked for new features, but I’m using it now and so far everything works ok. As always.

Not so with Windows updates. Practically everyone i know has automatic updates turned off on Windows. When an update is available, it is usually avoided, at best researched and verified bad bits rejected. If you choose to install, it is a gruelingly long, interactive process . And then you almost immediately find problems with your machine.

I have had a Windows boycott for many years, and it’s nice. I have windows at work, unavoidably, Also i have the laptop at home that i use mostly for external hard drives. When I turn on my windows laptop to move files from a flash drive to a hard drive. It’s a nuisance getting to the OS to do the job, like “Let’s finish setting up your email”. Let’s not.

On my laptop,it takes 20 minutes to get to the screen to do a 60 second job. Windows at work, Microsofts arrogance still continues to amaze me. They think I know what I want better than I do.

I’m sticking with Android all I can!

Fantastic Weekend

Saturday was an 800 Meter Sea Swim. I did’t swim well, I went way off course, but it was still good. Saturday evening, I went to the movies and sau A Man Called Otto. Loved it. Complimented the book.

Sunday saw me go to an early morning yoga class, which left me feeling great, followec by coffee on the beach at the Westin and then a scuba dive.

I planned on house cleaning and yaard work after that but took a nap and did very little cleaning. I went to bed early and don’t think I woke up once all night, except 4 minutes before the alarm, and I went right back to sleep.

And now it’s back to work, and I’m actually looking forward to it.

Late Late Friday

I was sound asleep and out cold when the alarm went off this morning. I can’t remember my dream but the alarm clock was part of it. I did my morning routine, including making breakfast and lunch (this morning instead of last night), and now I’m running late!

this weekend there’s a half mile swim, and a Sunday scuba dive. That’s all I know so far.

have a great weekend!

Asteroid 2023 BU.

BU is short for bus, because that’s about how big this asteroid is! It will pass whisker close in the next few hours.

If you look in the ” junk news” we’re going to probably get creamed by an asteroid every day. But when you see such a headline, glance down at the source, and it’s usually some news service no one has ever heard of before. But this is coming from a reliable source..

worrying won’t do any good, and it’s probably gone by by the time you’re reading this anyway.

Keep looking up towards the heavens!

Nightmare Spill. AKA Beanbag Chair Guts

Nightmare’ plastic pellet spill. Brittany, France beaches polluted by waves of beads believed to be from shipping containers lost in Atlantic.

Read the article HERE

See the picture above. When I was a teen in the ’80s, my friends had a beanbag chair break. The styrofoam pellets inside were practically impossible to clean up. Static electricity made them jump away from the broom on a tile floor. Imagine trying to clean a shipping container full and clean them was by hand, one by one. That’s what they’re doing in France and Spain. It’s impossible to do.

In my personal experience from decades past, these pellets are possibly one of humankinds worst creations.

France is taking legal action, but what good will it really do? Plastic pollution is harming sea life and this will affect us all. Humans need to stop manufacturing these pellets and all non biodegradable packing materials. Even the large styrofoam peanuts are difficult to deal with.

I don’t know how to end this post. I remember the strange qualities of the pellets, trying to clean up after that burst chair. I can’t fathom a container full.

A person is smart. People are stupid.

Fabulous Jamaica

I made it home last night, had a great time in Jamaica. I’m thinking about going back in July.

It was my first trip since before covid. I’m glad to have it under my belt. I will be traveling more from now on.

Of course, I took Travlin’ Tim on the trip.

Im think about retiring him. He’s large and faded, and has been broken and glued. Mostly he’s too valuable to me to risk any more. Meet Backpacker Bob:

But I don’t know for sure yet. I love Travlin’Tim. And he loves to travel. Travlin’Tim has the history, and the experience. Maybe he should just keep on with me until the very end. I dunno, I’m thinking here!

And on a side note: someone once suggested Travlin’ Tim was from the Travelocity gnome. He is not. He is inspired from the French movie Amelie, and I believe he predates the Travelocity’s gnome. Just FYI. I would guess the their gnome is from the same movie.

it’s a Monday holiday here, I got back late last night and in a little while I get to go get my two dawgies.

Have a wonderful week!

Jamaica Tomorrow

24 hours from now, i should be boarded on the plane , getting ready to depart for Jamaica.

I’m going for their Roundup, and I’ll see how similar it is to Cayman’s Roundup.

Becauae of Covid lockdown, i met quite a few people online from Jamaica, and I look forward to meeting them in real life. It’s going to be an excellent trip!

Have a great weekend!

Diving Elephants?

this morning I was dreaming that I was scuba diving on a shipwreck. It was a beautiful, upright shipwreck . Crystal clear Blue warm water good visibility a nice dive. Probably 50 to 80 ft deep. In the dream, I was surprised to see a very large elephant standing on the deck of the ship. I swam forward on the ship and there was another elephant standing on the bottom off the port side forward. There were also two dolphins, still, apparently looking at the elephant. My thought was, “I didn’t know elephants could go that this deep” it was a very pleasant dream and a nice dive.

it seemed like I was sleeping well when the alarm went off this morning. I wonder which is better, to have my sleep disturbed by the alarm? Or to be awake already when the alarm goes off? It’s a real poser.

it’s almost the weekend, tomorrow is Friday hooray!

What If?

My meditation this morning included “what would you do today if you had one week to live?” I would do the same thing I’m doing. I’d go to work, then the beach for lunch. (Maybe I wouldn’t go to work, just the beach). As far as dying in a week? I really don’t feel like I’d care. I have a great life, i can see it’s better than most peoples. I wouldn’t trade places with anybody, but I’ve been around long enough for me. On a side note, I’d rather die fast than decay slowly.

The meditation said that any breath could be our last. At the time, i was standing with my feet wide apart, trying to get my head to touch the floor. (Only about two feet to go!) I could easily fall and break my neck. Any breath COULD be our last. But oh well, can’t worry about it.

Seems like a morbid post this morning, but it isn’t really.. Have a fun day!

Wendys Combos

The other day I went to Wendys, I seldom go to any fast food places, but I felt like using the drive thru. I ordered the #9 combo, grilled chicken sandwich. An outrageous $9.35. I placed my order, the man in the speaker box replied “Do you want medium or large combo?” I said I didn’t know what that meant, it wasn’t on the menu.. The speaker voice asked if I wanted a medium fries and soda or a large fries and soda?” I repeated, “I don’t know, I only see one thing on the menu, #9 combo, $9.35.” “Ahhh,” said the voice in the box, “you want the small combo.”

So, I ordered a sepcific thing, the employee automatically tried to give me an item more expensive than I requested, (and the item I requested wasn’t even presented as an option.)

Isn”t that illegal? Bait and switch? Racketeering? It’s gotta be illegal. Another reason not to eat fast food too often. they try to rip people off, so less people go, so they need to rip off the remaining customers even worse.

Anyway, I’m off to work again, Happy Tuesday!