Not as good as yesterday.

Today wasn’t as good as yesterday, not that it was bad. I woke up early, before the alarm. I was going to post this morning “NO Sunrise” because it was still pitch black, no eastern glow. Orion was high and pleiades was directly overhead. Definitely a winters evening sky. Winter is coming! I hate to say it! That fancy singing bird I was talking about a month or so ago is long gone! Probably down in Aruba!
I didn’t have time to post this morning though, I had to go to work early. Besides yesterdays post was really late last night.
I had a split shift today, I went to lunch at 11:30 and went back to work at 3 for the talk show. Wouldn’t you know it? It got cloudy and rainy when I got off and quit by the time I was driving back to work!
By dive buddy and his girlfriend went back to the UK yesterday. Diving may get a bit scarcer.
Everyone I know is a multi-house, multi counrty jet-set millionaire and I’m just a lowly working jerk! Poor poor me!!!

Well, this certainly is an exciting post. I’ll quit before you fall asleep.

The day today was good.

Today was a good day. First I went on my turtle search beachwalk training. We found one nest and two spots where the female turtle got out of the water, checked out a spot and decided it wasn’t good enough and got back in the water without laying any eggs. We marked the nests by measuring the distance to three points nearby and raked over the nest so nobody coould find it. It two months, we’ll go back to see them hatch and help out if needed. the girl who was in charge was a biologist, if I had known what a biologist did for a living, I might have been a biologist when I grew up. She has placed a transmitter on several turtles shells and they track the turtles using satellites. HERE’S a link to the website where you can see the turtles satellite tracking info. You have to promise to not use the data for any evil purpose like turtle hunting before it will let you in.

Then I went and dropped my car off to get the drivers side window replaced. They did a really good job and found out that the glass broke because the slider broke away from the door and had to be welded, so they welded it and found a window that matched my previous tint and the tint on the passengers window on the other side. I got it back this afternoon

Since I didn’t have a car at lunchtime, I walked to my super top secret near town swim spot. It’s about a 10 minute walk from work and about the closest place to swim and catch some rays during lunch. I like it because its all old concrete work and looks like

somewhere in the Mediterranean. How would I know, having never been anywhere near the Mediterranean, but it’s what it reminds me of. Here’s a picture of the “Mediterranean” concrete work and rocks and one of me, taken with the self timer.
Click here for a short video of the same place. Like I’ve said before, my camera only takes about a 15 second video, so this video is just me turning around 360 degrees in about 15 seconds. Crappy quality. You can see the two ships, one behind the other almost, the waves that aren’t usually there, an old abandoned swimming pool and the rocks that are in the picture above.

Tomorrow I have to go to work extra early, because of an outside broadcast that starts at 7:30. that means I want to be there set up by 7 at the latest. Also tomorrow I have to work late because of the talk show I always do on Wednesdays (that’s why I went to Cayman Brac last week, remember?). That means I plan on taking an extended lunch hour tomorrow! AKA Split Shift. I love that when that happens!

Fire "Over There"

This mornings sunrise looked like a fire under the clouds on the horizion. Redder than bright red, a new color. When the color red goes one way, it turns orange then yellow, the other way leads to purpleness then blue. This was a new direction towards a redder red. You’ve seen it.
I woke up this morning with a song in my brain. Nazareth, Miss Misery. So as soon as my coffee was done, I put on my 2002 MP3 player that has been kicking Ipods ass since long before they were even born, selected the required tune, adjusted the volume to the proper mind shattering volume for music of such genre, and hit “the button” (play). Then I walked my dog watching abovementioned sunrise.
In a few I have to go to the turtle beach walk. Also I have to go drop off my car a the repair place, then walk to work. Maybe I should call in late…..
Have a great day!

Monday Night.

It’s monday night. I hafta say I’m kind of sad Lentula Vitae seems to be gone, at least temporarily. Hope she makes it back! We all have our own little groups, our circles. Mine is different than yours, but still has many of the same parts. I have noticed that in my particular circle, we all seem to have started our blogs at the same time and I have been secretly wondering when people would start to disappear.
I notice much fewer comments and hits these past few days and it just makes me really sad. Not because I am a “comment whore” but you people who read this have become my friends. Socially, I don’t really have much of a life and this blogging thing has become important to me. I go look at old posts and see where people have already disappeared. As I have disappeared to some people. I posted a while ago about how it would take an ever increasing amount of time to maintain your visiting friends blogs and searching for new ones. Maybe it wasn’t a post on mine, but a comment on someone elses blog. I have notebooks that I have been writing in for almost 15 years. I can keep on doing this. It’s the same as my notebooks. In my notebooks it was more personal, more personal content and not every day, but it is theraputical and good for the brain, like I think this is.

Today I was leaving work to run a business related errand in the morning and my drivers door window exploded for no apparent reason, I just got in my car, started rolling it down and I saw it shatter just as it was disappearing inside the door. A few shards flew around but most ended up inside the door body and now my door sounds like bag of gravel when I slam it shut. I have an appointment to get it fixed tomorrow.

Tomorrow I start as a volunteer beach walker, to look for turtle nests. We meet on the beach near my house and walk a section of the beach 4 times a week looking for nests, helping the babies get into the sea, and well, I really don’t know, because I have to learn about it tomorrow. Coupla years ago I was on the beach and these girls came up and started digging near me. They knew there was a turtle nest there and had to check the eggs and place a marker. If the momma turtle puts the eggs too close to a street light, the babies can’t find the way to the sea and have to be rescued. Plus they look at the hatched nests and always find some that didn’t make it out and need to be rescued too. So it should be interesting and help me get out of the house more and cure this terrible sleeping late problem I have.

Another Day

Well it’s Monday again, that means another perfect day, no breeze yet, pink / orange sunrise, and after a windy no diving weekend its perfect for diving – and I’m going to work.
Today should be an interesting because the girl who was on vacation should be back today and I’ll be able to see all my mistakes as well as get a few questions answered. It’s kind of like watching the “meal lump” go through the snake. At the end of this month, also this week, my input will show up upstairs at the billing department, there I am sure to be informed of any deficencies.
Anyway, my coffee turned out great today (it sucked yesterday, I used my backup coffee pot and it needs to be replaced)
I was avoiding telling you I had a backup coffee pot.

I’ll post this now so I can do nothing for the last half hour before I go to work.
I know today is a holiday in the UK. Is it labor day in the US? Rekkon I’ll be feeling like the only one on this planet working today….

Southwest wind

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I noticed the wind was coming from the SW, which is unusual. the night before, I could hear waves crashing on SMB (Seven Mile Beach) from my front porch. It’s a 4 minute walk so guess SMB is an eighth or quarter mile away. It’s pretty rough if ou can hear the waves from here. (In Cayman, rough is 3-5 foot waves, wich is considered flat in other places.)
The wreck of the Carrie Lee is on the SW corner of the island, so it was too rough to dive there. It was rough on the north too, so we ended up blending some gasses instead of diving. The current can be very strong.
This morning when the alarm went off I listened to the news and turned it off and went back to sleep. I just woke up and 7:30-ish. I slept really late huh? Are you proud of me?
So today I hope to dive but don’t expect to. Maybe I’ll make it to the beach or clean my apartment.
Does your spell checker work on this edit post window? mine doesn’t seem to.

All my posts have the same name.

I started to name this post “Another Saturday” but paused and thought I probably have several with that title, So I tried to think of something different.

Last night I didn’t sleep too well, I kept waking up, thinking I had to go to work, then reminding myself it would be Saturday.

I’m diving this afternoon at about 2:30. Supposed to do a deep wreck called the Carrie Lee, but the breeze this morning isn’t looking too favorable. We still haven’t dived Funky Town. My UK dive buddy leaves Tuesday. That means Sunday is the last diving day for them. Yesterday we tried to do the top of Funky Town, but I had minor problems with my unit and we cut it short.

I was planning on going to the US this September, see my parents and sister, see my house in Virginia and just generally visit friends. But now I don’t feel like it. Mostly I wanted to see this girl whose name starts with an L but yesterday she told me she’s seeing someone and won’t be available in the way I hoped. She was down here on a cruise ship several months ago and it was the first time we had seen each other in about 10 years and we really hit it off well. Really really well. It is part of a very long story. I could go and spend more time north and less time south, but I really have zero desire to go at all anymore. I’ve only had what I consider to be three relationships in my life. I do not count my ex marriage as one of the three. The most important of the three was with L. I plan on posting about the whole thing soon, as it’s burning in my mind more and more and I’m going crazier and crazier being single and being seemingly unable to do anything about it. When I have a girlfriend, other women seem available, but when I’m single, I’m the only single person on the planet. As a rule, female availability has always been inversely proportional to my need and desire.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not a victim who’s been mistreated and abused. I have a lot of faults and have made a lot of mistakes. I probably deserve what I got relationship-wise. I do know I have a great life, and I am grateful for it. It’s just that the only thing missing is the girl!

Woke up this morning..

Due to an alarm clock failure, I overslept this morning and did not get up at 5. Luckily, my backup alarm went off at 5:30 and here I am. (What an ass! Who the heck has a backup alarm!??)
I’m glad it’s Friday. Today is my last day (for now) of doing the station logs, The girl will be back Monday. I was just starting to get the hang of it! Today the work is trebeled because I have to do all weekends and Mondays logs.
I was walking the dog this morning and noticed the roosters crowing. Here is is a pretty constant din in the background, because there is so many wild chickens. I hardly notice it anymore, but if I’m ever on the phone outside, the person on the other end almost always says something.
This morning my coffee came out good. Yesterday I ran out of coffee and had to use my backup coffee. (What kind of moron has backup coffee!?!?) it’s this old coffee in the back of the fridge that is really old. This morning I’m drinking new coffee.
Today I feel like everything I say sounds stupid. Did that sound stupid? It sounded stupid to me.

BBC on Rebreathers

This is a BBC Radio piece on rebreathers. The only thing I DON’T agree with is that I was trained to use only a breathable gas as diluent, not a gas that cannot sustain life like pure helium.
The audio is a couple minutes long, I hope it’s not too long of a download

Back From the Brac

The Bluff on Cayman Brac

Got back from Cayman Brac yesterday afternoon, then I went to the station for a few hours to do some work. Then I came home and bacically went to bed straight away.
I woke up this morning 3:15 and could’t get back to sleep. I contemplated getting up but I laid there till at least 4:30. By the time the alarm went off at 5 I was sleeping really well and it was hard to get up. But I feel good this morning and am ready to go!
Today I will unpack my equipment I took with us and play the day by ear see what else happens.

This is an egg house we saw on The Brac. I was unfinished for years and looks like someone fixed it up.