Itsanuther Monday.

Rainy morning today, we needed it. A cold front moved through very suddenly and quickly yesterday evening.

Heres some random pictures from the phone. My breakfast yesterday, fruit toast and raspberry banana smoothie (and coffee). Lenny, acting like he’s not watching me, and a picture of my Kindle, we live in the sky.

.Soon I’ll be headed off to work on a good day for working. Have a good week

Kindle Scribe Software Update

I love my Kindle Scribe. I use it every day. BUT! A couple weeks or so ago,i got an actual email talking about a new firmware update. I’ve seen articles about it . But it’s not there on their website and it’s driving me nuts.

I’ve had the April update since April. That was way before the email and articles. I want the update that converts writing to text!

Its torture I tell you, torture!