WiFi Without Internet

on my phone, and probably yours, there’s a Wi-Fi connection and a cellular data connection of your internet service.

What grinds my gears, is that if my phone is connected to a Wi-Fi signal, and there’s no internet on that Wi-Fi, then my phone won’t automatically use the cellular data connection to access the internet. The internetless Wi-Fi effectively prevents internet access.

I have to turn off the Wi-Fi to access the internet, and then remember to turn wi-fi back on again. Pain in thee butt.

And that’s my daily whining and moa ING for today!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Samsung S21

Got a new phone this weekend. A Samsung Galaxy S21. The Ulifone is still good, but getting weird, like Bluetooth turning itself off. This Samsung cost 3X what the Ulifone cost, and it’s last years model

But it’s smaller and lighter and I’m happy with it.

Another Monday, Another 3 day week!

Happy Day-Before-Friday!

TGTF Thank Gawd Tomorrow’s Friday!

I bought a new big pot yesterday and re-potted the plant from yesterday. Practically an identical pot, but green.

I’ve had a new hobby for the past month or so that I’m really REALLY enjoying. It’s called “leave my phone in the car and not look at it for hours at a time.” It’s GREAT! I recommend you try it!

My pepper is growing nicely. I am a little concerned though, it’s not looking like a bell pepper.

Maybe it will “Shape Up”

If it’s not a bell pepper, I don’t care, but that’s what was on the bag of seeds

Have a great Thursday, see ya tomorrow!

Two Months With the Ulefone

Back in December I got this phone. I decided I didn’t like it. Then broke my old phone and had no choice but use this new one.

After two plus months, i will say that it is acceptable. It has good specs and works. The phone can handle internet phone calls and zoom meetings without locking up. And it was inexpensive. I guess I’m getting used to it.

I’m not saying I will try another, but I’m not saying I wouldn’t. I still want a smaller phone and think these huge phones are ridiculous.

it’s Tuesday, crystal clear weather, but my friend says it’s raining on Cayman Brac. So maybe it will get cloudy here later.

have you a good day!

The Tiling

The tiling job has started. I gotta say, it looks really good!

The house is a wreck, but I kinda like it. There was a tall table with stools on the porch that is quite nice inside.

Tiles, Thinset, papered floors and outdoor furniture.

I suppose this job will be done on Friday, just in time for 2022. Fingers crossed.

I’m switched over to the new phone. The old one went into the trash.

have a great day!

Back To Old Phone

I switched back to my old phone,the new one just isn’t worth the hassle.

It’s a day off, use it or lose it vacation Friday. It’s almost 2022. Unbelievable.

Here it’s cloudy with a chance of rain. I’m going diving, I like it better when it’s sunny.

Remember December 13th, when I told you my motorcycle helmet broke? I ended up buying a new helmet. Here’s a picture of me wearing my new motorcycle helment. I didn’t know it had the pop down a visor until I got it. Surprisingly pleased with the new helmet. Very disappointed with the new phone, It’s like they offset each other.

I look just like the cop in Terminator 2

Have a great weekend!

More On The Ulefone

I’m setting it up for a second time. I was having a lot of problems and did a factory reset. It seems to be going much better. Aside from the fact that it’s bigger than expected, it seems to be pretty good for the money. AND a lot of the problems I blamed on the phone seem to be Android 11. I’m still setting it up, we’ll see how it goes today.

I spelled Ulefone wrong yesterday.

another thing I want to say. Fresh Step kitty litter is horrible. Cat urine turns it into concrete. It will break your pooper scooper.

Avoid at all costs

have a wonderful day!

Ulifone – So Far

Instantly I was disappointed with the Ulifone that I got yesterday. The specs said a 6.1inch screen. My tape measure says 6 and 7/8ths. It is barely smaller than my old phone. My prime object was to get a smaller phone. But I’ve had it barely more than 12hours, so I’m giving it more of a chance.

This is my first post on my new phone, BTW.

I’m feeling calm, cool and collected this morning. I think it’s going to be a good day!

Phone Case Mod 1

I modified my phone case yesterday. The phone was too big, and the velcro barely touched and it wouldn’t stay closed. So I bought one button (30 cents) and sewed it on wilh dental floss, then added the brass grommet and not one but two girls hair thingies. (“Hair thingy” is the proper scientific name, so I’ve been told.)

And below is a picture of me holding the sun between two fingers.


I’m sure I’ve taken a nearly identical picture before.

Have a great day!