Baltimore Bridge Collapse

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore USA was hit by a Singapore based container ship. Experts are saying the collision must have been incredibly hard to bring down the double concrete pillared bridge. I believe on the left side of the top picture above you can see the partially sunken containership.

There were two pilots on board, In charge of stirring the ship, so whatever happened to make the ship lose control must have been catastrophic in itself.

Read the article HERE.

It happened about one in the morning.And there are several cars in the water. I guess we can say it was lucky it didn’t happen during rush hour because then there would have been hundreds of cars in the water. And people.

I used to work for a company in Laurel Maryland and dud a lot of jobs in Baltimore. I’ve been over that bridge many many times.

It seems impossible, surreal.

Hippos In Colombia

There was an article this morning about feral hippopotamuses in Colombia. They are escapee’s from Pablo Escobar’s private zoo in the 1990s. Columbia is apparently a perfect place for hippos to grow, plenty of water and food.

Read the article HERE. Hippos are very dangerous.. Interesting, but not really funny

happy Friday have a great weekend!

“Lost” His Plane?

In yesterdays news, there was a story about a “missing” F-35. The pilot ejected safely after a “mishap”. But the plane was “missing”…. Later, the wreckage was found.. two hours away. .

The article just said two hours, it didn’t specify two hours by air, car or turtle ride, just two hours.

Now, I could be wrong, as I frequently am, but the first thing that popped into my head, was that the “mishap” was that the pilot ejected unintentionally, and the plane, being just fine, kept on flying by itself. It was missing till they found where it crashed….

Thats my unsubstantiated theory….

“I was just tryin’ to find the little lever that scoots the seat back!”

What say you??

Happy Tuesday !

Zoom Workers, Back To The Office!

Zoom, the company that makes it possible for you to work from home, has just now ordered its staff back to the office. Read the article here.

I find it amazing that people are still working from home, leftover from the covid days. I think I missed three days waiting for my letter stating that I was an essential employee, and never got to work from home. It would be nice to be able to work from home, but the concept still seems alien to me.

In fact, I’m heading out to work right now, in person!

Titan Sub

I guess you all have heard it already, the sub, named Titan, that was lost on a trip to the Titanic.

Below is a picture of the lost crew/passengers.

It’s a tragedy, the deaths, but they knew there was one helluva rlrisk.

I think I called it accurately from the beginning, the sub descended, it takes two hours to reach depth. 1 hour, 45 minutes into the dive, almost there, contact was lost. I said to my co.worker, “it got almost to the bottom and imploded like a light bulb breaking. Instant, nearly painless death for all. ( I’m pretty sure light bulbs have a vacuum inside to prevent the filament from burning rapidly, that’s why they pop like they do when they break) Well, at that depth, inside the sub was probably comparatively closer to a vacuum than the inside of a light bulb.

I questioned my theory when the news said there was “banging” heard.

Also there is very little, if any, equipment that could recover an object as big as the Titan sub at that depth.

From the beginning, if anything went wrong they were pretty screwed, and I’m sure they knew it.

But what a way to go… Beats dying in a hospital bed.

Happy Friday Yee haw!


There was a massive earthquake in the Turkey – Syria border region. There’s wars and politics and borders messing up the relief efforts. 5000 dead so far, a number sure to rise.

My heart goes out to the people of that area, we’re all the same. Our only differences come from the fact that we all believe the local stuff we are immersed in day in, day out. From childhood to adulthood.

I’m Going To Jail! Volunteers Needed!

Starting yesterday, Friday the 3rd, it’s illegal for me to feed my cats!*

I’ve been feeding my feral cats for over 10 years, I’m not going to stop because of some new law. Just throw me in jail right now, and feed my cats for me while I’m away!

Read the article HERE.

There used to be seven cats, now there’s four. I have one now, yowling in protest at the indignation of being in a kennel. He’s on his way to the veterinarian.

Now chickens, i can see how feeding them is criminal. They steal my cats food, poop on the pavement and dig up my yard. You can throw them chicken feeding mo’fo’s in the slammer and throw away the key! I have to guard against any chickens getting any food in my yard, because if they do, they’ll be back, and they”ll bring their friends. Curse you chickens and you evil chicken feeding bastards. 😁

AND! Happy Anniversary to me! February 4th, 1997, I arrived here in Cayman, hoping to stay as long as they’d keep me. Feb 4th 2023, 26 years today! I’m still here, and grateful every day for it!

Also, I finished this book yesterday, A Visit From The Goon Squad

I thought it was a great book that needs to be read more than once.
This book is like a novel, it’s more or less about the same people the whole book. It’s also like a book of short stories because the chapters are not necessarily related to each other. The chapters don’t seem to be in proper time order. One chapter is all pictures and charts.
This book is different than any other book I’ve ever read. It’s good, it’s interesting. and I recommend you read it and tell me what you think. I did spend some time lost, and this book might be better the second (or third) time it is read than the first..

Have a great Saturday and Sunday, see you Monday! I’m off to the walk/run.

  • (* I know, I know, the article says nobody can feed them on public property, so feeding my cats in my yard is legal, but it’s fun to rant and rave, ya know?)