Last Day Of May

It was a very good weekend, overall. Went out to dinner Friday with a dozen or so friends. It was really wonderful.

Saturday, mowed the yard. And cleaned. A lot. Found some ancient, 2017 pasta in the pantry. And lots of rice Not expired. I’ll be eating rice forever.

The wife took the dogs overnight Friday night. When she brought them back Saturday morning. I was not really very nice. I don’t like her being uncomfortable and she looked uncomfortable and small Saturday morning. No matter how she treats me or what she does, I never want to be mean to her. I felt bad after she left and later, I apologized on a voicemail. Later still, I invited her out to a “nice” lunch on Sunday. She accepted and we had a good lunch and it was very nice, like old times. I made her laugh. It was odd saying good-bye in the parking lot, I’m used to us to getting in the car and going home like normal. I almost forgot to say good-bye, I took a step towards the car and she didn’t, and I remembered, “Oh yeah”. and it all came flooding back and I felt like bursting out into tears.

I’d rather be angry, sorta, sorta not. Being angry seems more powerful and in-control feeling.

Sunday morning earlier, I went diving. it was a good dive. But it was sunny and clear when we went under and almost completely overcast when we got out. Then it rained, definitely because I mowed the yard.

Below is a video of that my favorite fish, a juvenile Spotted Drum and below that, some other pictures from yesterday.

And now it’s another Monday It’s a holiday in the US, first day of summer.

Have a great week!!!

Beautiful Morning

it’s a beautiful morning. Too bad that camera can’t capture the sun coming up through the trees.

Not much to post about again today, I expect a busy, fulfilling day at work today.

This the season of daily rains, just not here in West Bay, (center of the universe). It can rain in town and not in West Bay, but when it rains in West Bay, it’s raining all over the world.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hands Across America

I thought the 26th of May was the anniversary of Hands Across America. I was in it, at College Park Maryland, USA. But, this morning I realized it was the 25th.

Getting the date wrong kinda pulled the rug out from under this post, which I’ve had planned for a week or so. The BBC has been advertising a special podcast and I’m sure they were saying the 26th the whole time.

Anyway, I participated in Hands Across America, and it was pretty cool.

How embarrassing.

In other news, there was an eclipse of the moon this morning. Who knew? I didn’t. I generally keep track of these things, and was quite surprised. I did my morning exercises, I saw the full moon. I took the dogs for their walk, and watched it become a half moon. Quite impressive. I have witnesses in case you don’t believe there was an eclipse. It’s probably just ending as I type this.

Anyway, I seem to be way off the mark for everything today. On a break from reality. So wish me luck getting through the day unscathed!

More On The Weather

My Weather Apps

The sky now is clear. “Today Weather” says 45% chance of rain. “Weather Forecast” says 60% chance of rain. “Weather Bug” hour by hour says 2% chance of rain max. The CI weather app hasn’t been loading and I didn’t check it, but they ALWAYS say it’s going to rain.Windfinder shows dripping clouds except for a couple hours in the afternoon. Wunderground just says 40% chance of rain, straight across the board.

How can I tell if it going to rain or not, with this mish mash of conflicting information?

For many things, the internet makes information gathering worse. If I just looked out the window, I’d say it was a good day to ride the scooter and leave the van home. But the internet has poisoned the decision making process.

Thanks internet! I was driving the van anyway, I have go shopping after work today.

Have a great day! Stay dry!

Yet Another Monday

I was an alright weekend. It was cloudy and windy a lot, but not when it counted. I participated in a 800 meter sea swim 🏊‍♂️ on Saturday and it was sunny. Sunday, because of the wind, a rather large branch fell off one of my trees and I chainsawed it to pieces and threw it in the bush.

And I did a lot of cleaning and ate too much.

And now it’s back to work!

Have a great week!

Sea Swim!

I’m in! I swam the half mile (800m) twice this week, not knowing about the above pictured swim. I finished both times, but didn’t do the freestyle racing stroke the whole way. But I know I can finish in the 40 minute allotted time (easily). I haven’t done a sea swim in a long, time. Plus, I could use a new t-shirt!

Went to movie night last night, it was ooo-kay. Casino Royale, the newer one. I thought the card game at the end was too long. Plus James Bond kept going outside and getting killed, except he wasn’t quite dead. He’d come back to life, clean himself up, and everyone was surprised when he showed back up at the card table in his tux.

And I’m glad it’s Friday, as I always am. Have a good weekend!

Two Sleeps And Me

I’ve posted a couple times previously about the topic of Two Sleeps

below are selected sleep records from the app that goes with my watch. All of them are from about the past week.

As you can see, almost every night, I wake up in the middle of the night. I used to be really worried about it, almost panic trying to force myself to go back to sleep, but now I’m getting used to it, and maybe even enjoying it.

It’s also interesting to me to see that I seldom sleep even 6 hours in a night. Tuesday and Sunday I slept for a pretty long time.

Anybody else have experiences with two sleeps? Nobody that I recall has ever said that they have.

Have a great day! Movie Night at the Westin tonight!


Wednesday, the wife has been gone for a week. Last Monday was her last night here. It has been very rough on me.

Yesterday at lunchtime, I swam the half mile for the second time in a year. It was tough, but I’ll probably do it again today.

We had a little rain this morning. A sprinkling. The other day, we had barely a sprinkle while the whole rest of the island got flooding, decent rain. We need a good flooding here in West Bay (center of the universe).

And they’ll about do it for today. Have a good day!

Missed the Apogee

On my calendar, I have today at 12:22 as the equinox, one of the two days a year the sun is perfectly, directly overhead. But, upon rr-xjecking my calculations, I discovered it was yesterday. Not that there’s THAT much difference, but I like to be outside when it happens. I will be out there today, looking down a hole from a fence pole.

A light pole would have no shadow. Sunlight would shine all the way to the bottom of a well.

It only happens between the earths tropics.

Yesterday was was holiday, today is seems like Monday, except I’m looking forward to getting to work. Grinding my nose on the grindstone.

Have a great week!