No Breaks!

Yesterday I had to report back again for jury and face the lineup to be selected for another case. It was delayed. One gentleman was very angry waiting, talking about the broken system, his rights being violated, his excuse note to get out of jury duty was rejected. We waited and waited, until we were told we had to wait till next week. Fine with me. I get to better keep caught up at work, read my book, and every day off is a day closer to the end of jury doodie.

its actually not that bad.

Happy Friday! I’m running late this morning!

Plea Change

My jury case is over. We heard all the evidence and both sides were getting ready to wrap it up and the defendant changed his plea to guilty.

Basically, at 3 AM he stopped at some apartments, allegedly looking for this girl. Saw an open door, thought it was her apartment and went in. Then he realized nothing looked familiar, he left. Then he decided to go back in to look for some painkillers. This time he ran into the tennant and they got into a fight. He escaped but turned himself in a couple hours later.

Today i report to possibly be selected for the next case.

Have a great day!


Yesterday, after the rain, I saw quite a few worms on the surface of the dirt on the planters. These aren’t wet, slimy earthworms, they’re dry bodied and kinda hard shelled. I’m assuming they’re not harmful but I have to find out.

Im running a little slow this morning and have to git goin’!

Have a wonderful day!

Red Sky At Morning…

sailor take warning.

After a very rainy, lightning and thundery night, we’re having a very red sunrise. Pictured above. I guess it’s more rain today, but you can’t tell.

I was selected for a jury yesterday. 🙁 I can’t say more than that.

i slept good and pleasantly but want to sleep more. Need coffee!

Have a wonderful day!

Weekend Wrapped Up.

Let me start by saying, I binge-watched Stranger Things season 4. It was quite good. Worth watching, definitely.

Yesterday, went diving, below are pictures, with captions, of course.

Ava the avocado tree in the ground!

Above, you will see a tree for which I dug a whole hole, twice as deep as it needed. I put a lot of good potting soil underneath. The tree is a she, and her name is Ava the Avocado tree.

And now, it is Monday, and I must again report for jury duty. I am not looking forward to it. Hopefully I can dodge that bullet again.

Have a fantabulous week!

moderate list

venus came out well in this shot from this mornings dawg walk

itsa Friday. I have a moderate list of weekend tasks. One, dig a hole for a tree. Two, clear the fence and northwest corner of the yard. If I get those two things done, I will be happy.

And go diving.

Have a great weekend!

New Cat Bed

Yesterday i reported that I dreamed about it, today it is a reality. The cat has a new bed in her new “secret hiding spot”. She got in it immediately after dinner and seems to like it very well. Yeay!!

We had a good rain shower this morning before the alarm. Our dawg walk was nice and cool with very clear, starry skies. I picked some lettuce and used it in my lunch (chicken wraps).

And the weekend is almost upon us. I have targeted the areas in the yard that need weekend attention.

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday Weirdness

its a Wednesday and I’m drawing a blank for a post today. My meditation class has been over for a week but I’m still practicing daily. I seem to be in a better state of mind overall I guess.

i had a lot of weird dreams last night. A gear shifter on a large truck with the red knob alongside, thinking I should at least hang a picture in an empty room that had no furniture or windows. And all this stuff that I should read but the list kept getting longer and longer until it was impossible.

im expecting a quiet day at work today. One out sick and one on vacation. I have a ways to go before I get caught up at work. Next Monday I report again for jury doodie. (Yes, I spelled that how I intended) I’m thinking about wearing the exact same clothes and acting the exact same way so I hopefully won’t get picked again.

Anyway, i hope you’ll have a wonderful day.