Finished: Good Omens

I finally finished Good Omens. My review below. Thumbs down, for me.

The first half was good, but I think it declined after that. To me, the humor was cheesy, and there seemed to be a lot of unnecessary side story. I thought the climax was anti climactic, without emphasis. It was just …over. But the book kept going on and on after the ending.

Your opinion may vary. A lot of people really really like this book, and I can see why, but it just didn’t do it for me.

4 Day Weekend

Day one of the four day weekend starts with dick clouds and strong winds, and no rain. It is not going to rain no matter what, Seems like.

I’m still seeing a counselor about my divorce. But it not really about the divorce anymore.. My counselor said yesterday that my self-loathing undoes the therapy in between sessions. I recommended a lobotomy. Ha ha!

Have a great weekend!

Flying Dream

I have sat behind the controls of an airplane and flown more than once. I know that when you turn, you tend to lose altitude and have to compensate.

Last night I dreamed I was flying and airplane and turning but I was unable to compensate and was losing altitude. In the dream I remember the realization that I must compensate for the lost altitude. I remember the feeling of uncertainty as I either could not or did not know how to maintain altitude during my turn.

What does it mean? It seems pretty obvious. The turn is a change in my life and the inability to compensate for lost altitude is difficulty in the change.

Or else it’s just a dream about flying an airplane and means nothing. Have a good long weekend!

Caterpillars Again

Caterpillars are in my busg tree again. Last year I sprayed and killed them. Twice. This year I’m letting them eat the whole tree.

More than half the foliage is gone already. They are very voracious eaters. If the tree dies, oh well, I’m sorry. I won’t miss it.

Supposedly the caterpillars make monarch butterflies. I wonder if I’ll have cocoons?

If the tree dies, it’s coming down, cocoons or not. Killing the tree is suicide for the tree killers

Life is hard.

Baltimore Bridge Collapse

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore USA was hit by a Singapore based container ship. Experts are saying the collision must have been incredibly hard to bring down the double concrete pillared bridge. I believe on the left side of the top picture above you can see the partially sunken containership.

There were two pilots on board, In charge of stirring the ship, so whatever happened to make the ship lose control must have been catastrophic in itself.

Read the article HERE.

It happened about one in the morning.And there are several cars in the water. I guess we can say it was lucky it didn’t happen during rush hour because then there would have been hundreds of cars in the water. And people.

I used to work for a company in Laurel Maryland and dud a lot of jobs in Baltimore. I’ve been over that bridge many many times.

It seems impossible, surreal.

Chocolate Digestives Disaster

I bought a package of chocolate digestive biscuits. They’re pretty good cookies (Do you see what I did there?) because they’re good and at the same time not too sweet and not 1000% sugar.

When I opened the pack, the chocolate was a little melty and got all over my fingers, so I put the rest in the fridge. When I came back for more, they were welded together, inseparable. I had to wedge a knife in between to get them apart. Lucky I didn’t lose any fingers.

I split the stack into about four parts. It was crumby and still messy. Biscuit chunks explosively flying all over as I drove the wedge between the ironclad layers.

I ate thick stacks with about 4 cookies each. It was a real disaster, a catastrophe. I’ll be getting more soon to try and improve the procedure.

It’s a back to work Monday. Long weekend, coming up!

Job Fair

Today is the annual Chamber of Commerce job fair.

I’m a volunteer at the Airport booth. It’s a pretty good sized crowd and lots of interesting booths setup!

Happy Friday!

Book: Good Omens

I’m currently reading the book above, Good Omens

. It’s about a guy from hell, I guess he’s an outcast demon, and a fallen angel. They’re friends (sorta) who have lived on earth for a long time.

Also, the son of Satan, Adam, (no relation to Eve) was born in the book, supposed to have been swapped at birth, but there was a mixup, he got double swapped or something, and he’s growing up in the wrong town, with the wrong family.

AND the end of the world is coming, but they (who? I don’t know who. The angel of death or the grim reaper I think) can’t find Adam (because he’s in the wrong town with the wrong family.)

AND the fallen angel and earthbound demon are quite comfortable living on earth. Therefore they’re trying to thwart the whole end of the world thing too.

AND if you leave a cassette tape in the demons car for fortnight, it automaticilly turns into Queens Greatest Hits. Of course, the label stays the same, so you might end up listening to Beethoven, Another One Bites The Dust..

I’m about 45% of the way done. It’s an interesting read. Worth it so far.

Health Check

Yesterday work gave us a health screening Cholesterol, blood sugar, blood sugar and BMI. Plus whatever else you see on the card below.

I guess I did pretty good. My blood pressure was good, usually it’s high. I had my high blood pressure speech all prepared and didn’t need it!

Nice to know info!

Today is the second cloudy day in a row. Pray for rain!

Happy Humpday!

Alternatives to crabiness?

I’m trying to automatically be nicer. I sometimes look and sound angry when i’m not. Sometimes when I see my reflection on the street i’m surprised that I don’t look how I feel. I look mean and angry sometimes, not all the time but sometimes. Sometimes i’m surprised. So i’m trying to be automatically nicer.

The problem is nobody listens to me until I get crabby, seems like. This morning, walking the dogs, I say politely “no pulling!” and they ignore me. I have to say it again loudly and gruffly to get results.

Sometimes when there’s trouble going on it seems like it will never end until I get display anger. Logically speaking, I might as well just just display anger immediately to end the crap.

I not unfrequently display anger.when i’m not angry,

Where’s the line? How can I be nice and polite and not have conflicts with others? I’m not asking the question properly. How do I be nicer all the time when my knee jerk reaction is sometimes aggressiveness?

Have a good day!