Crossword VS Not A Crossword

Below is a crossword puzzle, it comes three times a week in our 3 time weekly newspaper.

Below is NOT a crossword puzzle, in my opinion. It is a completely different animal, and isn’t fun to do. It comes once a week in our once a week Friday paper.

Why is the top one a crossword and the second one not? I don’t know. The above style ones are just creepy and they’re not any fun.

Do you do crosswords? Maybe you feel the same way? I don’t know what makes them so different. Their construction process?

Have a happy Tuesday and a good week!

One Word Throwoff

i like doing the crossword from the newspaper. This particular one was frustrating. I put AURA instead of HALO (top left across) and was stumped. The whole puzzle was practically blank. Once I realized the error of my ways, and switched it to HALO, the while puzzle fell into place and was done in about five minutes.

One word threw off the whole puzzle, quite unique.

have a happy Tuesday!