Only One Shower A Week?!?

Awww Hell no!

I read an article, somebody is saying we only need to take one shower a week. Read the article here.

I take at least 3 a day. Morning, after swimming, after work, before bed.

One a week? Only if you want to be a skuzzbucket!

This weekend a lot of places are getting an eclipse. Not here. I do hope to be under a total eclipse on a clear day someday, but that won’t be this weekend for me. I’ll be doing laundry and yard work and having a dog assessed. Below is an eclipse Shadow on Earth taken from the Mir space station.

have a great weekend!

Go India! Take The Moon!

Today is the day India will attempt to land their Chandrayaan-3:moon lander on the south pole of the moon. See BBC live updates HERE.

I wish them the best of luck.

The south pole of the moon is picked as the best place to land and set up a moon base because of ice, which is frozen water. People need water. AND daylight and darkness at somewhat regular intervals. Everywhere else on the moon, the sun comes up for 14 earth revolutions and then stays down for 14 earth revolutions. So there only one day a month on the moon, which would drive a human living there nutzo.

I’m excited about this. GO INDIA! Go planet Earth!

I don’t know what’s wrong with the north pole though. Everyone seems interested in only the south pole.

Have a great day!

UPDATE! Less than an hour after this post was posted, Chandrayaan-3 did indeed successful land as planned!

Voyager 2 Screwup Averted?

On July 21st this year, NASA accidentally sent a command to Voyager 2 that misaligned it’s antenna.

Not necessarily a huge problem, as the spacecraft re-aligns itself automatically every so often.

Well, maybe they can get it realigned quicker. Read the article HERE.

I think the Voyager spacecrafts are one of the the coolest things humans have ever done. They will probably exist longer than the human race will


Artemis Moonship – Safely Home

The Artemis moon mission was completed this weekend Read an article HERE. It will be cool to still be alive when humans return to the moon. Maybe establish a permanent moon base.

it was a nice weekend. Quiet restful somewhat productive. I tidied some areas like my desk and my nightstand. I found and sprayed for even more caterpillars, out front this time. It’s just nonstop, I tell you. There were none, then they just appear.

im out the door for work! Have a great week!

Insight Lander New and Now

the Insight Lander on Mars is reaching its end of life. The whole thing is caked with dust and the solar panels cannot recharge the batteries.

The only hope is a little martian tornado come by and blow the dust off.

but it’s probably the end for this Martian Lander and it’s seismograph that measured marsquakes and equipment that listened to the sounds of Mars. Read an article HERE.

Insight Lander is over, just like this week is over. Have a good weekend!

Jupiter From Mars

This morning I was on my roof, looking at the sunrise and listening to the birds and other sounds. I started thinking about what a cool job it would be to be a Mars Rover operator. Go to work early, put on the 3D goggles, and the headphones and sit there on Mars and watch the sunrise and hear the sounds. No birds, but maybe some wind.

Jupiter from Mars

I saw an article yesterday about Mars’s moon Deimos passing in front of Jupiter. See the article HERE.

Jupiter apparently would look quite large from Mars at its closest. It would be a cool thing to see.

Today Ashy the cat is going in for a checkup. Hope she’s not too miserable at work with me.

Morning Planets

Half our planets are lined up in a neat row this morning and every recent morning. I find it amazing because it lets me visualize the solar system. My life and all its problems aren’t important, being able to accurately visualizing the orbital plane of our solar system is what really matters in ones life!

It seems very hot this morning. I can’t tell if it’s really hot or it’s because I’m wearing a non-cotton shirt work gave me. I’m a cotton only kind of guy.

Taking a few days off, visitors down from the USA. Halfa day off today. Life is good!

hava gooday!

William Shatner Returns From Space

Yesterday William Shatner got to ride a rocket up the edge of space. He was quite impressed. I’m glad he got to do it.

It’s your Thursday today, my Friday! Tomorrow is a vacation day! Use it or lose it. Yeah!

The sun just peeked over the top of the neighbors house, morning has begun!

Have a wonderful day!

Solar Storm

There is a news article HERE about a solar storm we’re having now. I was going to post this yesterday, but found a blurb that said this July 2021 solar storm stuff was fake news.

I don’t think solar activity is fake news, but if you Google “Solar storm could cause catastrophe”, you find we almost died practically every year since the internet was invented.

It takes light 8 minutes to reach earth from the sun. We’d not know what hit us if something happened to the sun. Maybe some of our instruments could give us a little heads up, but there’s nothing we could do about anything that happens to the sun.

In other news I did go to the farmer’s market yesterday, compared to the weekend one there was very small. I didn’t even take any pictures. But I did buy a mango smoothie and a star fruit that I ate at work. Maybe I can germinate the seeds…

Tonight is movie night but I’m not sure if I’m going or not. Have a wonderful day!