Beach Club

The Beach Club is one of the original hotels on Seven Mile Beach. Soon it will be torn down and replaced with another faceless 7 story condo, just like all the other faceless 7 story buildings on Seven Mile Beach. When I first moved here, there was The Holiday, Inn, Beach Club, the Westin, The Marriotte, The Hyatt, and Treasure Island. There were a few 3 story condos and the rest was beach with pine trees and sea grapes. Now there’s hardly any more undeveloped beachfront property, and you can count all the pine trees (casurinas) on your fingers and toes.
It is sad to see this last original Seven Mile Beach hotel go.

Power photos

It’s the weekend, I’m diving today, open circuit, no rebreather. Then going to hang out and get some sun somewhere.
Here’s some pics I took a few days ago of a power outlet on a tree.


Did I mention we had an earthquake last week? I didn’t feel it, The Wife didn’t feel it. I don’t want to minimize it, because a lot of people were scared and freaked out. The only damage I heard about was a sinkhole in some oceanfront apartments. I got this picture from someone in Bonaire, and I thought I got it before the quake, but later, realized I got it immediately after it. Wonder how it got me from Bonaire faster than I would have heard about it from our newsroom. (You DO know I work at a Radio Station, right?)

Also Pat Robertson (The most evil creature on Earth) said Haiti was cursed or something. ant that’s why they had an earthquake. Well here’s a cartoon from the local paper about that! I love this cartoon! That there’s some funny stuff, I don’t care WHO you are!

Click to enlarge! (Both pics)

I live one quarter mile north of Hell, just FYI. For todays post I used red ink because of that.

I gotta go because I’m working today

Frikkin Highjackin' Bastads!

I had a counter, from eXTReMe Tracking at the bottom of my page. I noticed yesterday that they hijacked me. If you let the page load, then it would leave my page and take the viewer to their page.
I had to take it off of my template and clear my browser cache to get rid of them bastads!
At least it gave me something to post about today!

Long Live Taco Bell

The Founder of Taco Bell died very recently. Taco Bell is my favorite fast food restaurant, in fact, now that I think about it, it’s the only fast food restaurant I like at all.

Glen W. Bell Jr., founder of the Taco Bell chain, died Saturday night at his home in Rancho Santa Fe. He was 86. In 1978, he sold his 868 Taco Bell restaurants to PepsiCo for $125 million in stock. He had suffered from Parkinson’s disease for three decades before he died.

You can see the influence of the big corporation owning the business. All the new fancy weird combos and things like 7 Layer Burritos and fried stuff. After so long, it seems odd to call them new. But I remember when Taco Bell just had Tacos and Burritos basically. My favorite things there are still the things that were on Mr. Bells original menu. Gimme gimme a half a dozen plain ol tacos please!