Prestigious Award

My phone gave me an award. For heroically going to bed on time and bravely waking up on time. I’m hoping that a large check will arrive in the mail to go with this magnificent prize.

I can’t seem to run the internet cable. The wire snake seems to come all the way in and stop just short. Going from the inside out, it doesn’t feel like it’s sliding along the conduit, but rolling up somewhere inside the wall. I can’t hear anything inside the wall. I’m now thinking now I have to cut some exploratory holes in my drywall. Which sucks. I dug up the yard, albeit not pointlessly, now I’m going to end up ripping out the walls too.

My life: never one problem, always multiple problems with the simplest task taking excessive amounts of time and money.

Anyway, it almost Friday. Have a good day!

Seen It All Now

Most of you know I don’t drink and that I go to meetings. Last night I was at my meeting, and a guy shows up smelling of booze. Then he went into the bathroom. Then another smell started and it wasn’t a bathroom smell. Turns out he was smoking crack in the bathroom of an AA meeting. The manager of the establishment removed him from the property.

I’ve seen everything now. The audacity, no matter how wasted one is.

What if somehow the police showed up, and there’s crack smoking going on at a meeting? The damage could be quite severe for the program.


I could say “But for the grace of God, there go I”, but in this case, I can’t.


A Burger Of Burgers

This was my dinner last night. I double turkey cheeseburger. I wanted to cut down on the bread, so I made it a double instead of two burgers.

It was good!

Running late this morning, have a good day!

That Five Minutes.

It was a windy wavy weekend with no diving and not many outdoor activities for me. I cleaned the house, namely the floor. There’s 5 minutes, after th floor is done and before I let the dogs out on it that are really nice.

Then here they come, drinking water and dribbling it all over from their jowls, tufts of fur rolling across like sagebrush in the wild wild west within minutes. Paw prints and furballs.

I wouldn’t change a thing!

Although I’m thinking about getting a vacuum cleaner. What do you know about vacuum cleaners?

Have a great week!

Shockingly Expensive But Worth It To Me.

Yesterday i got my tires changed on my scooter. Those little tires cost almost twice what my tires on my van costed! And I finally got a new battery. It costed a lot too, but supposedly is a really good battery and will be the last I ever need. Wee shall see! It was shockingly expensive. But I’m glad to have it behind me.

And it’s Friday!

In other news, my Monstera plant is making a flower, it’s going to be real purdy. More to come.

Have a great weekend!

Like A Crazy Person….

I spent my yesterday afternoon digging up my yard to see how the conduit for my internet cable was.

i almost bought this roto rooter thing to try to cleat the pipes, but didn’t.

i may go back and get it today. Right now, my internet cables are all jury rigged, running down the utility pole and across the yard. The phone company would leave it like that if I let ’em! I won’t.

It’s almost Friday.

Not A Weed

This plant has been growing for quite a while. I thought it might be a weed but never plucked it. Glad I didn’t! I took this yesterday while I was checking on my pepper plant. Pretty Yellow flowers.

My internet is down hard. Massive problems with the underground conduits from the road to the house. Full of mud. The wires have been pulled and cannot be replaced until the conduit is cleared.

oh well. Have a good day.

First Cruise Ship In 2!

Yesterday was Cayman’s first Cruise ship in over two years. Here’s a little VIDEO I took on TikTok.

it is good that the world is getting back to normal.

My internet is still intermittent. Yesterday we tried to replace the underground cable from the street and the wall jack and it came disconnected while pulling. Now there’s a temporary cable running across the yard. Couldn’t get the cable through the pipe now and the problem remains unchanged I am frustrated and fearful I might have to dig up the yard to replace the cable. (This cable is supposedly the customers responsibility.)

my blog message last two weeks.

Oh well.

Have a great day!


I saw the sun set last night

and shortly after that, I saw the moon rise.

Funny how one sometimes precedes the other. My cheapie phone has a night mode that seems to combine several exposures and seems to work pretty good.

Happy Friday! It’s looking like a great weekend. Springtime weather everywhere, I hope for you too!