The Tiki Bar

We were invited to, and went to the grand opening of theTiki Bar, a new beach hangout for cruise shippers in the day and locals at night, it is really nice, and well thought out. They built the seawall for the place years ago, and have waited to see it he seawall would last before they started construction. It was fun!

Oh, this is good

Mahatma Gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot most of the time, which produced an impressive set of calluses on his feet. He also ate very little, which made him rather frail and with his odd diet, he suffered from bad breath.. This made him…. A super-calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis

Last Dive of an Extended Inner Space

Although Inner Space ran from Saturday to Saturday, I still have been diving every day. However tomorrow my dive buddy leaves, and I’ll be bring my rebreather home to dry out and have a rest.
I kind of screwed up, although it wasn’t really my fault.
Originally, I thought Inner Space was the 22nd to the 29th, then there was supposed to be a Freediving competition that they needed safety divers for.
So, I put in for holiday from the 22nd to June 14th.
Well, later, Inner Space got re scheduled, to the 15th. I didn’t know it, I just thought I asked for the wrong days off. And the Freediving thing was happening the same time as Inner Space.
So, now I have another week off, and nothing really planned to do.
I can check and see if I can go back to work early, or just go to the beach every day and play tourist.


Same Stuff, Different Day.
I’m still of vacation, still diving every day. Nothing much unusual to report. Here’s some pics from yesterday.

Brain Dead Sunday

Well, it’s Sunday morning, I’m just sitting here, brain dead. I have a cup of coffee in front of me but haven’t taken a sip yet.
I feel so stupid, yesterday I got a Facebook virus, and sent it to everyone I know. I saw that one friend sent a link to another friend, and I clicked it because I wanted to see the video. Distracting Beach Babes. Considering the caption, and who was sending it to who, I DID think it would be funny.
It wasn’t

Last Day of Inner Space 2010

Today is the last diving day of Inner Space 2010. It went by fast.
Tonight is the farewell dinner.
It has really been raining a lot the past two days, we need the rain, but I like diving when it’s sunny!
Here’s a couple of pics:

A truck full of rebreathers, the rebreathers are worth far more than the truck!A truck full of bailout tanks, people carry them in case something goes wrong with the rebreather.


It’s Thursday? Where have the days gone?
Actually I didn’t dive yesterday, I took a day off because I was sick. I was cold in the water Monday and Tuesday. I felt really bad Tuesday afternoon and evening. So I didn’t dive yesterday, got some rest, plenty of fluids and some homemade chicken soup from the Wife! (It was fantastic) Now I’m diving again today, with a thicker wetsuit.
I wonder if I got sick because I was cold, or if I was cold because I was getting sick?