Busy Day

Today is a busy day. I have dentist at 9, a meeting at the bank at 10, then I start an inventory with an accountant at 12.
Last night was too short. I was aware of the time passing too quickly while I was asleep, and the alarm was extra loud.


How do you get rid of gekkos? Our house is full of them. Behind every picture on the wall, behind every piece of furniture, there are gekkos.
In Hawaii, having a gekko in your house is good luck. At first it was ok having a gekko in the house. Now there’s just tooo many.
We tried mothballs, till the house smelled like an old folks home. We called exterminators, to get rid of the bugs that were supposedly the gekkos food.
But nothing works.
Next I’m going to try the sticky mousetraps, even though they’re inuhmane.
How do you get rid of gekkos?

A clear Monday . . .

. . . After a cloudy rainy weekend.
I didn’t leave the house all weekend, I don’t think. The Wife went and got a micro chip put in our Dawg, Sheba, and she went and got some Cokes. I think that’s it for her too.
Now it’s back to work.
Friday I got my Cayman Islands passport, overshadowed by the fact that Friday was also my job interview for my job. It went OK, it just seems kind of degrading somehow.

Here’s a pic I took last weekend, and just got off my camera this morning. It’s a spider that had a web inside a bucket at the dive shop.

Caribbean Weather

Yesterday it was nice and sunny, I went to the beach for lunch. 10 minutes after I got there, it got cloudy, 15 minutes after that, it started to rain. By the time I got back on my scooter, it was pouring and I was soaked. By the time I got back to work, it was sunny again.
There is some weather forming, so today may or may not be a beach lunch day!

Minor Bank Problems

I wire money to myself in the US every month, so I can pay my US mortgage by check, because my primitive mortgage company doesn’t have online banking. The only check I write each month.
So, I mailed the check, transferred $1000 to my US account, and then did a wire transfer from my US account here to the US bank.
Then a couple of later, I get a call from the bank. I transferred the money, but not enough for the fee to wire it to the US. So they didn’t do it.

So then I had to do the wire transfer over.

The check got to the bank at 8:30 AM, (they don’t even open till 9). The wiire transfer got there at 10. So my check bounced, $30 fee. So now I’m $30 short for my mortgage payment, for which the check bounced, but I can’t call them and tell them to try again, because there’s only 970 for a $1000 check.
I sent up $500 yesterday to have a buffer. I’ll see how long that will take to get there, should be instantaneous, but the banks like to hold the money for a while so they can use it. Also, the bank tends to nibble away at any buffer funds you put up there.
(I keep my $$$ in my CI Savings, and transfer to my US Savings to wire to the US. The US Savings here and the US account pretty much always have the minimum in them.)

Weekend Visitor

The other day, I was brushing Sheba, and I turned around and there was a bird on the railing I could have reached out and touched. She was so close and calm. I went and got my camera and took these pics
Happy First Day of Summer! The 2010 Summer Solstice is, to be official, started 21 June at 6:28 a.m. Cayman Time.Today it’s back to work, I don’t wanna go! I need more weekend!

Dog Swallows Cats!

A dog almost died and needed an emergency operation after she wolfed down a family of toy cats.

Snowy the West Highland Terrier had to be operated on by vets after she swallowed five ceramic ornaments.
X-rays clearly showed the little cats inside the dog’s stomach.
Stunned owner Samantha Reed said: “I was shocked when the vets phoned to say Snowy had swallowed a few cats. I thought they meant real ones!”