Yeay Costa Rica!


Costa Rica beat Greece! Yeah! Costa Rica WON! Cheating refs. Costa Rica won irregardless, with only 10 players! Before Costa Rica scored, everything was fine, after CR scored, the refs ignored every penalty by Greece, and penalized CR for nothing. The refs gave a yellow card to the goalie and to a guy sitting on the bench fer cruin’ out loud!

Greece’s coach got kicked out. It’s understandable, he was told he would win, and didn’t.

To steal a quote from Speed Racer, cheaters never win, and winners never cheat! PURA VIDA! VAMOS COSTA RICA!!!!! 

World Cup Status on Frii Hiii Dayy!

IMG-20140626-WA0000Here’s a picture of the World Cup as it is today. Costa Rica is still in it. They can beat Greece, I know it. If Mexico wins, Costa Rica will play Mexico. That will be a real battle. Chile vs Brazil will be a very exciting game to watch too. Chile can put Brazil out of it, and vice versa. From now on, if you lose, you’re out.  Ohhh the stress!

It’s Friday! But it doesn’t feel like Friday. I don’t know know what it feels like, but not Friday.

Today’s one of those days I feel neutral. Not good  or bad, perfectly, middle-of-the-road neutral.

Something’s wrong with my tablet, (Nexus 7). It seems slow and “busy”. Something’s going on, and I’m going to figure out what it is.

Have a good weekend!

Quiet Please!

It’s Thursday, we have a visitor sleeping inside, so I’m trying to be quiet. Everything seems noisier when you”re trying to be quiet. The sound of the scoop scooping the dogfood was deafening. The coffee pot sounded like a chainsaw. Every click of my heel sounds like a firecracker.


Today should be a busy day at work. Two big meetings. Sometimes I act like I care when I don’t. Life is a lot about faking it, I think. Pretend.

Don’t want to go there. Maybe this can be a topic for another day.


I Have No Idea…

…what I’m going to post about today.

Yesterday felt like a Monday, a  bad Monday. Not for any particular reason, it just was crappy and long.

This afternoon we have a visitor from off the island coming, she’ll be staying with us.

I haven’t been in the sea for so long, I can’t remember the last time. It was sometime last week, I think, or the week before. Today I will change that if I can.

Last night, my phone wasn’t quite plugged into the charger, now I’m starting the day with half a battery. Don’t care. Now I can reject calls and say “Oh! my battery died!”.


Oops, my battery’s dying, gotta go! (just kidding, this isn’t my phone!)

Monday Morning News

Here it is, a Monday again. It was a cloudy weekend, one good for working. But I didn’t work, I was off. It still was nice, we watched World Cup games, took naps and it was good and restful.

Now, it looks like the weather is getting ready to clear up, making it bad for working. Typical.


The first round of the World Cup is almost over, every team has one more game before the second round. Costa Rica is doing very good. Hope they keep it up. One person says FIFA won’t let Costa Rica win, because they aren’t a big enough country and big enough spenders. This seems to be true, as I heard a disprporpotionately large number of Costa Rica team members were given drug tests after Costa Rica beat Italy. Another person says it’s the Crash of the Titans, with the big teams not doing well, and new champs taking over for a reign of domination. I don’t like the politics rearing its ugly head at my World Cup, detracting from my enjoyment.
On the plus side, Costa Rica is getting a lot of new fans, USA is still in there too! Here’s a chart to help you pick your team.Which WC Team

Have a good week!

Forgotten Post


I came to work and opened  my blog to see if I had any comments yet and was surprised by yesterdays post. I forgot to post this morning! Un beleivable!

So here it is. My Friday post.

Today, Costa Rica plays Italy in the World Cup. I want Costa Rica to win sooooo bad. A draw will be okay too..


The weather report calls for clouds and rain this weekend, but they’re not too adamant about the rain. I predict a cloudy weekend with intermittent showers if at all. The kind of weekend you wish it’d go ahead and rain, but it won’t. Lugubrious weather. But I feel surprisingly upbeat about it.

That’s it, hope you weren’t too worried about me, when you checked hungrily for my post and found it missing. I hope your disappointment wasn’t too great. I hope you are greatly relieved and the joy you get from its post launches you into a happy, joyous weekend!

TV Show: Orange Is The New Black


The Wife signed us up for Netflix, mostly she watches crap, but she found a show I really like, “Orange Is The New Black”. It’s about a woman in prison and her life there. There’s lots going on, both with the inmates, (some are crazy) and the guards. (Some are crazy)
If you get the chance, watch it. I give it 5 stars.


Today is back to work.

All the teams have played in the world cup, now everybody starts playing their second games!

I went to the beach for a little while yesterday. Saw this:



Have a good week!