Friday, but like a Saturday

Today is Friday, but the Wife has the day off, so it seems like Saturday! I think we’re going diving

Last night I went to bed and didn’t get up till just now. Normally I wake up at about 3, get up, walk around, maybe listen to a little shortwave, solve all the worlds problems, go back to bed, and wake up, forgetting the solution.

Last night I dreamed I had a little tiny baby, I was holding him in my arms and he was sleeping with his head on my shoulder. I have never had such a dream! He had eyes just like mine!

Ukraine burning animals alive

Ukrainian Authorities are now using a mobile crematorium to exterminate stray animals. The local government bought a mobile crematorium for the disposal of stray animals as part of Football Preparations for Eurofoot 2012..

The captured animals are thrown alive into the oven to 900 degrees C. according to locals, the dogs and cats are burned alive.

The concentration of stray animals is not critical and can easily be controlled. The problem of stray animals to be solved by sterilization. It is horrifying to learn the problem of stray animals in the Luhansk region in the town Lysychansk in Eastern Ukraine is being “solved” in this way and ignoring their own Laws on Cruelty to Animals. Article from here

In my opinion, this is outrageous and no country, government or person should ever think any part of the rest of humanity will stand by and tolerate this. The citizens of Ukraine should be physically stopping the operators of these crematorium trucks.


You’ll find I haven’t mentioned baseball much in this blog, in fact only once, here, a long time a go. But this years Baseball Playoffs will be worth watching.

Not The Caped Crusader

Yesterday, I got soaked on my scooter in the rain. I could tell it was raining “over there” and tried to ride my way out of it, but didn’t make it. I got hit by such a wall of water that I didn’t have time to put on my raincoat till I was already soaked. When I did get it on, the zipper broke from the bottom to the top, and the only thing holding it on was the metal piece that slides up and down, zipping and unzipping. It looked like I was wearing a cape, with my big ol fat belly sticking out.

In order to preserve the delightful image you have from this, I will not be posting a photo today.

So Happens It’s Tuesday (S.H.I.T.)

Redskins lost.. In the words of the internationally acclaimed, world famous blogger (and Dallas Cowboys fan) Yellowdog Granny: “Fuckety fuckety fuck fuck fuck”. (That’s what she said when Dallas lost last week). It was a really good game, keeping me on the edge of my seat. Washington lost with about 20 seconds left when the quarterback lost a fumble on the drive the Skins needed to WIN!

And now for something completely different:

The president of the All Iguanas International, getting ready to make a speech.

A zoom in and crop of an aeroplane.

A front end loader soon to be lost to the brush. (The front end loader is here to clear the brush, but now it would seem the brush is winning, (not unlike Dallas beating my Redskins)
I feel eyes upon me

An underwater picture (from last Sunday), apparently, squirrel fish are the only ones who will let me take their picture.

Monday Bullet Post

· I think this week is going to be weird because The Wife worked yesterday, Sunday, throwing things off-kilter globally. Heck, I suspect even satellites are falling because of this.

· I need a way to increase the volume of my business. Waiting for the phone to ring drives me crazy, harassing my few clients drives me crazy. I want an office and shop. No way the business can support this at this time.

· I’m trying to show favoritism for our cat BTK. When I feed them other cats shove her out of the way and she allows it. She’s the Mom and all the rest are her kittens. But there’s food for all, and there needs to be no shoving going on. When the cats shove her aside, I try to shove them aside, but I can tell this is confusing for the cats.

· Tonight my favorite NFL team, the Washington Redskins play their rival Dallas Cowboys. I’d like to go see this game somewhere I could smoke a cigar.

· I thought I’d have a lot more bullet points for this post, but I’m apparently running out of steam.

· I really really like the widget I posted in my sidebar, that shows the live traffic feed. It seems that a lot of old posts get hit quite frequently, mostly “Fed Ex Whoops UPS’s Butt” and “A Movie Called RED

Maybe I spend too much time on Facebook

I sometimes wish Blogger had a like button like Facebook. There’s a lot of times I really like someones comment, and there seems to be an automatic reaction to press the Like button, even when there isn’t one. Heck, most of the time, people leave comments more entertaining than my post in the first place!
I’m not saying Blogger should try to be more like FB, not at all, no way, no how It’s just that when I read something I really like, I sometimes wish there was a Like button, to let others know I liked what I read.

Need another 10 feet

In the mornings, from my roof, I can see the cruise ships come in while they are out at sea, but I can’t see them when they reach port (Drop anchor) in town. . Yesterday, I took a broomstick, put my camera on the end, stood in a chair, and took a pic whilst holding the camera high as I could over my head. This is with no zoom.
I can see the cruise ships, there’s two, and if you click the pic to enlarge, you may see the stacks. But anyway, I think I need another 1o feet to stand on to be able to satisfactorily see town from my roof.

It’s Friday, and I’m very glad. I don’t know why I’m glad, but I’m glad.

Sincerely Hoping Ur Thursdays Excellent (S.H.U.T.E.)

Thursday, beautiful day, crystal clear. (right now)I had a lot of dreams last night. I’m not going to go into it, I started telling my wife and she said Dang! How do you remember all that?
One was about a bathroom and the other was about a hilltop resort with a metal road around back that goes all over these woods and cliffs.It was really hard to wake up this morning.

Here’s some random pictures for today.

The sun from underwater
A yellow and gray fish
A cat surveillance photo taken by one of the many MarkD60 satellites, high in orbit.

Sincerely Hope Ur Thursdays Excellent (S.H.U.T.E.)