UFO In California and Arizona

There are few stories about UFOs seen in Arizina and California. Turns out they a SpaceX roocket launching iridium satellites. Iridium satellites are cool, They are about the size of a telephone booth, I was told, and have mirror-like antennae. As they rotate in orbit, they reflect the sun down to earth and you can see them. They are called Iridium Flares. You can see them just after sundown or just before sunrise almost every day, look at www.heavensabove.com. But this post is not about Iridium Flares.

Above is what people thought was a UFO, there’s some cool videos out there too. Below is a summary of a news article that I didn’t save the link for.

(Reuters) – Iridium Communications Inc said on Wednesday its 10 satellites, launched last week by tech billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX, are functioning as expected.

On Wednesday, Iridium said the 10 Iridium NEXT satellites are in early stages of testing and validating process.

Friday’s launch was the fourth set of 10 satellites in a series of 75 total satellites that SpaceX will launch for Iridium.

I’ve been on vacation for one week today, the time is winding down. I got rained on pretty good during my run this morning. Completely unexpected. I had all the chair cushions out in the back porch too, airing them out you know. Supposed to be sunny today.

Have a great day!

Bad Newish Mattress

My wife has been complaining of a backache in the mornings. Last night she slept on a different mattress, from our roll away guest bed and whalla! No backache. Now she wants to get another new mattress. Our curent mattress is about a year old. I said she should determine exactly what type she wants before we get one, ya’know, make and model. I was slightly distressed to learn that she intends to just go and pick one, like we did last time.

I don’t care so much about the mattress as care about the money. They cost over $1000.

Happy Boxing Day

Christmas went well yesterday and now for a lot of people, it’s back to work. But I’m not one of them! I’m off till 2018!

The roof is half pressure washed, and I’m going to see if I can finish the second half today! Maybe I’ll be buying paint by the end of the week!

I got up at my normal 5 AM this morning, run and swim in the sea and pool.

I hope you have the day off today, but if you don’t enjoy your day anyway!

Christmas Fears

Every year, I wake up first. And I worry. “Did I buy enough stuff?” “Did someone get me something who I did’t get something for?” I remember when I was a kid, and the toys were opened, and breakfast was finished, and I wanted to go to my friends house, I couldn’t, because “They want to spend time with their famlies. I would think “If I want to go see my friends, why wouldn’t my friends want to see me?”

Christmas isn’t a religious holiday for me, it’s a custom. For me it’s nicer to give than receive, on the other hand, when someone receives a lot, they might feel bad too. I remember one year my wife cried because I got her more stuff than she got me. I felt bad that she felt bad, but I also know how bad I would have felt if the roles were reversed.

It’s nice, but for me, Christmas is a no-win situation. I wake up, first usually, (like every day) and I feel stress, either I bought too much or not enough. When the gift opening is done, and everyone seems happy, I feel relieved.

I know this isn’t how it’s supposed to be, but that’s now it is for me.

Have a great new year!

Happy Vacation To Me!

Today is the first day of my vacation. Maybe I’ll stay home and do nothing, maybe I’ll go diving, or to the beach. Maybe I’ll pressure wash and paint.

I got up earlier than normal today, went for a longer than usual run. Now I’m pretty much on the same schedule as a workday.

In other good news, Today is December 22. The days are getting longer in the northern hemisphere!

I read a cool article this morning, Australian submarine found 103 years after it sank.

Read the article HERE.

Have a great day!


Last working day before vacation! All I gotta do, is make it in there, wait a while, get out of there, and I’m free! (for eleven days)

I am so ready!

I don’t know if I’ll work on the house or goof off.

8 hours and 12 minutes till vacation starts!

Too Old

Last night we went to the carnival. I determined that I’m too old for that.

I went on a ride called Skyfall, two pendulums swing back and forth. Upside down and all around. I still feel like crap from it, almost 12 hours later.

Might have been the tacos or nachos that I ate beforehand.

Today and tomorrow at work till vacation!

Google Screwin’ Up

I got a message from Google, saying my storage was full and I won’t be getting any more emails. My question is, “How do you get to 23gigs on a 15 gig plan and never receive a notification before this?

When I got my Gogle account, you couldn’t just sign up, you had to be invited. When I got invited, the slogan was “Never lose a message again! Free unlimited storage!”

Notice in the picture above my “current plan” is 15GB. I’ve probably been over 15 GB for at least 10 years, and I assure you, I never signed up for a 15 GB plan. I was invited to, and accepted, the free unlimited plan.

Now, apparently, Google is withholding my emails, trying to get me to pay a monthly fee. That, my friends is extortion.

Is Google getting ready to head down the Yahoo path of suicide?

Happy Monday

That surely is a unique title for a blog post. Certainly those two words have never been uttered together in human history.

Four days til I’m off for 11 days!!!

It was an ok weekend. Went to the work Christmas party. Got an award for 5 years service and a bonus cheque for $25. I also won a $50 gift certificate for Lobster Pot Restaurant. I went there once in the year 2000.

After the party, we went to the grocery store where I got ripped off on grapefruit juice, and lost my temper.

Sunday, I didn’t do anything. Laid around the house. I thought, breifly, about continuing my ongoing pressurewashing of the sun deck, but I successfully squashed the thought.

This morning, running was tough. The swim was nice. Cold water. Probably 82 degrees F.

I had a dream last night about a new scooter. No mirrors. The handlebar was nice and clean. I liked it!

Have a great week!